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Weekly Plan

Week Beginning:

Whole class Whole class
Numberwork Topic Work
Guided Group Tasks Independent Tasks Plenary

Mon To sort 3-d shapes Shape, Space and Measure book: page 27. Join each
according to type shape to the correct part of the diagram. Write the number
of face: flat or of shapes in each
Tues To sort 3-d shapes Shape, Space and Measure book: page 28.Color the
according to the curved surfaces yellow and the flat faces red. Find
shape of the faces matching shapes to help you.
Worksheet fro Photocopy Masters: Classify the shapes
according to the kind of side (flat, curved or flat and curved)
Wed To compare the Show two containers of different Shape, Space and Measure book: page 9. Colour the
capacities of two capacities. Fill the larger one with number of pots you think will fill the container. Write the
containers directly, water. It’s full! I´m going todually pour number of pots each time.
by pouring. the water from here into this one (the
smaller) What do you think will
happen? Gradually pour the water.
Half full, nearly full, full. Continue
pouring, allowing the water to
overflow until you have emptied the
larger container. This one is full. This
one is empty.
Thur I’m going to pour the water from here
(the smaller) into this one (the larger)
To measure What do you think will happen? Shape, Space and Measure book: page 10. Draw how
capacities using Gradually pour the water until the many of each of the smaller containers, full of water, you
non-standard units small container is empty. Half full, think will fill the larger container. Write your guess.
nearly full, This one is empty. This is
nearly full. Which of the two
containers holds most water?