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Structure of Assignment

Structure of Assignment

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Published by: chanhtha0210 on Apr 02, 2014
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Essays have basically five parts


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The title defines your topic. Usually the title is provided in the form of the assignment question. This is the first paragraph of your essay and should be between 50150 words. The introduction introduces the purpose of the essay and tells the reader what the following discussion will address. Statements are usually broad and general. The introduction should also include definitions of terms related to the essay’s purpose or argument. The body of the essay fulfils what you said you would do in the introduction. It is made up of paragraphs with each paragraph being a building block in the construction of your essay. Each paragraph should contain a single idea that is precisely introduced, developed, explained, supported, argued and discussed based on the relevant supporting evidence (references). The paragraphs build in a logical way to construct the main argument or focus of the essay. The body makes up the MAJOR part of the essay. This is the last paragraph of the essay. It summarises the major supporting evidence and key points of the essay. It should be logical and not introduce any new information. The conclusion should be between 100-200 words. This should be headed on a separate page. This is the list of the full biographical details of all material quoted or cited in the essay. The list should be in alphabetical order of the first author’s surnames. References should be in accordance with the APA referencing guidelines. These can be found in the Library.

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