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(mymokie@digis.net) - Wed, 1 0 / 0 9 / 1 3 13:43:38 -0600 S h o w Full H e a d e r s I Print I C l o s e Printer V i e w F r o m : <mymokie@digis.net> To: "scott gurney" <msgurney@orem.org> Date: Thu 03/28/13 02:41 AM Chief Howard and Chief Gurney, This is Sherri Watson in Genola. I was driving home yesterday. I was on the back road in front of Keegly Quary, I was on the road going toward home. I was in front of the stop sign when Chad Blacks truck came barreling out towards me, he almost hit me and I had t o swerve off the road to avoid a wreck. I almost lost control of my vehicle. As I could see a male behind the wheel and as I looked in my rearview mirror I could see their Suburban was a t the stop sign, both of their vehicles were on the road. I know their vehicles like the back of m y hand. And I would bet money that they know mine.If I see their vehicle at the store I go shop somewhere else.I was very shooken up as you can imagine Chad just tried t o commit the murder of me. I was not going t o stick around and see if it was chad or his son driving as that would be going against the stalking injunction. I a m 100% sure of the vehicles and therefor one of them was driving. I a m also sure that it would not be too difficult for you t o find out if you wanted to. I am also 100% sure that Chad Black wants me locked up or DEAD! I called the Ut County Sheriff I knew it would not go anywhere but I wanted some kind of record/report. The sheriff not sure of his name he mumbled it. He said he called Chad and chad said he was a t work a t 5:30 AM. Like the sheriff really thought Chad was going t o come out and say "Ya, I tried t o kill her. Give me a break of course he is going to say he was a work at 5:30 AM. Who cares what time he was a t work? My husband Tom was coming home for lunch and drove that way, he says that Chad's cop car, the Suburban, and the truck was there when he drove past. Chad and Toni were outside talking. They had not even gotten into their house yet. So I know he was home. I a m 1 0 0 % sure that it was him. His vehicles including the cop car was their the next day at the same time also. Just because he was at work a t 5:30 makes no difference the incident happened j u s t before 12:00 PM. Did the Sheriff call him a t home? Chief Gurney, I a m sure this would not be difficult for you t o verify. I f it was not him that tried t o kill me then it was his son. He said I should call you. He also said that chad said he was not a Santaquin P/0 that he had not worked for you for over a year. As I recall you told us that he does work for you and that was why you could not do an investigation into his corruption. I f it is ok I would like t o make a report with Santaquin P/D. I would like Santaquin P/D to find out which of the Black's tried t o kill me. Do you have the backbone t o do that Chief Howard and Chief Larson? or do I have to be dead for the Santaquin P/D, or Orem P/D t o care about some middle aged woman being harassed and stalked by a Santaquin ? Orem cop? Mayor you know w e went t o you for help before Santaquin started in on me. We begged you for help telling you we felt Stalked and Harassed by Chad. You were there when Chad committed perjury. You know all sides of this. Will you please stand up for your people and demand an investigation. Please before he kills me. Chief Howard you admitted t o us that Chad was indeed harassing me, will you Please stand up for what is Right and Just. How is it ok for a cop t o harass anyone? We teach our children t o stand up t o bully's though none of you have shown a backbone to stand up t o the adult bully Chad Black and now he used a vehicle t o t r y t o kill me, how is this ok??? In my last letter of complaint I said I would continue t o write as long as I a m still being threatened. He is upping the antae and he is now trying t o kill me. I a m sending this t o everyone I can t h i n k of including mayors and all over the internet. And I will continue t o scream out for help and protection as long as I need to. I f you read this, I would like t o thank you for your time. I do not expect you t o have that backbone I spoke of. Thanks Sherri Chief Gurney, your police officer Chad Black has been harassing/ stalking me for over 3 years. I beg you t o meet with me so I can tell you the whole story f r o m start t o finish and I beg for you t o look into the Utah county Police report records and speak to Sheriff Packer and many, many others. Also m y neighbor Jenna Taylor who is now willing t o tell her side that she has Never gotten t o tell. We tried t o complain t o Chief

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Larson and some cop forgot name would not let us, so we spoke t o him instead of the chief. .To no avail am sure If you look into Chad Black's record you will see the many complaints from me against him. (mymokie@digis.net) - Wed, 1 0 / 0 9 / 1 3 13:43:38 -0600