'* News item for Horizon^
'Lrch 17. 19^9



- by Donald Fream
The Jamaican churches have reported 127 additions since the

beginning of the year, and several new works begun.

There are

at least five new building« now in various stages of construction.

An all-island rally is planned for the 25th ,of Jfey, to be
held in Kingston. Woodrow Phillips, former missionary to Jamaica,

and present professor in Ozark Bible College, will he ^ the island,
and will be the featured speaker for the occasion. Trucks will bring

Christians from the various outlying districts ixito the capital for
the gathering.

Six young men are in training for the ministry in the Jamaica

Bible Seminary, which concludes its first semester for/^59 in March.
Three students^are alrea^y~preachihg^ regularTy. The boys out

their scholarship by helping on church building construction, as well
aad repairs and upkeep of the Seminary grounds and buildings.

A young man and woman from Ozark Bible College are planning to be

in Jamaica for the summer to help with the camp program. will be held on the Seminary campus.

Three camps

Last y e a r , y o u n g

people attended the camps, and a substantial increase in enrollment is
foreseen for this year. Harry Hill will be the manager.

Grayson Ensign has renewed his radio contract for a fifteen

minute weekly program over "Radio Jamaica" which has an estimated

of 750,000.

Fred Hintz has been Instrumental in obtaining a good church site

in Mandeville, one of the chief townships in Jamaica.

Through tYie sale

of some property held in the Trust as an investment, the lot has been

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purchased, and as spon as a subdivision can be completed, construction
of a building can begin.

Harry Hill has

58 pupils enrolled In his Christian Prep School,

and is employing two Seminary graduates as teachers"at present.

is a very fine opportunity open^to establish a Christian High School

in Jamaica,(for someone who is qualified and interested^\
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