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Published by: Igor Naumovski on Apr 03, 2014
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Brothers and sisters Louisa is the youngest of 7 children (four girls, two boys and her) and all

of them got along very well having the older to take care of her and the brothers. And after years it is her and her brothers to take care of the sisters (the oldest is 93 years old) er sister !ulia went to Africa for "3 years and she came back shortly, after Louisa#s husband died so she su$$orted her and became great friends. Louisa thinks that the greatest advantage living in a big family is that they learned how to en%oy life without a lot of money and the disadvantage is that she worn old clothes and they did not go away on holiday. &ut it is lovely to be a $art of a big family and they try to kee$ each other close since si' out of even are alive.Also her hranddaughter is having twins so that have four generations this year.

(ose is only child in her family. )hen she was little she used to like that because she had a lots of cousins and she used to $lay with them,but after her best friend moved away she felt alone.*eenage years were so hard for her because it was hard to find herself and her $lace in the world. er father dies +, years ago and she has to take care of her mom now,because there is nobody else to hel$ at all.-he is married and she has two beautiful children who get along very well with one another.

Charity appeals .Amnesty /nternational is a 0obel.1ri2e winning organi2ation that works to su$$ort human rights around the world and has over million members in +3" countries. /t works to free all $risioners of couscience in two ways4 by $ublishing their cases and by $utting $ressure on goverments to $ractice human rights. *hese are $eo$le who are in $rison because of their beliefs,colour,ethnic origin,language or religion. .))5.world#s largest couservation organi2ation that $rotects wild animals and the $laces where they live. /t has three globals goals4 +.it works to save endangered s$ecies like giant $anda, ".to establish and manage national $arks and wildlife reserves worldwide. 3.to address global threats to our environment such as climate change .6risis 0ow -u$$lies towns and cam$s with food and medical su$$lies,doctors,nurses,clothes in Africa where over +,,, $eo$le are dying every day from drought and famine./n some $arts of Africa it hasn#t rained for three years. /t has been like this for the last +7 years and volunteers are

many of us have been dreaming about winning a big $ri2e in a lottery. is advice is to study maths and science because the $ay#s $retty good. 0eed it something to rela' with she did gymnastics in the evening. did a tra$e2e course and was good in it. becoming $enniless and alone. Who wants to be a millionaire? -ince for most of the $eo$le way of life is closely linked to their economic circumstances. Also. -he needed + year to get used to the life changing event and after that decided to divide the fortune among her family members. Dream Job *he urricane unter -tanley :arras works as a meteorologist in *am$a.needed to hel$ homeless $eo$le to $rotect them and give them something to eat. )hen she finished the e'ams she wanted to travel a bit and she %oined a circus.. -o he moved with his wife from <: to <-A leaving the rest of the family in <:. .drink and some clothes to wear. !im *aylor. )illiam 6hurch is a 37 years old cafeteria cook from &ack$ool who won the 0ational Lottery but it turned out to be his unluckiest bet. *he *ra$e2e Artist Linda -$elman was a lawyer who found a new career in a circus and works as a tra$e2e artist. 5lorida.ay +993. Anita 6otton was the biggest lottery winner at the time when she won +" million of $ounds. er father is a lawyer so she studied a law. Abby )ilson from London won 7 million $ounds on *hunderball in +999 and she s$ent it all in 8 years and had five marriages behind. /t will change the way of living and most of it would be $robably s$ent on solicitors# fee to $rotect from demanding relatives. /t is his %ob to follow hurricanes by $lane and $rovide information about them to scientists. -o he has not such a thing as usual day because it de$ends on the weather but he is the one to decide how low will they fly through a storm. e loves that his %ob enables him to travel all around the world and work with to$ scientists. &ut few of us ever thought what would the money do to us.3 million $ounds win was made $ublic he died from a heart attack because couldn#t handle the $ressure from the $ublic and the relatives. After his 3. =ven . $ounds to a homeless $eo$le in 9lasgow. guards to $rotect the big house and $sychiatrists to $rotect their sanity. a sailor from -cotland blew the money in 77 days handing thousands $ounds to shi$mates and strangers in the streets such as he handed out +7. &ut there are some e'am$les of winners who have won big $ri2es and survived the change. -he en%oys traveling and the e'citement from diverse %ob duties during the work day from handling flayers to doing the act in the evening. &ut not everybody could get used easily to the idea of being rich. Long ago he liked to have this %ob and after he a$$lied and went through interviews got it in .. e would like to be the first meteorologist in s$ace but there aren#t any hurricanes there.

so that after his wife and dog dies will not feel alone. e %ust need an e'cuse for walk because he feels alone after (over#s death. is grandson thinks it is boring to have same %ob entire life. e has also traveled to 6aribian.1hili$a thinks that her grandfather en%oys life more than she does. Susie’s problem . she loves the %ob.but her $arents would not let her go until she finishes all her e'ams and school. The busy life of retired man *homas has been retired for four years after 8..ichael >oyle is one of +. -he is 38 and would like to do that at least until she is 7. years working for courtauld#s. 0ow he en%oys $laying golf. strong and have a desire..*omas goes to golf club twice a week and makes new friends.-$ain.*urkey and his granddaughter 1hili$a wish could go with him. ironworkers in 0?6 so called cowboys in the sky.so he goes to holiday often. eight hours a day from 7 until 3$m all the time moving and working in danger. *he $ay is good. grandfather came from /reland +93. it takes a year to get used to it. is great. e has fallen three times and it is $hysical demanding %ob. *o be an ironworker you need to be strong and ok with heights.oroco. to work on the construction of =m$ire -tate &uilding and his grandfather and fathers were ironworkers as well.After he retired they gave him golden watch.Also *homas went to Australia to visit uncle :eith where had a wonderful time and met 77 years old American widow .. *he 6owboy in the sky .though she is away from the family and earn less than she would as a lawyer. -he says everyone could do the %ob you %ust need to be fit. e %ust likes to kee$ himself busy all the time. /ronworkers make the skeleton of the buildings and they de$end on each other for their lives. e would like to work on something big as his father did @ e hel$ed build and after take it away the )orld trade center.he thinks it is wonderful s$ort.uiriam.

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