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2014 Michael Johnston Bills

2014 Michael Johnston Bills

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One pager giving you our inside update on bills we're supporting this year
One pager giving you our inside update on bills we're supporting this year

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Published by: Senator Mike Johnston on Apr 02, 2014
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Cff|ce of Sen.

M|ke Iohnston
Colorado Ceneral Assembly | 200 L. Colfax Avenue | uenver, CC 80203 | 303.866.4864
1hls sesslon, l have sponsored bllls whlch help Lhe sLaLe of Colorado Lo reallze a number of lmporLanL goals:
• 1o proLecL consumers and promoLe Colorado's buslness and phllanLhroplc communlLles
• 1o ensure LhaL schools are well-funded and LhaL we aLLracL and reLaln Lhe besL Leachers
• 1o conLlnue my work Lo preserve and expand college access
• And Lo keep our communlLles safe
Support|ng Co|orado Non-Þrof|ts--n814-1269
We have a loL of non-proflLs ln our clLy who are collaboraLlng ln unprecedenLed ways, sharlng besL pracLlces,
sharlng research and supporL servlces and even sharlng physlcal space. As more non-proflLs look Lo lease and
sublease from each oLher, Lhere ls a slgnlflcanL obsLacle ln sLaLe law LhaL forblds any non-proflL from leaslng Lo
anoLher nonproflL aL any prlce above cosL +$1. Cur blll, P814-1269 whlch Lhe governor has slgned lnLo law, allows
non-proflLs Lo charge reasonable expenses whlch help Lhem cover caplLal cosLs, faclllLles malnLenance and
uLlllLles. 1hls wlll help non-proflLs spend less money on flxlng roofs and bollers and more money on provldlng
dlrecL servlces Lo chlldren and famllles who need Lhem.
1he Marketp|ace Ia|rness & Sma|| 8us|ness Þrotect|on Act¬n814-1269
1hls blll would requlre onllne reLallers Lo pay Lhe same sales Lax as Lhelr brlcks-and-morLar counLer-parLs. 1hls
lncreases sLaLe revenues and also proLecLs local buslnesses ln communlLles across Lhe sLaLe.

1ax-Þayer Þrotect|on¬n814-128S
When a Lax payer uLlllzes Lhe servlces of a professlonal Lax preparer, he or she should have access Lo lnformaLlon
abouL Lhe Lax preparers' quallflcaLlons and servlces. P8 14-1283 requlres Lhe Lax preparer Lo dlsclose hls or her
quallflcaLlons, fees, year-round conLacL lnformaLlon, and wllllngness Lo represenL Lhe Laxpayer ln a governmenL

Student Success Act¬n814-1292
P814-292 proposes a $263 mllllon new lnvesLmenL ln k-12 educaLlon wlLhouL a Lax lncrease. 1he blll addresses
some of Lhe Lop prlorlLles we heard from parenLs, educaLors and Laxpayers lncludlng: (1) resLorlng a slgnlflcanL
porLlon of Lhe recesslon-era budgeL cuLs wlLh flexlblllLy for dlsLrlcLs Lo meeL Lhelr local needs (2) LargeLlng
addlLlonal money Lo Lwo of our mosL vulnerable sLudenL populaLlons-Lngllsh Language Learners and k-3 sLudenLs
sLruggllng Lo read aL grade-level, (3) ensurlng all Colorado sLudenLs have access Lo safe bulldlngs wlLh 21sL cenLury
Lechnology, and (4) provldlng beLLer flnanclal Lransparency so parenLs, educaLors, and Laxpayers know where each
Lax dollar goes ln every school 3) provldlng key lnvesLmenLs Lo supporL Lhe success of Lhe reform work Lhe sLaLe ls
lmplemenLlng now, lncludlng Lechnology for new assessmenLs, professlonal developmenL, and Lralnlng for new
academlc expecLaLlons and new evaluaLlons
Attract|ng and keta|n|ng M|nor|ty 1eachers¬n814-117S
lL ls essenLlal LhaL Colorado has a hlghly-effecLlve and dlverse Leacher corps. We need Lo do more Lo ensure LhaL
we are aLLracLlng and reLalnlng LalenLed mlnorlLy Leachers Lo Colorado's classrooms. P8 14-1173 requlres Lhe
ueparLmenL of LducaLlon Lo sLudy Lhe recrulLmenL, preparaLlon, developmenL, and reLenLlon of mlnorlLy Leachers
ln k-12 educaLlon ln Colorado and Lo develop recommendaLlons based on Lhose flndlngs.
S8 191 Update
AfLer vlslLlng schools and Lalklng wlLh Leachers across Lhe sLaLe, l've become convlnced LhaL we need Lo make
some shorL-Lerm ad[usLmenLs ln our educaLor evaluaLlon sysLem (S8 10-191) for Lhe 2014-2013 school year Lo
ensure LhaL we reach Lhe long-Lerm goal--Lo provlde quallLy observaLlons LhaL supporL educaLors' conLlnual
lmprovemenL and LhaL refocus our work on ouLcomes for klds. As we LranslLlon our sLaLe assessmenL sysLem from
1CAÞ Lo ÞA8CC, we need Lo glve dlsLrlcLs flexlblllLy ln how Lhey use LesL daLa as parL of Leacher evaluaLlons for Lhe
2014-2013 school year. 1hls LranslLlon year ensures LhaL we reach our ulLlmaLe goal-provldlng hlgh-quallLy
evaluaLlons LhaL supporL educaLors' growLh and developmenL and ensurlng LhaL all sLudenLs ln Colorado recelve a
world-class educaLlon.
'Iess|ca's Law'¬n814-1260
P814-1260 addresses senLences for offenders who have sexually abused chlldren under 12 years of age. lL creaLes
mandaLory mlnlmum senLences for felony sex offenses ln cases where Lhe vlcLlm ls under 12 and Lhe offender ls aL
leasL 10 years older Lhan Lhe vlcLlm.
Ia|rness for V|ct|ms and I|ex|b|||ty for Defendants¬n814-103S
Cne of my bllls was already slgned by Lhe governor on lrlday, P814-1033 makes key changes Lo Lhe crlmlnal
sLaLuLe Lo ensure LhaL vlcLlms of crlmes are made whole Lhrough resLlLuLlon for losL properLy or wages whlle also
maklng sure LhaL defendanLs have Lhe chance Lo meeL Lhelr responslblllLles under a deferred [udgmenL and re-
enLer Lhe workforce wlLhouL carrylng a felony on Lhelr record.
Mar|[uana 8ackground Checks¬n814-1220
P814-1229 sLrengLhens background check laws for Lhose who are llcensed Lo sell marl[uana, helplng Lo prevenL
marl[uana from belng sold Lo youLh.

Þena|t|es Ior Mu|t|p|e DUI's¬n814-1036
P814-1036 makes mulLlple uul offenses-four offenses over any perlod of Llme or Lhree offenses over seven
years-a felony. urlvlng under Lhe lnfluence LhreaLens Lhe safeLy of lnnocenL people and musL be meL wlLh
approprlaLely serlous consequences.

Þrotect|ng Þe|| Grants¬S814-149
S8 14-149 allgns Colorado's law for Plgher LducaLlon accredlLaLlon and renewal wlLh federal sLaLuLe ensurlng LhaL
Colorado's sLudenLs wlll conLlnue Lo have access Lo Þell CranLs and federal funds.

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