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Business Environment Case Study

Business Environment Case Study

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Published by: radha44 on Oct 26, 2009
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Remains of a dream

Presented by:
 Nagendra Prasad.  Amarjeet Kumar.  Jitendra Kr. Jha.  Abhiskek Kumar.  Arun Kr. Pandey.  Neha Kumar.  Surendra Prasad Mahto.  Radha Kumari.


India, national politics still overrule the fate of the entrepreneurs.”

• The real story of an NRI, working in Germany. • Opportunity to set a chemical unit at Basti

(Uttar Pradesh).
• Many promises by govt. for facilities to NRI‘s.

Introduction contd..

Reality was different from his perception.

Irresponsible role of
  

UPSIDC-:working at slow pace. UPFC –: non practical approach . UPSEB-: working aimlessly without assessing facts.

Introduction contd..
 All the hurdles resulted in disaster of the

entrepreneur for no fault of him.
Led to insolvency of the entrepreneur.


Environmental factors in context of the case ‘Analysis’
Political-:priority changes with the change in the

ruling party. Legal-:strict law and order left no options for the entrepreneur else to file for insolvency. Economic-: It was not favorable enough to support new entrepreneur. Government-: no proper framework made in order to support the interest of new entrepreneurs.

Responsible ones
Government. UPSEB. UPSIDC. UPFC. Banks. The owner himself.

Wrong assurance
Diluting political image of the nation. Spoiling name of the ruling government. Creating problems for entrepreneurs. Distracting the investors. Blocking national resources. Hurdle for national growth.

legislation ‘problems likely to be solved’

Increase confidence of entrepreneurs. Safety for entrepreneurs. Increase awareness and carefulness on

part of the government about their work.

‘problems likely to be solved’ contd..
Increase public involvement –good for the society. Attract foreign players and investments. Would promote solving infrastructure problems of the


legislation ‘problems likely to be created’

Promoting unethical & illegal activities. Fade competitive environment. Hamper economic growth.

Lessons for-:Entrepreneur
Proper environmental analysis is necessary

for success. Always refer for past records before any work. Help of KPO’s is good means for information. Familiarize himself with the laws.

Lessons for-:Government
It should be more involved in such ventures. Bring proper legislations in interest of

entrepreneurs. Should handle corporations with increased carefulness. Priority should not change according to preference.

Lessons for-:Promotional agencies
Agencies should present any information only

after being sure about its truthfulness.
They should put forward both aspects while

inviting investors.

Before undertaking any project an entrepreneur

must make proper investigation regarding his investments.
Government priority should not change with end of

their tenure.
A commission should be established to check that

proper co-ordination is maintained.

Proper agreement should be done between

government and entrepreneur.
Seek information from KPOs before initiating any

Entrepreneur should come up with alternative plans

immediately in case of any discrepancies.

Cherunilam,F.(2006) Business Environment

Text and Cases, Mrs.Meena Pandey, Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai. www.google.com www.1000ventures.com


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