BACKGROUND Unilever is an Anglo-Dutch company, with a history of colonial exploitation, on which it has gradually built its capital

. Today it owns most of the world's consumer product brands in food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Unilever employs more than 247,000people and had worldwide revenue of €48760 million in 2002. Unilever has two parent companies: Unilever NV in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Unilever PLC in London, United Kingdom. This arrangement is similar to that of Reed Elsevier and that of Royal Dutch Shell prior to their unified structure. Both Unilever companies have the same directors and effectively operate as a single business. The current non-executive Chairman of UnileverN.V. and PLC is Antony Burgmans, while Patrick Cescau is Group Chief Executive. Unilever's major competitors include Nestlé and Procter & Gamble.

Unilever Bangladesh Ltd Unilever Bangladesh Ltd is one of the world’s most successful fast moving consumer goods manufacturing companies with local manufacturing facilities, reporting to regional business groups for innovation and business results. Lever Brothers Bangladesh Ltd. as a subsidiary of Unilever is leading the home care, personal care and food product market of Bangladesh. On 25th February 1964 the eastern plant of Lever Brothers Pakistan Ltd. was inaugurated at Kalurghat, Chittagong with a soap production capacity of approximately 485 metric tons. It was a private limited company with 55% share held by Unilever and the rest by the Government of Pakistan. After independence the eastern plant was declared abandoned. But on 5th July 1973 it was registered under the name of Lever Brothers Bangladesh Ltd. as a joint venture company of Unilever PLC and the Govt. of Bangladesh with a share arrangement of 60.75% to Unilever and 39.25% to the Bangladesh Govt. Unilever brands are trusted everywhere and, by listening to the people who buy them, they've grown into one of the world's most successful consumer goods companies. In fact, 150million times a day, someone somewhere chooses a Unilever product.UBL have a portfolio of brands that are popular across the globe - as well as regional products and local varieties of famous-name goods. This diversity comes from two of their key strengths: Strong roots in local markets and first-hand knowledge of the local culture. World class business expertise applied internationally to serve consumers everywhere.

Introduction of DOVE Dove is a very well known brand which works under Unilever’s head name. It began its workings in 1957 by launching a personal cleansing bar. Later on they developed a new cleanser for burned or effected skins by using the old formula and it was the time during World War II, when such cases usually appeared. At that time it was a very innovative concept that a non-soap cleanser is available which allows users to get rid of skin dirt without using the soap again and again. In 1970 a dermatology study recognized the efforts of Dove in this regard and at that time they started gaining popularity among beauty brands. And nowadays it is being considered as the World’s top brand in cleansing products and a lot of research has been done on its product innovation and marketing strategies.

Mission /Vision Dove brand has its mission and vision as follows: “Dove is committed to helping all women realize their personal beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care. Dove believes that beauty should be for everyone, because when you look and feel your best, you feel better about yourself.” “Dove says it continues to provide products that make a genuine difference to the condition and feel of your skin and hair.” And in doing so it assists in accomplishing its mission of increasing women’s description of beauty to incorporate all ages, body shapes and all sizes, making them realize that beauty is not only related to their looks.

Statement of the Marketing Goal Marketing strategies may be designed in several different ways or through several different channels but when it comes to brand like Dove; they make it after proper planning. The basic statement of Marketing Goal of Dove is as follows: “Dove wants to target all ages, shapes, and sizes of women to let them believe through the use of their products that beauty doesn’t depend on these factors, rather beauty lies in you. Dove tries to help all women through its marketing tactics to believe the real beauty present in them.” This reflects in all their marketing campaigns whether, it’s an ad, or any other marketing campaign.

and creating a new plan for waste management (Unilever Eco-Friendly). both Dove and its competitors should remain aware of the potential impacts that these issues could have on their brands. Political/Legal Political and legal factors have huge impact on the business for develop new strategies. market position. which includes Political. It includes:         Political stability TAX Regulation Trade Regulation Employment Laws Environment Laws Health and safety laws Employment laws Consumer laws Both Unilever and Dove are subject to comply with the guidelines and regulations that are set forth by the government agencies. these new goals set by the Administration could ultimately affect where and how Unilever and Dove’s products are distributed. Essentially. For external influences. These regulations span from the ingredients in the products themselves to the manufacturing of the product packaging and distribution methods. There is also a strong push for large global corporations to reform their manufacturing processes to include more eco-friendly processes in order to decrease the overall affect these companies are making on the environment. its costs. These factors can affect. With Unilever’s global manufacturing and distribution plants. decreasing water consumption levels. especially the US Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission. this breaks down the overall environment in which Dove exists. With the United States government turning its focus towards bringing manufacturing back within domestic borders of country. we used a PEST analysis. Economic. this could create a huge shift in where products for large corporations are being made. Unilever is currently modifying their manufacturing processes by reducing the CO2 emissions. . and the demand for its products. how company operates. two dimensions are included: Internal influences and External influences. and Technological Factors that affect Dove.DOVE SHAMPOO in USA PESTEL ANALYSIS When sorting components. Internal influences are determined and controlled by Dove. While these trends may not directly affect the campaign plan directly. like image. Social. company culture and strength. External influences are factors that cannot be controlled but are still very important in evaluating the communications plan.

bulimia. With the new push of becoming eco and animal friendly. many companies are finding alternative ways to test the effects of their products before consumer use. many women suffer from self-image disorders including but not limited to anorexia. there have been recent trends that have urged consumers to think about the affect they have on the environment around them. In Western society. the European Union has decided to ban the use of cosmetic animal testing as well as the import of any cosmetic product that has been tested on animals (EU). One issue that has surfaced affecting the body and beauty care industry is the issue of product testing on animals. Both women and men spend a significant amount of time and money focusing on their physical appearance and how they present themselves to others around them.In today’s society. Because of these distorted images. social phobia and anxiety disorders. With the recent efforts of Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop. there are certain social pressures that put stress on people to uphold a certain physical appearance. still participate in animal testing procedures. body dysmorphic disorder. As part of their Plan for Sustainable Living. In recent news. This includes:     Life style Age Religion Education Dove has recently addressed certain social issues that are especially prominent among women including the issues of beauty and body image. Medical specialists believe that . women of all ages (but especially young adults and pre-teens) admit to having a distorted image of what “real beauty” is by comparing themselves to models found in various media outlets (Lain). Unilever has addressed the issue of animal testing and is currently considering non-animal testing approaches (Developing Alternatives). this new European ban could affect potential sales in these European nations. these problems are also faced by men. While many brands. Until a new method of product testing is chosen however. There has also been recent discussion from various medical specialists and lawmakers on the use of Photoshop and digital enhancement in the creation of advertisements and how these “unrealistic” images are affecting the consumers who follow these brands (Davis). Advertisers have been criticized for attempting to create a standard of what women should look like and what they believe consumers will find appealing. Although women are usually the focus of body image issues. Social & Cultural Environment Social factors include the cultural aspects and its influences vary region to region. including Dove. there have been many attempts to create products and services that are made with the wellbeing of not only the consumer but the environment in mind.

Right in the 1930's Unilever continue to diversify. 6000 plus R&D professional came together in one unified organisation. Through Unilever’s “Global Reach with Local Roots: Creating a Gender-Balanced Workforce in Different Cultural Contexts. With their recent efforts to maintain a balance of gender in the workforce. Technological Technology is necessary for the success for competitive advantage and is provide power to globalisation. women are striving to have a similar body image in order to comply with the standards of beauty set forth by these ads. In 2008 Unilever appointed first chief research and development officer. Dove has recently addressed this issue and has encouraged their consumers to engage in a global conversation regarding these topics. Males have admitted to wanting to look “stronger and more masculine” and do not want to risk looking too sensitive. Unilever has strived to incorporate a more gender based and culturally diverse workforce around their global offices. ultimately resembling the men who are glorified through advertising (Ricciardelli). believing that powerful vitality based innovations are crucial to delivering sustainable growth. By featuring ads that glorify the idealistic woman with slim and slender body type. men also have admitted to feeling the social pressures to look like the ideal male model portrayed through the media. This includes:    R&D Activity Informational Technology New machines Technology plays a vital role in company history.” they are striving to offer women positions that they can feel they have the opportunity to reach their full potential in the workplace (Unilever Wins). Unilever has also recently embraced the issue of gender issues in the workforce. Unilever is global leader in research and development. Company spent 927 million Euros on R&D worldwide. We feel that these are important issues that should be reflected in the use of our creative strategies. Business continue to boom in 1950's with new technology being invented to boast production and improve quality. Although these issues are primarily focused towards women.these false images have a negative effect on the perceptions of young girls and how they come to understand their own body image. . we aim to consider the emotional and social needs of our consumers in our campaign efforts. By exploring potential social factors that could influence the success of our campaign. And company also have five laboratories around the world that explore new thinking and techniques to help develop our products.

63% reduction in water 1995-2008. . And Unilever are working towards it.Environmental Growing awareness about climate change is affecting companies very hardly and it can be create new markets or destroy existing markets. In 2008 we piloted a way to measure our product categories against four indicators covering water waste. People like to buy the products which will not be harmful for environment. It includes:    Climate change Diseases Weather Now a day's climate change is big issue for companies. Companies are not doing new investments but doing redundancies that is why consumer markets are shrinking and peoples are losing their purchasing power. sustainable sourcing and green house gas emission. This data will inform future development and innovation across our categories. This includes:     Economic Downturn Interest rates Exchange rate Inflation rate USA is first largest economy in the world and third largest economy in Europe. Sustainability is a business issue. P&G is major competitor in the Europe. Unilever depends on the natural environment for supplies of raw materials and water. And also there are so many discounters in the European market resulting from EU free trade policy. During the recession time USA is in its worse time.    39% reduction in CO2 from energy 1995-2008. It has very bad impact on Unilever profitability. 68 % reduction in total wastage 1995-2008. ECONOMIC ENVIROMENT Economic factor has major impact on how business operate and make decisions in the future. Unilever market is becoming highly competitive especially in Europe.

up 2% from 2010. Currently. bath.9 billion in sales in estimated 2011. the economy has been one of the primary market factors that influences consumers buying habits. with $1. growing the private label by 12. Within the past few years. The results have shown to be both positive and negative for Dove. Since unemployment is still at a high (8. .3%).” The U. Private label body wash sales were 54. according to the database. Non-deodorant soap fall behind body wash in in the market in 2011 with sales at $1. The slow economic rebound has made the growth the body wash market to grow slower than expected. a decline of 8. Body washes have steadily usurped bar soaps in recent years. the financial crisis of 2008 and its repercussions has greatly affected the average consumer’s purchasing decisions. market for soap.Recently. Body wash is the leading segment in the market. and shower products experienced only 2.7% over 2010 sales of $380 million. Even with the slow economic recovery. cleansing. According to Mintel liquid body wash is increasingly challenging the use of bar soap.2 billion.3 million in 2011.S. especially because it provides the multiple benefits of fragrance. This increase in sales shows that consumers are opting to buy cheaper. and moisturization in one convenient bottle. due to the convenient nature of the products and the extra benefits. The product category of lotions and other body care products overall have decreased. Deodorant bar soap sold only $347 million. more affordable private labels and store brand products because they feel that their quality is equal to national brands. sales are still expected to grow between now and 2016 as the economy continues to rebound.5% in 2010. such as scent and moisturization that body washes provide .1% growth in estimated 2011 after declining 1. private labels and store brand body washes have made an impact on the market and may affect the sales of other brands in the market.2% . Body wash currently leads the market in the category of “shower products. consumers are spending less on body products and making their existing products last longer.

The S. based on the mutually exclusive approach/guideline. Strengths: The basic strength of the promotional strategies of Dove and the brand is the unconventional strategies of advertising used by them to let the women know how well the Brand cares for them.W.O.T. Each piece of data . According to the market. please refer to the S. evaluating it. Weaknesses. chart provided.O. Several campaigns have been used by Dove to market itself which will later be disused is heir marketing communication categorized into the appropriate category.known as a component .5 billion. To see the final chart version of the evaluation. It is a guide for strategic planning.W. The soap itself revealed how much possible it really was to have a new look and the addition of personal touch made the brand stronger in its appeal. the Niche of Dove has an estimated value of $0.9 billion and the market size of Dove is $2. Analysis begins with collecting data.T. competitor evaluation. Dove has made use of Niche Marketing strategy to win over the masses. we used a mutually exclusive and exhaustive categorization method. each component is only allowed to be placed in one category. Analysis is a data organization and reduction tool used to organize and evaluate the marketing strategy for Dove. and sorting each piece of data into Strengths. and the design of our advertising communications campaign.W. In order to prioritize the data.SWOT ANALYSIS The S.O.T. chart provided below is divided into four separate (but equally important) sections.T. product development. Opportunities and Threats. Additionally. They kept giving their campaign a new and a better look and ensured that they kept the hearts and minds of women tied to Dove and hence created a wide range of loyal customers. This S.O. Another positivity of the brand was their free publicity and excellent drive for advertisements. The target market of Dove has already been discussed and explained in detail that they target women and want to beautify them. .W.

Weaknesses: The only weakness of the brand is the target market. Threats: Being a very huge brand. They have come up with products for men and have made them realize that beauty is not restricted to women only. and Neutrogena. however. Dove has availed the long pending opportunity of tapping into the market developing beauty products for men. It is a bit contradictory in nature because the target market of Dove is upper middle class women and it gives an idea of not letting the ordinary women enjoy the touch of beauty. The brand can also be copied by its competitors. the criticism was over ridded by the personal feel and touch felt by the women. Dove faces tough competition from Olay. Another objection that has been seen by the critics was the use of women as objects n their campaign. Their marketing technique is not as good as that of Dove but they d pose as a threat to the market share of Dove. but they take women of all shapes and sizes. so it might give it a slight aspect of a brand that does discrimination. just the way P&G did with Olay. Opportunity: Recently. The ads do not take models in them. The brands are getting stronger as they grow and their market is also expanding. Nivea. . it serves the diverse purposes and reduces the costs too. They run single ad globally. Another aspect is of being known as the brand for fat girls. Another opportunity is of unified advertising technique used by Dove. Continuous improvement is what Dove has been working on and should carry on with it as well.

Also targets high income groups and upper middle class . shapes and sizes. so it uses its USP of double benefits (shampoo and conditioner) to attract target. Dove focuses on Women of all age groups above 18. Women who are well aware about beauty and care for their skin. ‘You are beautiful the way you are’ is the message Dove promotes and wants every woman to believe. Women who use beauty products. body shapes and sizes.STP ANALYSIS Dove segments the market on the basis of: Demographic Segmentation     Under this segmentation. Highly focuses on working women as they don’t have much time to take care of themselves. Dove targets the market on the basis of:    Targets women of all ages. Women who have high purchasing power and belong to upper middle class Psychographic segmentation:   Dove aims to create a psychology in women where ‘beauty’ incorporates all ages.

. It uses its high moisturizer content to differentiate itself from competitors. It is also called a beauty bar. Dove has launched several campaigns such as: Dove Campaign for Real Beauty This is where Dove launched a global conversation to discuss what truly defined the term beauty and how in the current scenario the concept of beauty has many limitations and is tagged difficult to attain. Dove does not call itself a soap but a mild moisturizing bar that is one fourth moisturizer. Dove does not position itself to help you ‘become’ beautiful. Dove has positioned itself in a way that encourages women all around the world to feel good about themselves.Positioning:     Dove soap is positioned as a personal care beauty product. Dove positions itself to help you be beautiful as you have always been. To promote this message.

trust etc are extended to hair care as well. shampoos and conditioners that would enable them to bring out their true inner beauty. Perception of the product’s price provides a starting point for developing the marketing mix of the product. tools. Dove hair care has moisturizing milk just like its soaps and body washes. After the changed image of Unilever and Dove. It has made his strategy like that in every small or big shop customer will be able to find out the product. The Primary importance of this value-based pricing is that the products demand will be much higher if its price is in line with the customer’s perception of its value. The features and values associated with Dove’s skin care such as mildness. It basically covers 2 tiers cities and rural area. Dove products are competitively priced with the L’Oreal shampoo brands. The market is now led by skin but there is already a lot of Dove shampoo being imported into the country. moisturizing. . facial cleansers. So the consumers are aware of Dove being in hair care. deodorants. The 4P’s Products The main Dove products are moisturizing body-wash. it has been extended to the body wash and body cream categories. body lotions. Price Dove claims to practice value-based pricing in which the customers. That means company > wholesaler > retailer > consumer. shampoo and cream. Currently. One crucial concern for value-based pricing is strict management of cost in order to be able to make a profit at the value-based price. Place Unilever Follow common system of distribution. The research department determines this price usually by using focus groups. Dove has been accepted as a mild moisturizing brand in Bangladesh. it is also trying to make the availability of the shampoo in above middle class society.DOVE SHAMPOO in BANGLADESH Dove entered the Bangladeshi market as a soap care brand 13 years ago and in the past two years. the company’s portfolio in India comprises beauty bars (soap).

Creating a personality To increase the usage. Imparts a feeling of freshness Effectively communicate brand promise. systematic distribution network. Therefore without anyone of these the product is in complete. Enhancement of product mix. Every strength reflects the product’s success and every weakness reflects where the product can improve. in all major and small cities. Very good distribution network all over Bangladesh. Advertising. Environment concern ads. Print media. Participative management style. professionals and belongs to upper middle. transparent communication system. Promotional strategy:           Innovative Campaigns can be launched to attract women to the brand. for which it is Dove. New product formulations according to changing consumer preferences. Company totally owned. . Like every other successful product Dove has its own strength and weaknesses. Internet Campaign. The target market is educated. Demo campaigning. Strength of Dove      The New Dove Shampoo is a high quality product in terms of hair protection.Promotion      Build top of the line consumer’s awareness. middle and lower class. Strength & Weakness of Dove Even the best selling brands of all time has its own strengths and weaknesses. Rural campaign. Free sample dissertation.

It helps to make our hair manageable. skin particles. Their competitors excel by providing benefits for both genders. Pleasing foam.e. . environmental pollutants and other contaminant particles that gradually build up in hair. Hair feels thick and strong. male customers. silky and shiny. the oil produced by the scalp. This causes the sebaceous glands to produce oil at a higher rate. Targets are mostly female customers. Customers are offered better alternatives by the competition.Weakness of Dove    Competitor has more strong promotional activities. Removal of oils. fragrance and easy rinsing. The greasy feeling of the scalp after a day or two of not shampooing. Using shampoo every day removes sebum. Some shampoo contains chemicals which are harmful for hair and scalp and italso increase hair falling problem. They overlook the large potential market segment i. Shampoo is harmful for eye. Some shampoo contains vitamin E which is really good for our hair and it increases our hair growth. dirt. Low toxicity. Weakness of Dove Shampoo       Too much use of shampoo makes our hair rough. Good biodegradability. Frequent use of shampoo spoils the color of hair. Removes dandruff. Strength and Weakness of Shampoo Strength of Dove Shampoo          Shampoo makes our hair clean.

Lower class . men etc.Strengths: Weaknesses:  Strong Brand Image  High Prices  EServices and technology  Fewer purchase location  Faster tooth whitener  Easy to carry Opportunities: Threats:  Different target market . eg.  Competitors can produce  Serving at lower price  Different flavor  Price of raw materials can go up .

SEGMENTATION Income Income segmentation has long been used in personal care products. Geographic segmentation In geographic segmentation Dove is distributed among 35 districts. . Dove targets its market on the basis of consumer buying behavior. They market their product as sachet and different sizes of bottle. income level. upper middle class and upper class. But in their promotional activities. they cover the whole market irrespective of these classes. Psychographic segmentation In psychological segmentation Unilever segments Dove with social class as this product will target middle class. and purchasing power of people. Target market of Dove The main target market of Dove is females between the ages group 16-40 belonging to the lower and middle income classes. For which quantity of the product can be changed according to the income and purchasing power of the consumers as in case of Dove 120ml and 5ml packs are also available to target low income groups. so that different level of consumers can afford it.

Dove aims at beauty irrespective of age. in charge and does not have to live with her dry hair . Dove provides alternatives for women who believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. The Dove ads challenge the traditional concept of beauty. across all ages. a company must provide greater customer value and satisfaction. Only 2% of women describe themselves as beautiful. They are also not for the super skinny models. The present day world is a world of hype and stereotypes. Their ads have created a ripple in the market with their campaign successfully catching the fancy of both the industry and consumers as being something different. shape.this is the message usually passed on by the global cosmetics and hair care companies. Marketing Strategy Dove’s marketing is mainly through advertisements. Their ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’ has been featured in major TV channels. Dove’s revolutionary campaign was for the firming lotion which features women of all shapes and sizes thus breaking down the stereotypic definition of beauty – tall. In such a scenario. Certain facts • • • Just 12% of the women are very satisfied with their physical attractiveness. . or size. thin and being fair. 68% strongly agree that the media sets an unrealistic standard of beauty. Earlier. The modern woman is independent. Prothom Alo etc and popular women’s magazines. • 75% wish the media did a better job in portraying the diversity of women’s physical attractiveness including size and shape. Dove gives importance to how you feel rather than how you look.WAYS THAT CAN IMPROVE INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY Target Customers To be successful. newspapers like The Daily Star. They have been using real women in their advertisements. the ads used celebrities to promote their beauty products.

Marketing Objectives Dove can develop its marketing objectives very carefully as it is devoted to expand the definition of beauty for all women for the reason that they believe real beauty comes from your inner self.”Where are we? 3. • Make a call to action for customers to link the group through website that make active contribution by Dove for self-worth consciousness program. • Increase restricted press concentration in the hometowns of model featured all through the movement. with many other obliging tools that will assist our . our favorite objective is to assist our business and obtain a huge part of our open market and bring much increase in our earnings. To increase brand awareness among non-existing clients for at least. To increase the ROE ratio of the company by 5 % in next 6 months. therefore. Increasing the retailers and brand outlets in targeted markets for at least 20 new stations. and in hyperbolic circumstances. Strategic objectives for every primary objective The very important procedure of an organization is called tactical set up. • To be a focus for nationwide TV and print media reporting. Primary Business Objectives • • • • To increase sales by 30 percent in upcoming 6 months. and making decisions on assigns it capital to follow this strategy. and conversation about the factual sense of natural beauty. • Drive users to the CFRB Web site to divide their opinions and views about the campaign and natural beauty typecasts. debates. and we can support our marketing team or develop into our off-line and on-line business partner. including its assets and people. Overall Objective • Elevate sales of Dove loveliness products and latest product lines.”Where do we wish for to go? We extremely want you to be a great marketer. that is the official thought of association’s prospect rout. Every strategic planning does contract with at least one of three key questions: 1. graphic designers.”How do we get there and stand out? 2. We have specialized professionals. The most business analysis techniques can be applied in strategic planning. its strategy or direction. • Make exchange of ideas. and web developers.

We will repeatedly check and track our advertising campaigns so we can promise our long-standing achievement. Dove’s Business is to provide services classically available in Great businesses to tiny businesses for a part of the price. So that. organization consulting. and fiscal planning should be done in a systematic way. Why selected This target segment is selected on the basis of product features and buyer traits for buying the products. tax homework. • Women who are well aware about beauty and care for their skin. through our domestic employees and their connections. . Marketing Strategies The Dove movement for natural loveliness was made to aggravate dialogue and give confidence debate. publicity and marketing. This involves a lot of research as finding out the specific target market is very critical but Dove do so by utilizing its R & D department. • Women having the minimum purchasing power for our product. payroll. Target Market Segments Targeted market segments for dove includes following: Identify • Women who use beauty go ahead of our contestants and increase marketplace share. legal advice. accounting.

Main strategies  Market Penetration For increased market penetration. Promotional Tools (list) Dove has planned to promote through different ways which includes posters campaign. emails.  Service/program Development As sales and product services play very important role in customer awareness so Dove also planned for services/program development.  Market Development Making aware the existing clients and making them realize that real beauty lies in you which is being enhanced by Dove products is the main aim of Dove. And for that they Dove has planned to provide demonstration campaigns in each outlet. As in our main target customers are women so we have to capture their attention and provide awareness . and face book etc.  Diversification For diversification they have planned to follow the old strategy which was to make their product line extensive and specialized for different skin types and people. Market development basically means to Dove that customer becomes more aware about the product knowledge and information. Strategy Development by Target Group As the targeted groups are explained in the prior section and there is no special segregation in targeted market so same strategy will be used for all segments of the target market. banners. advertisements in news papers & magazines. Dove will be launching few campaigns where the representatives will move to the market segments and will do free sampling. flyers. direct marketing. By doing so their product line will diversify and they will be attracting more people toward their products. They have analyzed the existing markets and have come to the conclusion that giving informative ads and procedural ads about the usage of products is very important thus such ads would be the upcoming advertising campaign’s part. This will make the customer realize that Dove cares and penetration will be achieved in newly selected market segments. SMS.

 Banners Banners will be pasted on the different flash areas from where we can take advantage and can expand number of customers.  Direct marketing We will do direct marketing by promoting our company by ourselves. They should know that now throughout the globe there is no other brand which is giving proper awareness about the skin issues.  Posters campaign The main purpose of any campaign poster is to development the message that we want to convey our target market about the product awareness. women universities and stores will also consider as they need such products and they can give us feedback later on.  Flyers Flyers will be distributed in different companies. MySpace etc these are very valuable ways because these are most popular among the female users.  E-mails Emails are also a good and effective and free of cost source of promotion.  Advertisements in news papers & magazines We will give regular advertisements in news papers for the awareness of customers and for all the people who can take help from us and also in top magazines so that everyone everywhere comes to know about our company and get familiar with our products.  SMS SMS is also an effective way to promotion. There are different software’s available in the market through which we can send bulk messages to people via  Facebook and other social sites We will also publish information about our company on face book and other social networks like twitter. . There are different sites like from it we can take thousands of email ids and we can sent them mails to aware them about our company and it is would be totally free.about the skin care and beauty products.

gross revenue.companies in fact all category is available on these social networks and we can also make our fan page and it will be added by our friend. Monitoring Techniques For the success of this marketing plan different monitoring tools will be used. Dove uses different tools to measure and monitor the impact of marketing campaigns on company’s performances. profits.  Outcome Measurements Outcomes of the marketing strategies will be measured in terms of increased sales.  Progress Reports Progress reports would be designed and given to each department so that the instant effect of such marketing campaign can be seen all over the company. client’s feedback. Below is one example through which one can see the processes used to monitor the marketing strategies and their outcomes. Monitoring techniques are used in different ways to control the marketing outcomes and usually different procedures are being used by companies to do so. customer base. Goodwill and Brand awareness.  Timeline Timelines will be issued to every new marketing campaign and strategy so that all result would be compared with the timelines. this would give us the rate of change in company’s success in terms of marketing. .

The amount of budget varies each time so for this time also different percentages of the whole budget may be assigned to the marketing campaign for new promotional campaigns. As the marketing plan is all about how to promote our new upcoming products and services. As there lays a number of projects which Dove focuses over simultaneously so budget would be around 10% to 15% of the overall company’s budget. so the budget designed here would also be according to that.Budget Budgets are always designed to make the expenses limited and to forecast the upcoming benefits from the services you are going to offer. . There would be a proper budget allocated by our bank to our marketing team to execute all required marketing activities for the new services.

Unilever Bangladesh has a certain connection with the consumers. we have also evaluated them and identify the problems and challenges in each issue. They believe the people who work with them are confident of their capabilities. Over 90% of the country’s households use one or more of our products. believe in nothing less than star performances and of course are not afraid to work hard at achieving goals. 99. It provides sixteen verities brands and try to mitigate all types of human demand by introducing with new innovative products. Unilever Operations in Bangladesh provide employment to over 10.5% of UBL employees are locals and they have equal number of Bangladeshis working abroad in other Unilever companies as expatriates. Closeup inspires confidence.000 people directly and through its dedicated suppliers. technology. So. Among others.RECOMMENDATIONS DOING BUSINESS IN BANGLADESH Unilever Limited is one of largest multinational business firm in the world. HRM issues. This report enlightens the key issues involved with UBL. This includes the financial position. etc. Unilever believe in all these insights as well. it is recommended that Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. distributors and service providers. management styles. Lux believes in star power and Surf Excel encourages all to learn through new discovery and exploration. marketing strategies. In addition to the strengths in these aspects. reduces the costs and think actively about the threats . Unilever Bangladesh has been constantly bringing new and world-class products for the Bangladeshi people to remove the daily drudgery of life. Over the last four decades.

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