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Title of Lesson: Friendship YOU TEACH Source: My group





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Teacher:Madison Kenworthy Day:Thursday Letter of the Week: L

Group: C Theme: Friendship

Period: 4


Standards / Key Experiences being taught: Remember to give Numerals and Letters

1. IVG1: Emergent writing shows motivation to engage in written expression. 2. IVG3: Emergent writing demonstrates age-appropiate ability to write letters.
Objective (What will the children accomplish and how will they accomplish this goal?): The children will

The children will draw on piece of paper with markers and crayons they will write their name on the piece of paper.
Materials (ALL materials, including materials you prep/make ahead of time):

Assorted colors of construction paper cut into strips (20) crayons and markers for them to decorate also staples at each table.
Introduction (What will I say and/or do to introduce the lesson and get the children engaged?):

Talk about what friends are and things friends do for eachother ( sharing, talking, playing nicely, cooperating) then explain that we are going make a friendship chain and show them my sample.

Procedure (What steps will I take to explain and perform the lesson?): At least 8 10 thorough steps

1. Let them come to the tables and do my introduction. 2. Give eachchild a piece of the chain. 3. Explain vocab word "chain" 4. A chain is something that links more items together in a long line. 5. Let them decorate and write if they can something a friend does. 6. Let them color and write their name on it. 7. Staple the ends after all the groups have gone. 8. Connect all the tables chains together. 9. Ask openended question 10. Wait to transation to next table.

Open-Ended Question (What question(s) will I ask to encourage language?): NOT yes/no or one word

Can you name something a friend does for you?

Vocabulary (What new word(s) will I teach to promote language?):

Chain- something that links more items together in a long line.

Closure/Review and Transition (How will I review the skills and transition to the next activity):

Will ask my openended question and let all the children answer and then wait for transation to next table.

Total Points

Spelling and Grammar Points: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Lesson turned in on time: yes

no (minus ten points)

Lesson plan prepped:


no (minus ten points)

Teaching Week Evaluation (60 points) Day(s) I am teaching T W` My other duties include LT: lead teacher Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


F N/A LA: lead assistant LA M LA M LA M LA M


A: assistant

Teaching Evaluation
Lesson practiced/ sample prepared, materials ready Engaging introduction Gave clear directions Was a team player / cooperative. Modeled leadership and initiative Sufficient review/closure Manages transitions Non lead teachers will receive 60 evaluation points, 15 per day, for being present, dressing appropriately, being helpful, taking initiative and interacting with the children.

Taught concepts, key Effective guidance skills experiences or standards Interacted and helped Followed time schedule children Showed interest in children; Fulfilled responsibility in cleaning enthusiastic up Asked open-ended questions; Utilized constructive criticism, introduced vocabulary from teacher and peers 4=Very Good 3= Satisfactory 2=Adequate 1= Needs Improvement 0=Not shown / poor Comments:

____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Followed dress code? __________________________________________________________________________ Post Teaching Self Reflection (40 points) DUE THURSDAY, THE WEEK AFTER YOU TEACH
Describe your lesson. Include the objectives or standards that you wanted to teach during your lesson. Be specific and provide examples. (Non teachers, describe the lessons you helped with throughout the week. What skills do you think were involved?)

Describe what you learned during your lesson. This can be about the children, about the planning process, about working with others, etc. What did the children gain or learn from your lesson? (Non teachers, also describe what you learned about any of the listed topics.)

Tell how you felt your lesson went. How can you tell if your objectives or standards were met by the children? Why do you feel that way? What can you improve for next time? (Non teachers, tell how you feel the entire week went. Explain areas that your group did well, and areas where improvement is needed).