APRIL 3, 2014

NR # 3425C

Marian Rivera named as Ambassador for WWDs
Lawmakers today lauded the National Council on Disability Affairs for choosing actress Marian Rivera as Ambassador for disabled Filipino women and children !abriela "arty#List Reps Lu$viminda %lagan and &mmi De 'esus said Rivera is a good choice because she can draw more support to the cause of women and children with disabilities given her credibility( personality and stature )*he is not only a beautiful face representing the ++Ds( but as an ambassador( an icon and a person who will be the representative of what our advocacy is all about(, %lagan said )*he is e-pected to play an active role in ma.or programs and activities of ++Ds( like fund raising( as people believe in her capacity as ++D/s ambassador spokesperson for the ++Ds(, %lagan added De 'esus said being an Ambassador and a spokesperson for the disabled Filipino women and children will serve as a challenge to celebrities like Rivera )0apuso Ms Marian has access to the public and can capture the opportunity to voice the issues on the situation of our disabled fellowmen( especially women and children(, De 'esus said )1aving Ms Marian as a spokesperson( % believe( is a timely challenge to be an effective tool to win all needed support from the government and the public for women and children with disabilities(, De 'esus added Rivera was presented a symbolic trophy as Ambassador for women and children with disabilities by acting NCDA &-ecutive Director Carmen 2ubiaga during the 3456 +omen with Disabilities Day celebration at the 1ouse of Representatives %n her acceptance speech( Rivera said she is a simple person that has soft spot for people with special needs( mentally challenged and with disabilities )% wholeheartedly accept the title of Ambassador for women and children with disabilities including the responsibilities it entails(, Rivera said ) Maraming salamat sa pagtitiwala nyo, nakakataba sa puso, maraming pwede nyong piliin, subalit ako ang pinili nyo, hindi ko kayo bibiguin ,

%n an interview( 2ubiaga said Rivera( who accepted the position without any renumeration( shall promote the rights and privileges of women and children with disabilities and endorse the NCDA advocacies in her public appearances )Gusto nating iatang sa ating ambassador for women and children with disabilities( ang paggising sa mga mambabatas at mga kinauukulan, iparating na tayo ay dapat tulong-tulong na gawin ang lipunan na mapagkalinga, nagaalaga, at nangangalaga sa karapatan ng mga kababaihan at kabataang may kapansanan, upang ang mga magulang ay matiwasay na maipagkakatiwala ang mga batang may kapansanan sa mapagarugang pamahalaan at pamayanan(, 2ubiaga said As a student( Rivera worked at the Mandaluyong City/s Mental 1ospital and served as a special education teacher of children with special needs after finishing "sychology Rivera also founded )0apuso Adopt#A#7anca, Foundation that will provide livelihood for family#victims of 8olanda and other disasters Also present during the celebration were Reps &rlinda *antiago 9"arty list( 5*A!%": who is the vice chairperson of the 1ouse Committee on +omen and !ender &;uality( <ransportation and Communication Asst *ecretary %ldefonso < "atdu( 'r ( and 7eatri$ *anga( the chairperson of national working committee 9N+C: of the 3456 ++D celebration and Committee *ecretary of the 1ouse of Representatives C+!& 9=4: jsc