RELEASE DATE: OCTOBER 30, 2013 SUBJECT: SOURCE: Volleyball Athletes Name to All!

Co"#e$e"%e Team &$'sty Ly"%h, (ome")s Volleyball Coa%h

HERKIMER, NY - Two members of the Herkimer County Community College Volleyb ll Te m h !e been n me" to the Mount in V lley Conferen#e $omen%s &ll-Conferen#e Te m' (rynn Hlo) nosky *+ohnstown, NY, n" K yl ( rber *-outh .lens / lls, NY, were n me" members of the &ll-Conferen#e Te m' (oth re m 0oring in 1iber l &rts 2 -#ien#es3 4hysi# l E"u# tion' Hlo) nsky w s lso n me" Co-4l yer of the Ye r' Kristy 1yn#h, women%s !olleyb ll #o #h t Herkimer s i", 5K yl , #o-# 6t in, w s n &ll-Tourn ment Te m member t &lfre" -t te, n" the -e6tember .reen n" .ol" &thlete of the Month with 788 kills *'79: hitting ;,, << #es, ::= "igs, 88< blo#ks n" is r nke" >th in the n tion for 6oints s#ore" 6er set with 9'<' Co-# 6t in (rynn h s been Region III &thlete of the $eek with :77 kills *'8>? hitting ;,, 98 #es, 79> "igs n" <> blo#ks'@ 1yn#h ""e", 5(oth 6l yers re key to our su##ess this ye r' Their le "ershi6 h s been outst n"ingA@ -7BC?>-8BD:<D:B87-8< /ER MEFI& EN1YG/ER /HRTHER IN/ERM&TIEN CENT&CT K&THERINE MENT&NE, I??-B7BB ER III-.E <-HCCC, EJT' I:9='

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