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This Blog is all about the Supernatural powers which are still not been identified by the Science and technology.Let Unseen Rajasthan make you aware about the Ancient black magic and supernatural powers of India.If you have any query or problem regarding Black Magic or God just write me back on my mail Id and i would love to assist you.I do it for the satisfaction of my ownself and to help the person in need.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Black Magic-Myths,Symptoms,Remedies & Information.

Shri Ram, Daily i receive many mails asking me about the remedies and symptoms of Black Magic and in most of the cases actually there is no Black Magic.Just to clear the doubts of readers and people in problem , today i am sharing something about Black Magic , its symptoms and some remedies too.Hope it would be beneficial to you in some or other way. Meaning of Black Magic: Black Magic is a kind of Negative Energy which enters the Human Body and disrupts the proper working system of Human Mind and Soul.As per the Indian Spirituality it is an external power that enters the human body and creates issues but both at the end admit the same stuff.It is known as Black Magic because this energy is transmitted to another person without the permission.Black Magic not only spoils the life of a person but also leaves a big impact on the

life of a person who is involved in this activity.This is against the Indian Mythology and has not been supported but due to personal benefits and jealous feeling people do it and this is how they are more in pain. Who is a Tantrik? : This activity is performed by a specific person known as "Tantrik". Tantrik is supposed to be the master of this particular activity and in reality he forces the evil souls to work for him.Tantrik is a person who perform activities which are not in benefit of the World.He is a person who actually accumulates negative energy and utilizes it for inhuman works.Tantrik is the only person who can actually see the Ghosts and Souls.He has a very hard life.Tantrik is very short aged and restless.Tantrik's do all these kind of activities for money. They cannot remove the problem permanently but they just put your bundle of problems on someone and in return gets a weired life ofcourse money is also there. How Tantrik Works? : Tantriks have the Evil Souls ready for them to work which are already controlled by them in a forceful manner.The Tantrik invites the Soul on a specific duration and offers it sweet, alcohol and flesh and later gives it some thing related to the human being on whom Black Magic has to be done.It may be piece of cloth that person wears, hair, teeth or any thing that is being in touch with the body of the victim.The Tantrik takes promise from the Evil Spirit that in any of the case it will not share details of Tantrik with any one and will do the task no matter what so ever happens.The Evil Soul then promises the Tantrik to do the activity and then whatever Tantrik says it has to do.It may be about making the victim Insane or even kill or may be make him seriously ill.Later on Soul confirms the same to the Tantrik and his work is over. Symptoms of Black Magic: 1) Victim would like to be aloof and alone always. 2) Will be annoyed and irritated always. 3) Nails will turn black. 4) Shoulders and head pain will be regular. 5) Smell of Scent will come. 6) Victim would hate to take bath. 7) Will talk to ownself. 8) Eyes will be red. 9) Victim will not feel hungry. 10) Unnatural movement of body parts like stretching fingers continuously or will bite the nails every time. 11) Tulsi plant at home will burn suddenly and will not grow by the time effect is there at home. These are the major symptoms which can give you an overview about Black Magic Victim.If first Four points are present that means that person is surely effected by Black Magic or else not. Remedies of Black Magic:

The remedies that i am sharing are 100 % effective and will surely benefit you in case you are effected. 1) Starting from any Monday take "Bilva Patra" leaves , put it on Shiv Linga in the temple and while pouring water chant Maha Mrityuanjaya Mantra for just 9 times.In case if you can do 108 it would be highly effective.Just in 7 days time Black Magic will pass away and will never touch you again. 2)Chanting Gayatri Mantra 108 times during the Sunset will keep you away of Black Magic Always. 3) Chanting the Mantra " Om Ham Hanumate Rudratamakaye Hum Fat" in morning after bath in front of Lord Hanuman with a Dipak of Chameli oil is highly suggested to keep you safe from Black Magic. 4)Burning the gugal dhoop over cow dung will remove the black magic effects and the person will become normal.You have to chant the Gayatri mantra also in front of the person who is effected and the negative Soul will run away with immediate effect. 5) Reading Hanuman Asthak is a tool to protect you from Black Magic and Magicians. Black Magic is not permanent, it has a specific time duration and after that it vanishes on its own.A person needs to be courageous and spiritual and trust me Black Magic will never be able to come near you. I have been in contact with many Saints,priests,tantrik's and Aghoris and many out of them are masters in their field but i never got scared just because i believed in my God.So trust your Kul Devta or Devi and worship them from your true heart and these ill effects will never hamper you.

This is what i wanted to share with you all today.I Hope it will resolve your most of the queries.In case someone wishes to know more do contact me on my E mail i.e.

Posted by Unseen Rajasthan at 1:17 PM Labels: Black Magic, effects of black magic, Remedies of Black Magic, removal of black magic, Symptoms of black magic, Tantra, Tantrik 2 comments: 1.

IrinaMay 29, 2011 03:11 AM Great to see you are back on permanent(?) basis. I want to thank you for this article, I learned about Gayatri mantra here and tried it. It felt so good. Now I go to read your next post. ReplyDelete

2. AnonymousFeb 20, 2012 11:50 PM ty for telling .one must stick to his/her religion, read holy book , nd try to take bath stay clean. read nd stay normal. ReplyDelete Add comment Load more... I Would love to have you feedback.In case of any queries feel free to E-Mail me on Links to this post Create a Link Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)

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