Drawing of Enyzme Graphs Enzymes

Y axis: Dependent variable (measured, results) Examples: Rate of rxn, amount of product formed

X axis: Independent variable (controlled by experimenter)/ Time Examples: pH, substrate conc, temp

Drawing of Enzyme Graphs
• Use pencil and ruler to draw axes • Use small crosses to mark points on graph • Mark off intervals on axes to indicate scale, must be suitable scale • X and Y axis must be labelled (eg.Time, Amount of product formed) • Units must be added after label of axis (eg. Time/s or Rate of reaction/g per s) • Enzyme graphs have a trend: Join points with a smooth curve (use curve rule if necessary)

Interpreting graphs
• Check graph axes • Common graphs include:
– Amt of product formed or amount of substrate used against Time (Refer to graph on Pg 12 of notes to revise) – Rate of reaction against Temp, pH, Conc of substrate

Inactivation: Only at very low temperatures. Low rate of reaction due to low KE, reversible process

Rate of reaction against Temp

Rate of reaction against pH
Denaturation: Due to change in pH beyond optimum. Reversible with small changes, irreversible with larger changes in pH

Denaturation: Increase in % of denatured enzyme with increasing temp beyond optimum temperature, irreversible process


Increasing enz conc: Increase in collisions between enz & substrate, reaction rate increases

Rate of reaction against substrate conc

Other principles to note
• A reaction produces a fixed amount of product, depending on the amount of substrate used.

Saturation Point: Enzymes saturated, working at maximum rate

– Same amount of substrate used produces same amount of product when reaction reaches completion. – Halving the substrate used produces half the amount of product, and so on and so forth.

Other principles to note
• Must quote data from graph in your answer, eg:
– When does curve plateau, how much product formed

• Must use dotted lines to show how you obtain values from graphs, eg, when reading off the graph to obtain optimum pH of enzyme


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