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Lesson Plan

Subject: Math Grade Level: Kindergarten Time Estimate: 60 minutes Unit: Chapter 8: Lessons 5-7 numbers 50-100 Topic: Knowing the numbers between 50-100 using base ten bloc s and count method! Goal(s): "he students will learn that there are di##erent wa$s to count big numbers and the$ will base ten bloc s to see understand each number! Objective(s): "L% match numbers to pictures using base ten bloc s "L% demonstrate how to count drawing pictures to show numbers "L% build numbers using base ten bloc s with a partner TEKS: K!& 'umber and operations: "he student applies mathematical process standards to understand how to represent and compare whole 'umbers( the relati)e position and magnitude o# whole numbers( and relationships within the numeration s$stem! "he student is e*pected to: +,- count #orward and bac ward to at least &0 with and without ob.ects +/- read( write( and represent whole numbers #rom 0 to at least &0 with and without ob.ects or pictures +C- count a set o# ob.ects up to at least &0 and demonstrate that the last number said tells the number o# ob.ects in the set regardless o# their arrangement or order +0- generate a set using concrete and pictorial models that represents a number that is more than( less than( and e1ual to a gi)en number up to &0 +2- generate a number that is one more than or one less than another number up to at least &03 +4- compare sets o# ob.ects up to at least &0 in each set using comparati)e language +5- use comparati)e language to describe two numbers up to &0 presented as written numerals +6- compose and decompose numbers up to 10 with ob.ects and pictures Materials !esources Tec"nolo#$ needs: computer pro.ector e)er$da$ counts calendar coin mar ers clip collection pointer math in #ocus wor boo

#lu##$ dice 777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 %nstructional Procedures &ocusin# Event: 8tart o## with 5ello 2riends song( Macarena count to 100 b$ 10 song and the &0 hip hop rap ,s students what we ha)e been tal ing about all wee in Math! "hen re)iew wa$s we can use our base ten to count 9 :emind them that it;s o a$ that we use pictures o# base tens to help us! Teac"in# Learnin# Procedures: "al about what toda$ is! <o the coin toss( domino builder( dail$ depositor( graph( and clip collection! ,s the #ollowing 1uestions: 5ow do we now toda$ is 2rida$= 5ow man$ da$s ha)e we been in school= 5ow man$ tens are in the 100 place= 5ow man$ clips should 6 add toda$= %ill the coin land on heads or tails toda$= 5ow can we #i* the date on the calendar= "hen show students a number and as them to show $ou on there #ingers! Let them now that the$ can use their #ingers! 'e*t ha)e students turn to a #riend and share +1 minutes-! ,#ter that let two students #ind match the picture with the math problem! 2inall$ as students to mo)e to the board counting up #rom 0 to 10! 9use re)iew sheet to ma e sure that students understand how to show numbers 50-7> and mo)e on to 80 to 100! 9then ha)e students wal to their des count bac wards #rom 10 to 0 &ormative '"ec( (on#oin#): 8tudents will then go to their seats and wor in their math in #ocus wor boo s! "he$ will do pages &1-&? ! Monitor participation and wor ! Clari#$ and remind as needed! !eteac" (alternative used as needed): :e)iew how to use our pictures to count on the numbers( show pictures and wor with pass wor boo pages! 'losure: :emind students that we count in almost e)er$thing we do and that ne*t wee we will ha)e a test on what we ha)e learned! )ssessment Summative Evaluation: ,s students to thin o# one wa$ the$ could write the number 85! Let students turn and tal ! 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 7 Modi*ications +otes: 8how number pictures to eep the interest o# ,<5< students and )isual learners! ,lso ma e sure to ha)e dictionaries a)ailable #or those who spea 0nglish as a second

language! @ull the lower le)el students to small and help them with counting with their #ingers!