Viewpoint Development Process

The Microcosmic Flow Chart Introduction
____________________Phase One / Stage One / Day Five___________________


The Microcosmic Flow Chart is a mind map which delineates the multi-leveled components of the mind to explain the structure of our mundane as well as our cosmic consciousness. This map is primarily Hindu and Buddhist in origin, with elements of the Tao at the center. This chart can help us explore the various levels of our reality, the location of our moods, as well as the relationship of our negative, self-centered qualities to our positive, loving qualities. It is not important to understand it immediately. The letters in bold print indicate the location of the veils/membranes on the consciousness. We hope that this chart can assist you in your understanding of your male and female natures, your limited and limitless natures, your chakras, your five senses and beyond, your responses of conflicting, opposing and allowing, your relationship with the elements of Mother Nature, and your relationship with your aura and higher self. We will discuss aspects of the Microcosmic Flow Chart throughout Krysalis courses, with the hope of weaving together a beautiful tapestry of philosophical and spiritual traditions which can respect and appreciate the uniqueness that each school of spiritual thought has to offer, as well as celebrate common points of harmonizing Oneness. Please feel free to write down and give to us any questions or information which you may have on the subject. Thank You.




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