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Joshua Dansie

Mrs. Eckenroth
Pre-AP English II\6
25 October 2009
Item /Character/Event Concrete Details Commentary Connections Outside Research Unanswered
Quote Snippets Interpretations,Symbolism,Connections Or Connections Questions
Parachutist Arrives (Ch.6): The parachutist symbolizes a dark Nothing comes to Why did the figure
(Outside Force) “a speck above the affair that settles over a person or mind leave before Piggy
island, a figure group and causes a split between died?
dropping swiftly rationalism and fear. It also symbolizes
beneath parachute, a an outside force that takes a toll upon
figure that hung with a person or group and strains their
dangling limbs” character. One would be wise to notice
that the split between Ralph and Jack
Leaves (Ch.9): happens while the figure is haunting
“The parachute filled the island. Simon, the voice of reason,
and moved; the figure confronts and conquers this fear
slid, rose to his feet, through knowledge, but the
spun, swayed down irrationalism of the rest of the boys
through a vastness of leads him to his death.
wet air, and trod with
ungainly feet the tops
of the high trees;
falling; still falling, it
sank towards the beach
and the boys rushed
parachute took the
figure forward,
furrowing the lagoon,
and bumped it over the
reef and out to sea.