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Students- This is a part of your Trimester DEP information that will be looked over by your parents, teachers, and administration in your ePortfolio. This is an opportunity for you to self-reflect on your academic progress and to evaluate how you are being prepared in relation to our academy pillars.

Student Name: Amarah Anwar Grade Level: 8th Trimester: 2nd


Academic Accomplishments and Challenges (1-2 per academic subject in sentence format. Can be a bullet list). ~ Tile Mosaic ~ Grease ~ Project Linus ~ Survival Unit ~ A Place Called School ~ Parabola Unit ~ Absolute Value ~ Graphing ~ Basketball ~ Softball/Baseball ~ Rockclimbing ~ Newtons 3 Laws of Motion (RSA video) ~ Acidification ~ Science Fair ~ Horrors of Slavery ~ Current Events ~ The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ~ Design A School ~ Ocean Acidification Infographic/Carbon Cycle ~ Photoshop


Language Arts




Social Studies


Leading Edge Academy Pillars are: Building Partnerships/Shared Leadership, Using Critical Thinking/Innovative Problem Solving, Demonstrating Technological Savvy, Appreciating Cultural Diversity, and Thinking Globally . Please write below how you think your work connected to some or all of these this trimester? Building Partnerships/Shared Leadership: I worked with others in all my classes in the


second trimester. At times when my group was starting to get off task I took leadership to get everything organized again/back to normal again. Using Critical Thinking/Innovative Problem Solving: I thought critically on every unit in all my class to get to learn about the main focus and connect it with other things. Demonstrating Technological Savvy: I used tech savvy when I used the computer for alsmost all the projects. When I was tech savvy I either research, figure more about a certain topic, type documents and create presentations. Sometimes I multitasked as well. Appreciating Cultural Diversity: I appreciated cultural diversity when I learned about the Horrors of Slavery and learned that the Africans were treated different just because of their color. Thinking Globally: I thought globally when I related with what we did in classes to the outside world. I got to connect things from the Horrors of Slavery to how it still exists in the modern world today. GOALS: After looking over your information above, please set two goals for yourself. One must be academic and one should be based on the pillars. Explain how you will try to reach these goals. Goal 1: Pass portfolio with honors, I hope to reach this by making my portfolio site amazing and practicing public speaking in all my classes in front of my peers. Goal 2: Continuing relating to the pillars after middle school, I hope to reach this by making them part of my daily life in the future as they already are now. Goal 3: Have success in my future life as I did here and keep my academic grades up.