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Professional School Counselor Portfolio (PSCP) Brief Reflection Form Standard _Standard 7; Apply knowledge of professional and ethical

standards to the practice of school counseling Competencies Addressed: 1, ,!," #ate Created: $1!%1" school &ear Student 'ame: #ou( )atch* Re+ie,ers -nitials: *************

1. Describe the context in which these artifacts were collected and identify the standard and competency(s) the artifact represents.

Artifact one the counselor !ob description comes from the South "amilton handbook and co#ers$.1. Artifact two AS%A &thical guidelines come from the AS%A book and website and co#ers $.'. Artifact three board minutes come from the (ebruary South "amilton )oard *inutes of +,1- and co#ers $.+ and $.-. Artifact - counseling license come from the state of .owa )oard of &ducational &xaminers and co#ers $.+. /he final artifact .S%A membership receipt comes from this school year and co#ers $.+

+. 0hat do they demonstrate to you about your learning and mastery of the competencies that fall under this standard1

Artifact 1 demonstrates that . am adhering to the school board and indi#idual school policies. Artifact number + demonstrates that . am maintaining a legal and clinical practice per state laws and AS%A2A%A ethical guidelines. Artifact ' shows that . am able to describe the counselor3s professional role in the comprehensi#e program in respect to student benefits. Artifact four shows that . am maintaining state licensure re4uirements on professional de#elopment. Artifact 5 shows that . belong to and attend the .SA% conference this demonstrates that . ha#e obtained a regional or national membership.

'. 0hat do these items of e#idence tell you about your o#erall progress toward your personal goals and your growth as a professional school counselor1 /hese items show that . ha#e met the state of .owa licensure re4uirements for school counselors and that . am stri#ing to maintain a high le#el of professional knowledge and skills. /hey also show that by !oining professional groups such as .S%A and presenting to the board and at professional de#elopment . am ad#ocating for our students and articulating the role of school counselor to staff parents community and students.

-. 0hat are your plans for additional growth or impro#ement in this area1

. plan on obtaining additional growth in this area by renewing my .SA% and AS%A membership to keep up with professional !ournals and get ad#ice from fellow counselors. . also plan on presenting at least four times a year to the staff and board about

things going on in the counseling department and things dealing with the curriculum. (inally through renewing my full counseling license this year . will show that . ha#e all the credentials needed to be a counselor.