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Who was Pablo Escobar and what does he have to do with Colombia’s rivers?

Buenos ejercicios para estudiar y practicar: hombre.php ex.html

Ser detectives
Lección 3 ¡Qué padre!—un crimen. Working together or alone, figure out who committed the crime, where, and with what weapon. it’s like the game “Clue”—process of elimination. “If the weapon used was a pencil sharpener, then Pablo is guilty.” “If the crime took place in La Boca, Pablo wasn’t there.” SO...eliminate Pablo, La Boca and the pencil sharpener.” (But first explain how to kill someone with a pencil sharpener...)
Handout —When you’ve solved the crime, you need to submit a report about what actually happened. Use the vocabulary provided, plus your imagination, and write at least 5 sentences about where this person was killed, who did it, how and why. You will need to use the preterit for the actions and the imperfect for the descriptions or the on-going events. Turn it in when you’re done.

For next class: read FORMAL COMMANDS. Do Worksheet 7.15 and 7.17

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