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Name: Ms.

DiPalermo Grade: 5th grade choral warm up

Musical Focus: concepts/skills to emphasize

Playing Singing



Preparation: Warming up students for chorus Rehearsal. Sequence: %ocus o& warm up is articulation and tall !owels. 'eacher and students will do a thorough warm up Gi!ing attention to each phase o& preparation. (. )wareness o& the *ody: Sitting or standing tall students +ill pat down their own *odies, waking up muscles. Small shake e#ercise to wake up lim*s counting down &rom (-. .. )lignment and stretching: Students will do small e#ercises to align their *odies i.e. head as an atlas or puppet shoulders pressed down. Students will turn to each other and ask / ow are you today012 working through registers

armony Melody Creating Rhythm Mo!ement "#pressi!e $ualities



National Standard5s8 )ddressed:

Singing, alone B with others, a !aried repertoire o& music Per&orming on instruments, alone B with others, a !aried repertoire o& music 7mpro!ising melodies, !ariations and accompaniments Aomposing B arranging music within speci&ic guidelines Ceading and notating music 6istening to, analyzing, and descri*ing music "!aluating music B music per&ormances @nderstanding relationships *etween music, the other arts, B disciplines outside the arts @nderstanding music in relation to

'eacher will ask that students to articulate /M3s2 /Mi4Me4Ma4Mo4Moo, alternating *etween lots o& )rticulation and with more height in !owels. 5 6u47 8 5494:4.4( 'eacher will discuss and in;uire &rom students where *reath should come &rom. +hat are some tools we use in order to maintain good *reathing0 Good posture and support, our lungs etc. <reathing: /<ellows, in &or 9 out &or 9, in &or 9 out &or =, in &or 9 out &or (>. )cti!ating lower *reathing muscles: ?3s and P3s un!oiced consonants. /6augh and tense2 on a +orking with resistance o& collapsing *reathing muscles. @sing /Ah3s2 'eacher will gi!e some e#amples o& /ch2 patterns that )re incorporated with small section o& Aounting stars *y one repu*lic "nd on *ee e#ample e#empli&y <ee, *uzzing and so&t siren.

Learning Styles: 7 77 +hy +hat





O !ecti"es: 6earners willE

<e a*le to 5*eha!ioral8: Sing !arious warm ups using proper techni;ue. 5 &or their age le!el8 @nderstand 5cogniti!e8: 'he *ody in relation to *reathing and supporting &rom lower a*dominals. singing long phrases. "ncounter 5e#periential8: +ays in which mo!ement in&orms *reath &or healthy sym*ols. ow this helps with singing in tune and

+ritten 7n&ormal 7ndi!idual Per&ormance Group Fther:

#otes$%&tension: 's (e start learning more of the music) (arm ups (ill cater to each piece) to help them incorporate good ha its (ith tools that are eing implemented and practiced in daily (arm ups) into their repertoire.