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Student: Riley Lesson Plan

Tutor: Courtney Vintch

Date: March 4, 2014 Time 15 minutes

Lesson # 5 Comments
Examples of errors: omitted “to” in the line “to unwrap the package gently”; “it” for “that” Uses expression (yes/no) observes punctuation (yes/ no) with guidance- italics were difficult, there were quotes without quotation marks so we discussed how to change our voice for those Was able to discuss meaning of poem- talked about what it means that “every day is a present…” Timed readings- 54 seconds, 52 seconds, 47 seconds

Description of Activities Re-read: Read Every Day by Naomi Shihab Nye as Riley listens, Riley re-reads poem Reading for Speed: Timed repeated reading of poem. Record speeds.

Reading for Fluency (12-15 minutes)

Poetry Folder: Allow Riley to keep poetry folder

Writing for sounds: writing words that use –able and –ible suffixes Word Study (12-15 minutes) “The weather at the beach was horrible so we had to go home.” “My little brother is so lovable.” “That movie was terrible.” “The pyramids are not movable.” Before Reading/Writing: Make a prediction about what this passage will be about During Reading/Writing: Read the text, stop to check/revise predictions. Literature map to record information that would be important in a retell. After Reading/Writing: Follow up with difficult words.
Instructional Reader Lesson 1/2014

12 minutes

Riley was able to use the rule she discovered during the word sort to correctly spell the words using the proper suffix. Riley enjoys writing so seemed to enjoy this activity. Was able to use capitals and punctuation.

Reading and Writing (25-30 minutes)

5 minutes

Unfamiliar concepts/words for student before/during reading: “Jonica” (name) and “cautiously” Selection was somewhat easy

15 minutes

Used expression Noticed punctuation Self-corrected mistakes with guidance Understood passage

Examples: understood why the character

Practice retelling important details from the story in writing to encourage short, complete sentences. Text- The Desert Monster Tutor reads and discusses If You Lived 100 Years Listening Comprehension

10 minutes

laughed- there wasn’t actually a monster, just a woodpecker Writing activity comments: retold important details, used capital letters and punctuation. Comments: Discussed meaning of phrases that might not make sense without historical context such as “gas lamps hissing”. Discusses if Riley would prefer to live 100 years ago or today and why.


10 minutes

Instructional Reader Lesson 1/2014