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Marine Composites

Marine Composites


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Karlskronavarvet, AB in Karlskrona, Sweden, is among several European shipyards that build
passenger and automobile ferries. The Surface Effect Ship (SES), Jet Rider is a high speed
passenger ferry designed and fabricated by Karlskronavarvet in 1986 for service in Norway.
The SES Jet Rider is an air cushioned vehicle structured entirely of GRP sandwich. The SES
configuration resembles a traditional catamaran except that the hulls are much narrower. The
bow and stern are fitted with flexible seals that work in conjunction with the hulls to trap the
air cushion. The air cushion carries about 85% of the total weight of the ship with the
remaining 15% supported by the hulls. The design consists of a low density PVC cellular
plastic core material with closed, non-water-absorbing cells, covered with a face material of
glass fiber reinforced polyester plastic. The complete hull, superstructure and foundation for
the main engines and gears are also built of GRP sandwich. Tanks for fuel and water are made
of hull-integrated sandwich panels. The speed under full load is 42 knots (full load includes
244 passengers and payload totaling 27 metric tons). [1-10]


Chapter One


Figure 1-11 Cargo Configuration for Textron Marine's Utility Air Cushion Vehicle -
Model 1200 [Textron Marine]

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