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Bread of Death vs Bread of Life

Bread of Death vs Bread of Life

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Published by Arnulfo Yu Laniba
Here is a comparison of white bread as bread of disease and death versus brown whole bread as bread of health and life
Here is a comparison of white bread as bread of disease and death versus brown whole bread as bread of health and life

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Published by: Arnulfo Yu Laniba on Apr 03, 2014
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Danger of Homogenized Milk + Chlorine

 All big milk manufacturers have replaced pasteurization (mild heating) with

homogenization (overheating at very high temperature). In their factories, a homogenizer machine is standard part.  Homogenization means overheating milk at very high temperature. It is like burning meat into charcoal. Its purpose is to kill the digestive enzymes in the milk and convert it into an indigestible fat.  As indigestible fats, homogenized milk forms solid plaques in blood vessels with the aid of chlorine.  With chlorine and homogenized milk fats, the number of ingredients that cause heart attack, stroke and other cardio-vascular diseases have increased. Other known ingredients of CVDs are: refined flour, indigestible glass-like refined sugar, nicotine, hydrogenated fats, oxidants, toxins.

CHLORINATED WATER + HOMOGENIZED MILK = CLOGGINGS IN BLOOD VESSELS RESULTING TO CVDs SUCH AS HEART ATTACK AND STROKE “This Awareness indicates that this as a secondary purpose of the chlorination of water. That there are other ways to purify water besides the use of chlorine and that the chlorine used in drinking water has several types of adverse effects on the human system. This Awareness indicates that it is also a factor that milk has a certain type of enzyme, which when homogenized, becomes difficult to digest, and moves into the bloodstream, causing a build-up of plaque on the walls of the bloodstream: this also adding to the cause of arteriosclerosis.”
Source: Cosmic Awareness (Jesus Christ) www.CosmicAwareness.com www.CosmicAwareness.org

Let us take heed to our Father’s admonition in Revelation 14:8
“Come out of Babylon’s sinful system My people, Lest you will partake of her sins And of her plaques (e.g., diseases and calamities)”

Equally significant are the Father’s clear words for us through Neale Donald Walsch regarding the present error that we have tolerated to be done… mainly for monetary considerations, e.g., for profits. Thus He says in Mr. Walsch’s book “Conversations with God”:

“You have built your society on a paradox. You keep changing your values, all the while proclaiming that it is unchanging values which you ... well, value!...
“For example, if a doctor assists you in your suicide, it is called manslaughter, while if a tobacco company does, it is called commerce. “If a person in your society kills himself with a gun, his family members lose insurance benefits. If he does so with cigarettes, they do not.

For men, the slower the death, the OKAYER
“You have come to this conclusion, presumably, because the ending of the life occurs relatively quickly. Actions which end a life over a somewhat longer period of time are not against the law, even though they achieve the same result.
“With you, it seems to be merely a question of time. The legality of self-destruction—the “rightness” or “wrongness” of it—seems to have much to do with how quickly the deed is done, as well as who is doing it. The faster the death, the more “wrong” it seems to be. The slower the death, the more it slips into “okayness.”

Good definition, no application…
“Interestingly, this is the exact opposite of what a truly humane society would conclude. By any reasonable definition of what you would call “humane,” the shorter the death, the better. “Yet your society punishes those who would seek to do the humane thing (e.g., a doctor assisting euthanasia to end early the suffering of a patient with terminal cancer), and rewards those who would do the insane (e.g., kill a person slowly through cigarrete or food chemicals).

“It is insane to think that endless suffering is what God requires
(e.g., cancer through chemicals in cigarette, etc.), and that a quick, humane end to the suffering (e.g., euthanasia) is “wrong.”

“Punish the humane, reward the insane.” This is a motto which only a society of beings with limited understanding could embrace.

Very wrong…very inhumane…
“So you poison your system by inhaling carcinogens, you poison your system by eating food treated with chemicals that over the long run kill you, and you poison your system by breathing air which you have continually polluted. “You poison your system in a hundred different ways over a thousand different moments, and you do this knowing these substances are no good for you. “But because it takes a longer time for them to kill you, you commit suicide with impunity.

No difference, slow or instant murder is all the same – murder. Slow or instant suicide is the same – suicide.
“If you poison yourself with something that works faster,
you are said to have done something against moral law.

“Now I tell you this: IT IS NO MORE IMMORAL TO

God to Neale Donald Waslch, Conversations with God

Brethen, Let us go onward…with the new ideas… new system… That finally truly reflects true love for GOD True love for the NEIGHBOR And true love for SELF…

Ideas and… menus and…. recipes that finally cause us to come out of her harmful, unhealthy disease-laden, deadly system

 Bread that no longer harms…nor kills anyone…
 A bakery that no longer removes the nutrients and adds disease-causing     

chemicals… A business system that no longer commits the twin crimes of robbing anyone at the same time killing him slowly… No longer a bread of disease… No longer a bread of sorrow… No longer a bread of poverty… No longer a bread of death

 But a bread that brings healing and health to everyone…
 A bread of happiness…  A bread of prosperity…

 A bread of life…
 A bakery that preserves the nutrients and does not add disease-causing


Onward to the era where divine love

is not theory and no longer mere lip service

But truly a way of life…

A way of life long desired…

Bringing peace….

unity and harmony…

joy, happiness and bliss…

Freedom and eternal life…

Freedom and eternal life…

Freedom and eternal life…

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