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Locations Around Town

Where is your local Post Office?

Excuse me. Where is the Post Office? Excuse me. Is there a bank near here? Excuse me. Cou d !ou te me where the nearest su"ermarket is? It$s between the bank and the bi% de"artment store. &es' there is. It$s on the corner of Queen (treet' next to the museum. Certain !. It$s behind the ibrar!' near the "ark. Thank !ou +er! much. Thanks. Is it far? ,ehind the ibrar!' near the "ark? Thank !ou for !our he ". &ou are we come. -ot rea !. It is about fi+e minutes on foot. -o "rob em. &ou are +er! we come.
1. Could you tell me where... //kudju// 2. Do you know where... //djuno// 3. t is ne!t to the de"artment store. //de"aar#men#//


)o ow*u" Questions


(ounds Like...

Practice i $se the information to "ractice askin% and answerin% &uestions. i.e.
,ank.Queen (treet A) Excuse me, is the Bank near here? B) Yes, it is. The Bank is on Queen Street. Post Office.Centra A+enue ,ookstore.Ocean Wa! 2os"ita .3un o" #oad Park.Acorn A+enue London (choo of En% ish.(t. Peter$s (treet Thom"sons 3e"artment (tore.Oxford (treet

/. 0. 1. 4. 5. 6.

Practice ii $se the ma" on the ne!t "a%e and the information 'elow to "ractice %i(in%
locations around town. i.e. ,ookstore * the ,ank and the Post Office.between A) Excuse me, could you tell me where the bookstore is? B) ertainly, the bookstore is between the bank and the !ost "##ice. /. Coffee sho" * on the corner.Chinese to 0. Cinema * )ish 7 Chi" sho".next to 1. -ewsa%ents * ,ookstore.behind 4. Librar! 8 t,ank 8 on the corner.Park.o""osite

5. ) ower sho" 8 Post to

Post Office





Exercise i )atch the statements on the left to the endin%s on the ri%ht. i.e.
a. The department store is... b. The hair salon is... c. The $ndian restaurant is... %. ...behind the bank on the le#t side o# entral A&enue. '. #ront o# the #lower sho(, next to the book sho( on Sunset Street. ). ...on Sunset Street, next to the hinese restaurant. *. ...o((osite the +oyal ,otel and the de(artment store. 5. ...on South Road, between the Royal Hotel and the train station. -. to the cinema, behind the #ish . chi( sho(.

d. The sushi restaurant is... e. The !ark is... #. The !ost "##ice is...

Exercise ii $sin% the ma"* fill in the 'lanks with the (oca'ulary from the 'o! 'elow.
9ohn: Excuse me, do you ////// where the 0ewsa1ents is? ;r. (mith: Sure, it2s ////// Sunset Street. 9ohn: Thank you. $s Sunset Street ////// here? ;r. (mith: Yes, it is. 3ust #ollow this road and ////// le#t ////// the !ark. 9ohn: "kay, le#t a#ter the (ark. ;r. (mith: Yes, that2s Sunset Street. 4o strai1ht alon1 the street and you2ll see a Book sho( on the /////. The 0ewsa1ents is ////// the Book sho(.

9ohn: 4ot it. ;r. (mith: $t2s ////// the 5lower sho( and the ,air Salon. 9ohn: Thank you &ery much #or your hel(. ;r. (mith: You2re welcome. behind on ri1ht between near a#ter know turn