Network Printer

How to Connect to a Network Printer

Our campus has many network printers that have the ability to print more pages per minute, more support for different paper size and better print quality. This guide will show you how to connect to a network printer. 1. Locate the network printer in your department / office. 2. On the side or top of the printer, it should have a white sticker / sign with an IP address printed on. If your printer does not have it, you can print the IP information by doing the following: a) Find the MENU button on the printer and press it once b) Find the ITEM button and press it twice (print configuration menu) c) Find the SELECT button and press it once (print IP information) 3. Write down IP address or have it ready for installation 4. From your desktop, click on the Start button 5. Click on Settings and then choose Printers and Faxes

6. The listing of the printers should appear. Click on Add a Printer


Click Next on the Welcome to the Add Printer Wizard

8. Click on the Local printer radio button and uncheck the automatically detect radio button. Click Next.

9. Select the Create a new port radio button and choose the Standard TCP/IP Port from the Type of port drop down menu. Click Next.

10. Click Next on the TCP/IP Printer port wizard screen

11. Type in the printer IP address and click Next

12. Click Finish on the next screen

13. Next choose the printer manufacturer from the left hand column and then choose the specific model of printer from the right hand column. Then click Next

14. You can name the printer anything you like or take the default name. If you want this printer to be your default printer select Yes

15. Select Do not share this printer and click Next

16. Click Yes when it asks to print a test page, this way you can verify that the printer is setup correctly. Then click Next

17. Click Finish to complete the installation

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