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Flow English: Lesson 1

Baseball Pig
There is a little pig. The pig wants to be a baseball player. Everyday, he practices baseball. He practices hitting a baseball. He wants to be a big hitter. After 10 years of practice, the pig decides to try out for the New York Yankees the !ost fa!o"s baseball tea! in A!erica. He takes a direct flight to New York, then rents a car and drives to Yankee #tadi"!. He tries out for the Yankees, b"t the Yankees reject hi!. The Yankees$ !anager says, %&$! sorry. Yo" are an a!a'ing baseball player, b"t we can$t let a pig (oin o"r tea!.% The pig is very "nhappy. He goes ho!e and cries everyday. )inally, his friend says to hi!, %Come on, get a grip* #top crying and try again with another tea!.% The pig listens to his friend. He stops crying. He practices baseball everyday. +ne day, he is reading the newspaper and he finds out that the #an )rancisco ,iants need new baseball players. The pig i!!ediately flies to #an )rancisco. He tries o"t for the ,iants. The ,iants are very impressed with the pig. The !anager says, %-ow, yo" are the best hitter & have ever seen.% The ,iants hire the pig and pay hi! . dollars. &n his first ga!e, the pig hits / home runs* Everyone in #an )rancisco loves the pig* The ,iants give hi! a big raise. They pay hi! /00 !illion dollars* The pig is rich, fa!o"s, and happy.



Flow English: Lesson 1 Vocabulary: big hitter: so!eone who can hit a baseball very far 1ie. %do 3so!ething4 now% 1always "sed as a co!!and2 get a grip: control yo"r e!otions.)lowEnglish. 1idio!2 a very big s"ccess a raise6 a pay increase. . a strong hitter2 to try out (for): to try to get a (ob 1"s"ally "sed in sports or other perfor!ance (obs2 direct flight: a flight with no stops. an increase in !oney 1for a (ob2 Notes: www. control yo"rself to find out: to learn. 1an airplane trip with no stops2 to reject: to say %no% to. to discover 1new infor!ation2 impressed with: think 1so!eone5so!ething2 is great hitter: a person who hits to hire: to give a (ob 1to so!eone2 home run: the biggest hit in baseball. cal! down 1be cal!! . to ref"se Come on: 1idio!2 %h"rry%.