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2014 Asian Studies Booklet

2014 Asian Studies Booklet

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New and forthcoming titles in Asian Studies
New and forthcoming titles in Asian Studies

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Published by: Stanford University Press on Apr 03, 2014
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Cover: Rob Ehle

Marriage and Sexuality in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Urban China
Edited BY DeBORaH S. DaVis and SaRa L. FRiedMan

Wives, Husbands, and Lovers

Preferential Marriages in Tamil Nadu
IsaBelle ClaRK-DecÈs

The Right Spouse

What is the state of intimate romantic relationships and marriage in urban China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan? Since the 1980s, the character of intimate life in these urban settings has changed dramatically. While many speculate about the 21st century as Asia’s century, this book turns to the more intimate territory of sexuality and marriage—and observes the unprecedented changes in the law and popular expectations for romantic bonds and the creation of new families. Wives, Husbands, and Lovers examines how sexual relationships and marriage are perceived and practiced under new developments within each urban location, including the establishment of no fault divorce laws, lower rates of childbearing within marriage, and the increased tolerance for non-marital and non-heterosexual intimate relationships. The authors also chronicle what happens when states remove themselves from direct involvement in some features of marriage but not others.
336 pp., 2014 9780804791847 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 9780804790628 Cloth $85.00  $68.00 sale

The Right Spouse is an engaging investigation into Tamil (South Indian) preferential close kin marriages, so-called Dravidian Kinship. Clark-Decès presents readers with a focused anthropology of this waning marriage system: its past, present, and dwindling future. The book takes on the main pillars of Tamil social organization, considers the ways in which Tamil intermarriage establishes kinship and social rank, and argues that past scholars have improperly defined Dravidian kinship. Within her critique of past scholarship, ClarkDecès recasts a powerful and vivid image of preferential marriage in Tamil Nadu and how those preferences and marital rules play out in lived reality. What she discovers in her fieldwork are endogamous patterns and familial connections that sometimes result in flawed relationships, contradictory statuses, and confused roles. “The Right Spouse brilliantly combines ethnographic insight and theoretical analysis to make an invaluable addition to the long debate on the Dravidian kinship system.”
—Chris Fuller, London School of Economics

224 pp., 2014 9780804790499 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 9780804788069 Cloth $85.00  $68.00 sale



Youth, Nation, and the New Economy in Uncertain Times

Global Futures in East Asia

Women, Reproduction, and HIV/AIDS in India
Cecilia Van HOllen

Birth in the Age of AIDS

Money and Morality Among China’s New Rich

Anxious Wealth

Edited BY Ann AnaGnOst, AndRea ARai, and Hai Ren

The East Asian economic miracle of the twentieth century is now a fond memory. What does it mean to be living in post-miracle times? For the youth of China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, the opportunities and challenges of the neoliberal age, deeply shaped by global forces in labor markets, powerfully frame their life prospects in ways that are barely recognizable to their parents. Global Futures in East Asia gathers together ethnographic explorations of what its contributors call projects of “life-making.” Here we see youth striving to understand themselves, their place in society, and their career opportunities in the nation, region, and world. While some express optimism, it is clear that many others dread their prospects in the competitive global system in which the failure to thrive is isolating, humiliating, and possibly even fatal.

Birth in the Age of AIDS is a vivid portrayal of the experiences of HIVpositive women in India during pregnancy, birth, and motherhood at the beginning of the 21st century. The Indian government, with global health organizations, established a public health initiative to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child. While this program, which targets poor women attending public maternity hospitals, has improved health outcomes for infants, it has resulted in negative consequences for poor, young mothers because these women are being tested for HIV in far greater numbers than their male spouses and are often blamed for bringing this stigmatized disease into the family. This book chronicles the experiences of women from the point of their decisions about whether to accept HIV testing, through their decisions about whether or not to continue with the birth if they test HIV-positive, and their hopes and fears for the future of their children.
288 pp., 2 maps, 2013 9780804784238 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 9780804784221 Cloth $85.00  $68.00 sale

Who exactly are China’s new rich? This pioneering investigation introduces readers to the private lives—and the nightlives—of the powerful entrepreneurs and managers redefining success and status in the city of Chengdu. Over the course of more than three years, John Osburg accompanied, and in some instances assisted, wealthy Chinese businessmen as they courted clients, partners, and government officials. Drawing on his immersive experiences, Osburg invites readers to join him as he journeys through the new, highly gendered entertainment sites for Chinese businessmen, including karaoke clubs, saunas, and massage parlors—places specifically designed to cater to the desires and enjoyment of elite men. Within these spaces, a masculinization of business is taking place. Osburg details the complex code of behavior that governs businessmen as they go about banqueting, drinking, gambling, bribing, exchanging gifts, and obtaining sexual services.
248 pp., 9 illustrations, 2013 9780804783545 Paper $22.95  $18.36 sale 9780804783538 Cloth $75.00  $60.00 sale

328 pp., 2013 9780804776189 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 9780804776172 Cloth $80.00  $64.00 sale



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Chinese Labor in a Korean Factory

Class, Ethnicity, and Productivity on the Shop Floor in Globalizing China

The Culture of Money in LowWage Transnational Families
HunG CaM THai

Insufficient Funds

JaesOK KiM

Mediating the Global

Expatria’s Forms and Consequences in Kathmandu
HeatHeR HindMan

“Mediating the Global is an illuminating exploration of the lives and cultural space occupied by expatriates operating within the global development regime.”
—Susan Hangen, Ramapo College

This book draws on fieldwork in a multinational corporation (MNC) in Qingdao, China, delving deep into the power dynamics at play between Korean management, Chinese migrant workers, local-level Chinese government officials, and Chinese local gangs. Jaesok Kim examines how governments, to attract MNCs, relinquish parts of their legal rights over these entities, while MNCs also give up portions of their rights as proxies of global capitalism by complying with local government guidelines to ensure infrastructure and cheap labor. This ethnography demonstrates how a particular MNC struggled with the pressure to be increasingly profitable while negotiating the clash of Korean and Chinese cultures, traditions, and classes on the factory floor of a garment corporation. “A pleasing study of how cultural assumptions influence the organization of work in a Chinese factory. The research is solid, insightful and memorable.”
—William Jankowiak, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Every year migrants across the globe send more than $500 billion to relatives in their home countries, and this circulation of money has important personal, cultural, and emotional implications for the immigrants and their family members alike. Insufficient Funds tells the story of how low-wage Vietnamese immigrants in the United States and their poor, non-migrant family members give, receive, and spend money. Drawing on interviews and fieldwork with more than one hundred members of transnational families, Hung Cam Thai examines how and why immigrants, who largely earn low wages as hairdressers, cleaners, and other “invisible” workers, send home a substantial portion of their earnings, as well as spend lavishly on relatives during return trips. “Through its many, rich, close-up portraits, and its big-picture lens, this book shifts the way we see migration, family, and social class. A must read.”
—Arlie Hochschild, University of California, Berkeley

288 pp., 7 photos, 1 map, 2013 9780804786515 Cloth $40.00  $32.00 sale

304 pp., 7 tables, 6 figures, 2013 9780804784542 Cloth $45.00  $36.00 sale

304 pp., 4 tables, 2014 9780804777322 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 9780804777315 Cloth $85.00  $68.00 sale



Modern Girls on the Go

Gender, Mobility, and Labor in Japan

Edited BY Alisa FReedMan, LauRa MilleR, and CHRistine R. YanO

“From shop girls to soccer players, these Edited BY GilBeRt ROZMan essays show women venturing out across “Invaluable to understanding how dyadic the decades, with the meaning of ‘modrelations across Northeast Asia are ern’ changing as the women themselves evolving and are likely to do so in the challenge the times in which they live. next decade or more.” Through these pages, one can see how —T. J. Pempel, Japan’s ‘modern girls’ of the historical University of California, Berkeley past still resonate in the present.”
—Glenda S. Roberts, Waseda University COPUBLIsHED wITH THE WOODROw WILsON CENTER PREss

Widening Gaps in East Asia and Chinese Demonization of the United States

National Identities and Bilateral Relations

Gender and Local Statebuilding, 1900–1937
EliZaBetH J. ReMicK

Regulating Prostitution in China

296 pp., 17 illustrations, 2013 9780804781145 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 9780804781138 Cloth $80.00  $64.00 sale

264 pp., 2013 9780804784764 Cloth $50.00  $40.00 sale

Making Tea, Making Japan

Cultural Nationalism in Practice
KRistin SuRaK

East Asian National Identities

“Making tea for a guest in Japan is a GilBeRt ROZMan highly encultured act, demanding much “The book is a very good overview of more than a pour of hot water over powdered tea. Kristin Surak has plumbed the issues related to national identity in Japan, South Korea, and China. The depths of the practice and demonstrated six-dimensional analysis offers a novel the enduring meanings of tea for Japaapproach to the study of national idennese performers of the craft.” tity, and the comparative study should –Merry White, Boston University be commended.”
272 pp., 2012 9780804778671 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 9780804778664 Cloth $85.00  $68.00 sale
—Gi-Wook Shin, Director, Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center COPUBLIsHED wITH THE WOODROw WILsON CENTER PREss

Common Roots and Chinese Exceptionalism

Regulating Prostitution in China examines how local states were shaped by the choices they made in regulating the local institution of prostitution. It begins by looking at the origins of prostitution regulation in Europe and how it spread from there to China via Tokyo. Elizabeth Remick then drills down into the different regulatory approaches of Guangzhou (revenue-intensive), Kunming (coercion-intensive), and Hangzhou (light regulation). In all three cases, there were distinct consequences and implications for statebuilding, some of which made governments bigger and wealthier, some of which weakened and undermined development. This study makes a strong case for why gender needs to be written into the story of statebuilding in China, even though women, generally barred from political life at that time in China, were not visible political actors.
288 pp., 2014 9780804788366 Cloth $45.00  $36.00 sale

256 pp., 2012 9780804781176 Cloth $50.00  $40.00 sale




The Descendants of Pak Tŏkhwa and the Birth of Modern Korea
EuGene Y. PaRK

A Family of No Prominence

Female Infanticide in NineteenthCentury China
MicHelle T. KinG

Between Birth and Death

What Remains

Coming to Terms with Civil War in 19th Century China

In this book Eugene Y. Park gives us a remarkable account of a nonelite family, that of Pak Tŏkhwa and his descendants (which includes the author). Spanning the early modern and modern eras over three centuries (1590–1945), this narrative of one family of the chungin class of people is a landmark achievement. What we do know of the chungin, or “middle people,” of Korea largely comes from profiles of wealthy, influential men, frequently cited as collaborators with Japanese imperialists, who went on to constitute the post-1945 South Korean elite. This book highlights many rank-and-file chungin who, despite being better educated than most Koreans, struggled to survive. We follow Pak Tŏkhwa’s descendents as they make inroads into politics, business, and culture. Yet many members’ refusal to link their family histories and surnames to royal forebears, as most other Koreans did, sets them apart, and facilitates for readers a meaningful discussion of identity, modernity, colonialism, memory, and historical agency.
264 pp., 15 figures, 2 tables, 3 maps, 2014 9780804788762 Cloth $60.00  $48.00 sale

Between Birth and Death locates a significant historical shift in the representation of female infanticide during the nineteenth century. It was during these years that the practice transformed from a moral and deeply local issue affecting communities into an emblematic cultural marker of a backwards Chinese civilization, requiring the scientific, religious, and political attention of the West. Using a wide array of Chinese, French and English primary sources, King takes readers on an unusual historical journey, presenting the varied perspectives of those concerned with the fate of an unwanted Chinese daughter: a late imperial Chinese mother in the immediate moments following birth, a male Chinese philanthropist dedicated to rectifying moral behavior in his community, Western Sinological experts preoccupied with determining the comparative prevalence of the practice, Catholic missionaries and schoolchildren intent on saving the souls of heathen Chinese children, and turn-of-the-century reformers grappling with the problem as a challenge for an emerging nation.
264 pp., 2014 9780804785983 Cloth $50.00  $40.00 sale

“Tobie Meyer-Fong’s pathbreaking study of the experience of war and its aftermath in 19th-century China is the rare kind of scholarship that resonates deeply not just on an intellectual level but on an emotional one as well.”
—Stephen R. Platt, author of Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom

336 pp., 11 illustrations, 2013 9780804792066 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 9780804754255 Cloth $40.00  $32.00 sale

The Politics of Culture in Beijing, 1770–1900
AndRea S. GOldMan

Opera and the City

“Goldman’s study of Peking opera is thorough, convincing, and fascinating. It will be required reading for scholars of Chinese theater, late imperial culture, Qing history, and gender studies. The scholarship is as good as it gets.”
—Catherine Swatek, University of British Columbia

now in paperb

386 pp., 22 figures, 1 map, 2012 9780804792059 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 9780804778312 Cloth $55.00  $44.00 sale



Essays on the Military History of the Sino-Japanese War of 1937–1945
Edited BY MaRK Peattie, EdwaRd DRea, and Hans Van de Ven

The Battle for China

Occupying Power

Sex Workers and Servicemen in Postwar Japan

Technology, Ideology, and Empire in Japan’s Wartime Era, 1931–1945
AaROn StepHen MOORe

Constructing East Asia

“A model of scholarship and tone, The Battle for China is a uniquely comprehensive overview of the military operations that shaped events in both China and Japan from 1937 to 1945.”
—Dennis Showalter, Colorado College

240 pp., 2 tables, 1 figure, 12 illustrations, 1 map, 2012 9780804788632 Paper $22.95  $18.36 sale 9780804776912 Cloth $50.00  $40.00 sale

“An expertly written and cogently argued study, singular in its skillful combining of intellectual, cultural, and politicoeconomic history.”
—Steven J. Ericson, Dartmouth College

664 pp., 11 illustrations, 14 maps, 2010 9780804792073 Paper $32.95  $26.36 sale 9780804762069 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale

Small Business, Everyday Culture, and Public Politics in Chengdu, 1900–1950
Di WanG

The Teahouse

328 pp., 2013 9780804785396 Cloth $55.00  $44.00 sale

The Question of India and the Transformation of Geopolitics in Qing China
MattHew W. MOsca

From Frontier Policy to Foreign Policy

“As I was reading this book, and drinking NiV HOResH a cup of tea, the visual, aural, and tactile 384 pp., 6 tables, 5 figures, 3 illustrations, 2013 elements of a Chengdu teahouse were 9780804787192 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale so vividly present in my mind that I felt quite refreshed.”
—David Strand, Dickinson College

Historic Junctures Between 600 BCE and 2012

Chinese Money in Global Context

Reconstructing Bodies

“Meticulously researched and compellingly presented, this book reads like a detective story. Where and what is the true India, and what does it mean for the Qing?”
—R. Kent Guy, University of Washington

376 pp., 4 tables, 12 figures, 21 illustrations, 4 maps, 2014 9780804791038 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 9780804758437 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale

Biomedicine, Health, and NationBuilding in South Korea Since 1945

JOHn P. DiMOia

408 pp., 3 maps, 2013 9780804782241 Cloth $60.00  $48.00 sale

296 pp., 5 photos, 1 map, 2013 9780804784115 Cloth $45.00  $36.00 sale

Public Space, Urban Commoners, and Local Politics, 1870–1930
Di WanG

Street Culture in Chengdu


376 pp., 59 illustrations, 5 maps, 2014 9780804791045 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 9780804747783 Cloth $30.95  $24.76 sale




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Patronage and Power

Local State Networks and PartyState Resilience in Rural China
Ben HillMan

Failed Democratization in Prewar Japan

Breakdown of a Hybrid Regime
HaRuKata TaKenaKa

Power and Patronage examines the unwritten rules and inner workings of contemporary China’s local politics and government. It exposes how these rules have helped to keep the oneParty state together during decades of tumultuous political, social, and economic change. While many observers of Chinese politics have recognized the importance of informal institutions, this book explains how informal local groups actually operate, paying special attention to the role of patronage networks in political decision-making, political competition, and official corruption. Although patronage networks are often seen as a parasite on the formal institutions of state, Hillman shows that patronage politics actually help China’s political system function. In a system characterized by fragmented authority, personal power relations, and bureaucratic indiscipline, patronage networks play a critical role in facilitating policy coordination and bureaucratic bargaining.
224 pp., 6 illustrations, 2014 9780804789363 Cloth $50.00  $40.00 sale

This book presents a compelling case study on change in political regimes through its exploration of Japan’s transition to democracy. Within a broad-ranging examination of Japan’s “semi-democratic” political system from 1918 to 1932, when political parties tended to dominate the government, the book analyzes in detail why this system collapsed in 1932 and discusses the implications of the failure. By reference to comparable cases— prewar Argentina, prewar Germany, postwar Brazil, and 1980s Thailand— Harukata Takenaka reveals that the factors responsible for the breakdown of the Taisho democracy in Japan replicated those that precipitated the collapse of democracy in Europe, Latin America, and elsewhere in Asia. While most literature on these transitions focuses on successful cases, Takenaka explores democratic failure to answer questions about how and why political parties and their leaders can behave in ways that undermine the democratic institutions that serve as the basis for their formal authority.

256 pp., 3 tables, 6 figures, 2014 9780804763417 Cloth $55.00  $44.00 sale



Nation and Family

Personal Law, Cultural Pluralism, and Gendered Citizenship in India
NaRendRa SuBRaManian

Regional Political Economies of Development
Sunila S. Kale

Electrifying India

Post-Imperial Ideology and Foreign Policy in India and China
ManjaRi CHatteRjee MilleR

Wronged by Empire

The distinct personal laws that govern the major religious groups are a major aspect of Indian multiculturalism and secularism, and support specific gendered rights in family life. Nation and Family is the most comprehensive study to date of the public discourses, processes of social mobilization, legislation and case law that formed India’s three major personal law systems, which govern Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. It for the first time systematically compares Indian experiences to those in a wide range of other countries that inherited personal laws specific to religious group, sect, or ethnic group. The book shows why India’s postcolonial policy-makers changed the personal laws they inherited less than the rulers of Turkey and Tunisia, but far more than those of Algeria, Syria and Lebanon, and increased women’s rights for the most part, contrary to the trend in Pakistan, Iran, Sudan and Nigeria since the 1970s.
400 pp., 7 tables, 1 figure, 2014 9780804788786 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale

Throughout the 20th century, electricity was considered to be the primary vehicle of modernity, as well as its quintessential symbol. In India, electrification was central to how early nationalists and planners conceptualized Indian development, and huge sums were spent on the project from then until now. Yet despite all this, sixty-five years after independence nearly 400 million Indians have no access to electricity. Electrifying India explores the political and historical puzzle of uneven development in India’s vital electricity sector. In some states, nearly all citizens have access to electricity, while in others fewer than half of households have reliable electricity. To help explain this variation, this book offers both a regional and a historical perspective on the politics of electrification of India as it unfolded in New Delhi and three Indian states: Maharashtra, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh.
264 pp., 16 tables, 4 maps, 2014 9780804787963 Cloth $45.00  $36.00 sale

Although India and China have very different experiences of colonialism, they respond to that history in a similar way—by treating it as a collective trauma. As a result they have a strong sense of victimization that affects their foreign policy decisions even today. Wronged by Empire breaks new ground by blending this historical phenomenon, colonialism, with mixed methods—including archival research, newspaper data mining, and a new statistical method of content analysis— to explain the foreign policy choices of India and China: two countries that are continuously discussed but very rarely rigorously compared. By reference to their colonial past, Manjari Chatterjee Miller explains their puzzling behavior today. For example, she demonstrates why in important cases (such as India going nuclear in 1998 or China’s fraught relationship with Japan) their foreign policy behavior is not consistent with the security explanations that are dominant in international relations.

192 pp., 2013 9780804786522 Cloth $40.00  $32.00 sale



New Challenges for Maturing Democracies in Korea and Taiwan
Edited BY LaRRY DiaMOnd and Gi-WOOK SHin

The Nexus of Economics, Security, and International Relations in East Asia
Edited BY AVeRY GOldstein and EdwaRd D. Mansfield

Asia in Comparative Context
Edited BY Miles KaHleR and AndRew MacIntYRe

Integrating Regions

Numerous works deal with political change in the two societies individually, but few adopt a comparative approach—and most focus mainly on the emergence of democracy or the politics of the democratization processes. This book, utilizing a broad, interdisciplinary approach, pays careful attention to post-democratization phenomena and the key issues that arise in maturing democracies. What emerges is a picture of two evolving democracies, now secure, but still imperfect and at times disappointing to their citizens—a common feature and challenge of democratic maturation. The book demonstrates that it will fall to the elected political leaders of these two countries to rise above narrow and immediate party interests to mobilize consensus and craft policies that will guide the structural adaptation and reinvigoration of the society and economy in an era that clearly presents for both countries not only steep challenges but also new opportunities.

“This is a first-rate volume with distinguished contributors writing on an important subject.”
—Robert Ross, Boston College

“This book is a persuasive and powerful reply to Eurocentrism in the analysis of international regionalism.”
—Peter J. Katzenstein, Cornell University

288 pp., 2012 9780804782746 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale 9780804782739 Cloth $100.00  $80.00 sale

336 pp., 17 tables, 2 figures, 2013 9780804783644 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale

The Making of the Pakistani Bomb

Eating Grass

China, the United States, and Power Balancing in East Asia
SteVe CHan

Looking for Balance

“A tour de force—masterful, meticulously researched. Feroz Khan combines insights from Pakistani insiders and declassified U.S. sources to tell the most authoritative story of Pakistan’s 50-year pursuit of the bomb and, with it, international respect.”
—Siegfried S Hecker, Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University, and Director Emeritus, Los Alamos National Laboratory

“Compellingly argues for serious change in prevalent American foreign policy thinking about power dynamics in world affairs, and thus for how to deal with China and East Asia. It should cool the zealots for additional U.S. pursuit of military dominance in distant regions.”
—Davis B. Bobrow, University of Pittsburgh STUDIEs IN AsIaN SECURITY

552 pp., 2012 9780804776011 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale 9780804776004 Cloth $105.00  $84.00 sale

304 pp., 3 tables, 2012 9780804788601 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale 9780804778206 Cloth $50.00  $40.00 sale

408 pp., 2014 9780804789189 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale 9780804787437 Cloth $90.00  $72.00 sale



Anticipation and the Ends of Literature in Contemporary China
PaOla IOVene

Tales of Futures Past

Form, Race, and Subjectivity in Contemporary Asian American Poetry

Thinking Its Presence

Resurrecting Regional Identity Through the Life and Work of Yi Sihang (1672–1736)

Voice from the North

Most studies of Chinese literature conflate the category of the future with notions of progress and nation building, and with the utopian visions broadcast by the Maoist and post-Mao developmental state. The future is thus understood as a preconceived endpoint that is propagated, at times even imposed, by a center of power. By contrast, Tales of Futures Past introduces “anticipation”—the expectations that permeate life as it unfolds—as a lens through which to reexamine the textual, institutional, and experiential aspects of Chinese literary culture from the 1950s to 2011. In doing so, Paola Iovene connects the emergence of new literary genres with changing visions of the future in contemporary China. Far-ranging in its chronological scope and impressive in its interdisciplinary approach, this book rethinks the legacies of socialism in postsocialist Chinese literary modernity.
264 pp., 5 figures, 2014 9780804789370 Cloth $45.00  $36.00 sale

When will American poetry and poetics stop viewing poetry by racialized persons as a secondary subject within the field? Dorothy J. Wang makes an impassioned case that now is the time. Thinking Its Presence calls for a radical rethinking of how American poetry is being read today, offering its own reading as a roadmap. While focusing on the work of five contemporary Asian American poets— Li-Young Lee, Marilyn Chin, John Yau, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, and Pamela Lu—the book contends that aesthetic forms are inseparable from social, political, and historical contexts in the writing and reception of all poetry. Wang questions the tendency of critics and academics alike to occlude the role of race in their discussions of the American poetic tradition and casts a harsh light on the double standard they apply in reading poems by poets who are racial minorities.

Voice from the North resurrects the forgotten historical memory of the people and region in late Chosŏn Korea while also enriching the social history of the country. Sun Joo Kim accomplishes this by examining the life and work of Yi Sihang, a historically obscure person from a hinterland in Korea’s northwestern region who was also a member of the literati. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Yi Sihang left numerous writings on his region’s history and culture, and on the political and social discrimination that he and others in his region faced from the central elite. The biographical format of this work engages readers in the investigation of a person’s life within the changing world of his time and also creates a space where private and public intersect. Kim places Yi Sihang at the center of the historical stage while describing, analyzing, and reconstructing the world around him through his life story.
264 pp., 4 tables, 3 figures, 9 illustrations, 3 maps, 2013 9780804783811 Cloth $50.00  $40.00 sale

416 pp., 2013 9780804783651 Cloth $50.00  $40.00 sale




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