What about Snakes in an Atheist’s Grave...?

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was first to see a snake. who died in 1908 at the age of 82. So many miles south. who have been to this location recently. E. my companion.” Said. while engaged in a Defenders Conference in Idaho. Lehman motored to the cemetery and wrote me that the whole circumstance was “weird but evidently true.” Mr. the upraised scroll. P. The neighbors there say the more they kill the thicker they seem to be. Ohio. and declare it to be true.” Late last month (April) I had an opportunity to make an observation of my own. He did not hesitate to speak of these things. four. “You can’t miss it. blatant and outspoken against God and the Bible. C. Yes. five.Bedell said while living there was no God and never did believe in One. I wrote immediately to Rev.” By this time I was in a state of real expectancy. if Bedell did ask for snakes. While engaged in a Defenders Conference in Youngstown. The sexton told me he had killed four big snakes at one time: never saw a snake at any other grave.? A Tract for Infidels . Later another man told us. and whoso breaketh an hedge. UNIVERSAL MENTAL LIBERTY. Mr.” said the old timer. camera in hand. there it was. three.A Strange and Weird Story “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it. six. Flowers killed one. On September 20th I received further word from Alliance together with a picture of the bronze monument of the atheist. I -1- . a gentleman by the name of Mr. to write me more details. Ohio. We turned to the right and sure enough. Under his left foot is a scroll representing the Holy Bible with the inscription SUPERSTITION. Ohio. This letter said: “Mr. We walked around the grave and counted one. Last year twenty of us went out on the 30th of October and saw three snakes.” Who would not be interested in a story like this? I was. then left about a mile.M. Mr. I saw several holes in the ground at this grave. the stern bronze countenance. Flowers. “if there be a God or any truth in the Bible let my body be inhabited with snakes.10:8) This story was taken from an old tract and from the photos on the cover it must have been published long ago. the tomb stones all about. and the members said it threw such a coldness over the people as soon as he entered. Occasionally he attended the Presbyterian Church in his home town of North Benton. His statue is of bronze and in his uplifted right hand is a scroll with this inscription. then turn to the right again just before getting into North Benton. “Sure. Crew came to me with one of the strangest stories I had ever heard.. then to the right. The Editor – TWP The Introduction Last September. about an atheist in Ohio who was said to have been very bold. Mr. everybody around here knows where Chet Bedell was buried.What About Snakes In An Atheist’s Grave.” Since his burial the family lot has been full of snake holes around the curbing. but it has been reported upon by several preachers. not for from North Benton. Crew said that he would ask a gentleman in Alliance. “Well. The snakes can be seen any day you visit the grave yard. E. a serpent shall bite him. it almost broke up the meeting. big bronze monument in the grave-yard. Before his death he made this remark. I was taken by automobile first to Berlin Center and then to North Benton. Chester Bedell. He built the monument years before his death..” he shouted. “At the funeral it was necessary to remove a snake from the grave before the casket could be lowered. Pennsylvania. the other scroll under his left foot.” (Eccl. L. As we came to Berlin Center. the caretaker at work nearby. and approached the grave. Looking for snakes?” – grinned the native. Ohio. there was the monument. two. he sure got ‘em. Crew. Was it a hoax? or was it true? Mr. I asked an old man if he could tell me where the Bedell grave was. Lehman of Franklin. then turn to the right. a man who had defied the Supreme Being by saying: “If there is a GOD my grave will be infested with snakes. We parked our car. “Oh look there.

“No. I am only relating it as it has come to me. By Gerald B. might have one.” “What shall it profit a man. We called on her to inquire.” Mark. and thy house. and her answer was. I was told by a neighbor that Bedell was in twenty-one lawsuits during his life and that he owned approximately twenty-five hundred acres of land in the community when he died. We were told that he once wrote a book and that his daughter. The sexton told us he had killed four that morning and has killed as high as twenty in a single day. This is the story. The pictures were taken the day we visited the monument.” We saw the angry looking holes around the curbing.photographed one. Winrod in The Defender “And they said. Finally he said. now a woman 75 years old. I am not explaining it. and thou shalt be saved. residing in Berlin Center.” (Acts 16:31) -2- . 8:36. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. The snakes are garter and black snakes. if he shall gain the whole world. I wouldn’t have any of the old devil’s literature in the house. maybe the Lord did have something to do with it. and lose his own soul. “I don’t know. We took other pictures.

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