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OB HESI 1. woman had variable deceleration. What is nursing action? Turn her on her side 2.

parents asking nurse why heel stick is important for baby ? It is routine exam to check for metabolic deficiency 3. patient was on drug; what is side effect? Rapid abdominal girth 4. drug calc: magnesium sulfate, convert from mL to units. 240 mg. a. Answer: 5. herpes 2 baby: put baby in isolation room 6. Coke baby: mother was diagnosed with Coke. Baby is irritable, cries a lot. What do you do? Initiate seizure precaution. 7. Woman on Pitocin suddenly has problems and has variable decelerations. What do you do? Turn off Pitocin, decrease Pitocin, 8. Mom wants to know what substance to use when changing babys diaper. Clean water, baby lotion, talcum powder 9. Womans hematocrit (values) and hemoglobin (value) levels are abnormal but she says shes been eating green veggies. She wants to know how pregnancy effects these lab values. The nurse says: plasma volume affects 10. Mom has mastitis. She is on antibiotics. Nurse advises patient to: Initially breastfeed on the unaffected breast 11. New mother states her nipples are tender after breastfeeding for 2 days: assess position of infant while breastfeeding 12. Mom unsure about being a good parent: determine support from family, friends 13. Mother is breastfeeding and wants to know what contraceptive to use: condoms and diaphragm with spermicide 14. Mother has diaphragm after birth. She wants to know if she should get a new one or keep it? Use alternative contraceptives until she can obtain a new one 15. Nurse discovers postpartum client has a boggy uterus and is on left side. Encourage patient to void 16. Mother is given Atropine. What to look out for? Increased pulse and dry oral membranes/secretions 17. If mother has DM type 1, what do you expect for fetal complications? Hypoglycemia 18. I forgot the question but the answer is: start IV of lactated ringers at 200 mL/hr 19. Pt has history of heart damage. She has the potential to have heart failure. What is her nursing diagnosis? fluid volume excess.