Army comp is the same as 7th ed. Percentages don't work so well at low points, especially for ogres.

Magic phase: We're assuming a warband like this will only have access to apprentice wizards. Dice are generated on two D2's instead of D6's (roll of 1-3 and 4-6, or a coin flip) yielding 2-4 PD for the caster, and 1-2 for the dispeller. Channeling remains the same, and the upper limit of 12 PD or DD is also in place, to accomadate any magic items or abilities that allow for additional dice generation. We also REALLY don't need any dice bombed purple suns at game values this low. As such, Spells will be rolled for on a D3, rather than a D6. Thus, only the 0,1,2, and 3 spells of each school can be used. Also, Spells with multiple casting values are NOT allowed to be boosted,only the basic casting. Fireball for example, could only be cast at +5, not +10 or +15. A fully powered 3D6 fireball could easily obliterate a unit in one hit in warbands, and in general is just too powerful. Anti-magic wards: To assist armies without easy access to wizards, at a cost of 25 exp any standard may be upgraded with anti-magic wards. Each standard may only be upgraded in this way once, and if the standard is lost permanently for whatever reason, such as unit size going below that allowed for command models, so too is the upgrade. Each upgraded standard adds +1 to dispell attempts made by the army. If a dispell attempt is failed, the wards may not be used for the rest of that magic phase as they are currently overloaded. The army may still attempt to dispell as normal though. This upgrade is automatically lost if a warband aquires a wizard themselves, and they may naturally not upgrade standards like this if a wizard is part of the warband, as they would interfere with the friendly wizards casting! Dwarven warbands may not take these wards if they include a runesmith, as such an upgrade would be insulting to the ability of the old codger!

Ethereal units are NOT permitted. Too much chance of an army having no way to deal with em at low levels like this.

Aside from the magic phase and ethereal units, the warbands rules seem to work fairly well as they are. Any opinions on the proposed changes or suggestions on anything else you think needs help?