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Shipped Off to Boarding School Run by Three Hott Guys

Shipped Off to Boarding School Run by Three Hott Guys


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Published by vampiredemon
this is one of my coolest ones yet i hope u guys enjoy it as much as i did
this is one of my coolest ones yet i hope u guys enjoy it as much as i did

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Published by: vampiredemon on Oct 26, 2009
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So there I was about to kiss the most hottest, amazing guy in the world, when the front door

of my house opens and unfortunately my very conservative, very strict parents walk in on ...yeah… “Aliandra! Are you making out with that boy? While we were out feeding soup to the homeless people?!” my mother screeched. My father looked appalled. “Mother. Father. This is Trent, my uh… friend.” I blushed and looked away from Trent. Trent stood up awkwardly, “Well Aliandra, it was nice, uh, seeing you. Yeah. Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Hotchkiss, I gotta, um, go,” Trent dashed past my parents and out the door. When the door shut behind him my parents lost their silent demeanor and pretty much exploded. “ALIANDRA ELEANOR HOTCHKISS!” my father screamed. His voice’s loud boom reverberated throughout the room. “What did we tell you about bringing strange boys to the house when we aren’t home!?” my mother pointed angrily at me. “Uh, nothing…” I mumbled, confused. “Well it was implied! We’ve always tried to keep you pure and innocent but all you do is chase after boys!” my mother cried out again. Guilty as charged. It was true. Trent wasn't the first “most hottest, amazing guy in the world” that I’d hooked up with before. “Um…” I couldn’t deny it. “We have only one choice Aliandra Eleanor. I’m sorry,” my father shook his head sadly. My mother pulled a glossy pamphlet from her ecofriendly tote bag and tossed it to me. I caught it, unaware of what was going on. I inspected the cover- an old-century European style manor surrounded by sprawling grassy hills?? “Boarding school,” my father spoke up for my mother, who seemed incredibly sad at the way things were turning out. “B-b-b-boarding school?!” I screamed. “Yes, honey, it’s our only ch-” “NO! There is NO way I’m going to boarding school!” I screamed, louder

this time. My own parents hadn’t learned not to make me mad… “Ali-” “Don’t even TALK to me! You aren’t my parents! I will go find my real parents and see if they want to send me away to some boarding school I’ve never even heard of!” my mother cringed and I knew the comment had hurt her. That was precisely why I said it. “I think it’s time we tell her, Arietta,” my father turned solemnly to my bawling mother. “Just tell her already! I don’t want this anymore!” my mother screamed, even louder then I had. She glared at me and left the room in tears. “Aliandra… about your real parents…”.................Bummer...............

I stepped on to the plane, with a fierce anger inside, like nothing I'd ever felt before. I was so infuriated I didn't even turn back to wave good-bye to my evil "not-really-my-parents" who were technically my legal guardian and malicious pretenders shipping me off to boarding school. I was also so angry thay I didn't even call Trent and say good-bye. Oh, well, I am sure there will be plenty of hot guys at boarding school. The plane was medium size, full of everyone that was going to the boarding school, I guess. The one thing that slightly relieved my anger, was my luxurious 1st class seat. I inspected my plane ticket, and being the last one to board the plane with my fifty-billion carry-on bags, I could feel eyes watching me. "Dude, come up here, you have got to see this girl. She is so hot!" I heard an unmistakenly guy voice and turned to see a crowd of guys from "economy seating" or whatever it was called, staring through the curtain to where I stood, in first class. "Pervs!" I snapped and half of them left back to their seats. The other half continued to ogle me. "Give me your room number babe!" one guy shouted and the whole plane snickered. "Not even in your dreams," I shot back, sparing the cussing that would probably come soon if they didn't shut up and sit down. I stopped at my seat, unfortunately right next to the curtain leading to economy class. My seat was next to none other then a guy. OMG. He was soooo hot.

Forget Trent! "Hey I'm Logan. Let me get your bags. It seems like you could kind of use some help with all of that. Oh, and take the window seat. You probably shouldn't sit by the curtain," the hot guy, Logan, stood up and stepped into the aisle to let me sit down. Wow, he was really nice. What was even nicer was that he stood right in front of the curtain, blocking the economy-class pervs from watching me any longer. "Thanks Logan. I'm Aliandra by the way," I smiled, maybe a little flirtatiously and sat down next to the spherical window. Logan hoisted my bagsintothe overhead compartment and shoved one last bag under the seat in front of him. Finally finished, he sank down in the white leather seat next me. "Your welcome. So you are going to the boarding school, right?" Logan asked as the flight attendant started babbling about safety procedures. "Unfortunately, I am. My, legal guardian told me that my real parents who I thought were alive and living in Asia, well, he told me they died like fifteen years ago when I was really young. So after springing that, he just ships me off to boardingschool, ugh,"Yes, that was what my socalled"father" told me. Then he literally forced me to go to my room and pack so that I could leave for boardingschool the next day. And here I am. "That doesn't have to be a bad thing," Logan turned fully towards me, further blocking the pervs' veiw of me. Thank the Lord. "I don't see how it can be a good thing, especially with all the pervy guys. Are all the boarding school guys like this? It's like they've never seen a girl before," I asked him. He only laughed. "I'm not, and Ihave some pretty good friends who aren't pervs either," Logan grinned. So, the rest of the plane ride went wonderful. Logan is amazing and his friends-well I was introduced to them, and they are even hotter. Carson is pretty quiet, but seemed nice. Edward was soooo hot butI kind of got some pervy vibes from the way he looked at me. Gabe,well I couldn't really tell'cuz he had his iPod headphones in and only said"hey" in an overly loud voice due to the high volume of his music. Lastly, I met Jace. Right when Jace looked at me his playful, flirty eyes turned stone cold and dark. He glared at me with an immense hate I'd never seen before likeI'd done something terrible to him. I shot eye-daggers back and I knew we would be two people that would never- could never get along. OMG, why did Jace have to be so hot!? It's not fair. I sighed and found myself staring longingly at the back of his head. What was wrong with

me?! I slapped myself as hard as I could and Logan turned around. "What was that!" he cried out and took my head in one hand. He turned my face to the side and burst out laughing. "What!" I yelled and punched his arm playfully. "You...red... ha-ha...face...!" Logan literally fell into the aisle he was laughing so hard. Ugh.I crossed my arms over my chest angrily and both Edward and Jace turned around. What do you know, Edward practically looked down my shirt while Jace snickered into his hand at my apparently red face for slapping myself about how hot he was! UGH! Why does life have to be so mean to me? What did I do to deserve all the bad karma? Screw that! I curled up and leaned against the window to fall asleep. I felt really ice cold, firm, yet soft hands shake me, but they were too lulling to wake me up. Suddenly I felt like an electric shock had shot through me as two cold but amazingly soft hands grabbed my shoulders and shook me. The soft hands lifted me out of my seat and my eyes shot open. I was inches away from Jace's face. OMG. HIs breath smelled like peppermint. We were still on the plane, I realized, the last ones in first class except for of course the few pervy guys poking their heads through the economy-curtain, scowling in jealousy- but they didn't count. Jace lifted me over the seats and heldme in midair above the aisle and I realized it really was just me and Jace. All of my carry-on bags were gone so it was me, Jace and the pervy guys who didn't count. Is Jace really holding me like that? I sighed deeply and exhaled slowly, feeling kind of light headed. "Could you... um... put me down?" I asked quietly. He set me down but grabbed my wrist forcefully. "We should get off the plane Aliandra. People are starting to stare," Jace literally dragged me off the plane where Logan, Gabe and Edward had all of my carry-on bags and my luggage. Carson stood to the side awkwardly. I wasted no time yanking my arm out of Jace's steel grip and running over to hug the guys. "You guys are amazing! I totally freaking love you and I would love you even more if you'd just carry my stuff to me room for me, maybe... pretty please?" I batted my eyelashes. It was all I had to do. We got off the plane in -go figure!- the boarding school's private airport. Since when do boarding schools have private airports on their grounds? Jeez. This place was like Buckingham Palace but bigger and waaay more hot guys, like the ones at my heels carrying my luggage. I felt like the Queen- but younger and a whole lot more gorgeous. NO WAY! Did I mention this place has co-ed dorms and my room just

happens to be right across the hall from Logan, Carson, Gabe, Edward and -ugh- JACE. How can a guy be so amazing and so horrible at the same time? Life is unfair. But aside from Jace, yay!! We stood at my door, all waiting for me to put in the key and go inside already! Logan grabbed me by the waist and pulled me around to face him, "What's wrong Aliandra?" "Oh. My. Gosh. WHAT IF MY ROOMMATE IS A FREAK!?" I screamed. "Then get over it," Jace laughed hollowly. I officially decided I hated Jace. Problem solved. "Just shut up Jace," I rolled my eyes and put the key in the door. Ok, so before i go inside and reveal my new roommate, I'm gonna take a second and describe the worst roommate conceivably possible to me. She'd be a ditzy blonde, with a funny accent, she'd be waaay overpreppy, she'd have a high, tinkling laugh and would be super, super friendly. I could go on and on but you probably have a very accurate picture in your mind already and you get my point. I opened the door and there she was sitting on the couch watching some show called "What Not to Wear". Oh, you have got to be kidding me! This was my nightmare. She was the kind of girl who gave blondes a bad name. "Oh, you must be my new roommate. Hi, my name's May Bell!" she said in the most annoying Texas accent I've ever heard. "Aliandra," I muttered. Sensing my discomfort, Logan coughed loudly. Maribel laughed. It was worse then I could imagine. Not even in my nightmares did the murderous clowns have such a high, tinkling, outrageous laughs. There was no way this was going to work!! I would rather go make out with Jace, the devil himself, then stay in a room with this ditz! "Ooh, this is just gonna be so exciting! I've never been in a dorm with anybody before! People always find me really annoying and ask for a room change but you seem really nice. Like the kinda person who wouldn't ask for a room change!" Maribel gushed in her incredibly ahnnoying accent. I could feel Logan's hand on my back pushing me forward- toward the door to the bedroom. "Could you give us a second?" Logan asked, pushing me through the open door. Jace gripped Logan's arm and shook his head. “Let me handle her. If anyone knows how to get a girl to listen and obey, it’s me,” Jace pushed past Logan and into the bedroom. He shut the door behind him and I heard it lock with an ominous *click*.

“What do you-” “Don’t speak,” Jace pushed me down onto the bed. “Whoa, if this is why you came in here you can leave right now,” I tried to get Jace off but he had rock-solid muscles. “Don’t flatter yourself Aliandra,” Jace sneered and held me down by my arms. “Then what are you trying to do!?” I protested, squirming underneath his firm, icy cold grip. “Talk to you!” he cried. “Um, could you try that without holding me down on the freaking bed?” I asked in frustration. “No you’d try to run away. Now list-” “Jace I don’t know who you think you are-” “No! I said LISTEN! I’m going to leave you alone. I’m going to get out of your life Aliandra Eleanor Hotchkiss and I’m taking my boys with me,” Jace spoke calmly, and it seemed he’d gotten himself under control, “So you can stay out of our way. You don’t know what we are or what we do so you can just back off.” “NO. I don’t take orders from people, especially not you Jace,” I spat, “So you can back off.” He held me down tighter and leaned in like he was about to kiss me. His lips brushed against my ear. “Like I said you don’t know who you are messing with and you have no idea what we can do. If you cross my path again sweetheart you are going to wish you were never shipped off to this boarding school and that you were never born.” Jace whispered into my ear. He pressed his lips against my neck, then abruptly stood up. Jace unlocked the door and opened it in one swift motion then was gone. I sat up, immobile, unable to comprehend what the heck had just happened. I stared at the wall for ten minutes before I got up in the decision to unpack and try to fit some normalcy into my first day at boarding school. Out in the living room/kitchen/dining room, Maribel was gone and my

luggage was strewn haphazardly by the door. Where were the guys? They should be here, helping me with my stuff. Why had the just left like that? Then I remembered what Jace had said to me: “I’m going to get out of your life Aliandra Eleanor Hotchkiss and I’m taking my boys with me.” Ugh. I didn’t think he was really serious about that. WAIT. I froze in my tracks. How does he know my full name? I only introduced myself to everyone as Aliandra. I never even said my last name or my abhorred middle name. Things were starting to get weird and I wanted answers, now. I think I’ll go do that. I strode across the hall and didn’t bother knocking on the door before entering. Empty. I checked the three bedrooms (two more than my room had) and they were empty of the guys as well. Oh well, I’ll find out later. Time to unpack. I had so much stuff, I spent fifteen minutes just putting it all in the bedroom. After finally getting everything into the room, I spent two hours unpacking before a loud noise alerted me to the hallway. Peering out the door, I watched crowds of guys going into Logan’s room. NO WAY. Party!!! An all-guys party! YEAH!! I was dying for this kind of excitement and it would be the perfect way to piss off Jace. Wait, but first, I needed a killer party outfit. I backpedaled into the room to find Maribel present again, watching another fashion show on TV. “Oh, my, is that another party across the hall?” she didn’t wait for me to answer, “You that is just sick. The party I mean. All the guys that are pigs at this school go to those parties across the hall. They are just all pigs, I tell you! Worst thing is, people usually stumble in here by accident, so I’m gonna lock the door. The extra lock I had put in I mean. I’ve got the only key right here,” Maribel held up a pink key hanging around her neck. She got up, inserted the key into the extra lock and locked the door keeping me out of the party. Ugh. I stomped into the bedroom and surveyed my closet for the perfect party-crashing outfit. I zoned in on my extra-short dresses. I chose a black halter-style dress with a plunging neckline, a ribbon-tie back, and a form with a length that just barely covered my butt. It was absolutely perfect. I put on a blood-red trench coat style coat that stopped at my knees and reemerged to the living room. Now all I had to do was get Maribel to unlock the door. “Um, hey there Maribel. I was wondering if you could unlock the door

for me, I have to go visit the headmaster and then I was gonna go take a walk around campus,” I lied, hoping Maribel would buy into it. “Sure. Just stay away from that party now,” Maribel tossed me the keys. I unlocked the door and tossed them back. To the party! I strutted across the hall in my five-inch stiletto heels and knocked on the door. When the door opened I opened my trench coat a little bit and to my surprise, Edward was standing there. “Aliandra! This is a surprise. I was pretty sure Jace had scared you off,” Edward blinked several times like he was making sure it was really me. “So he told you.” “Yeah, pretty much.” Edward still stood in the doorway, blocking my view of the party. I leaned against the doorframe, letting my trench coat fall open a little more. “Uh… you wanna come in?” Edward asked, staring at my dress. “Sure, sounds like a killer party.” I replied and slipped off my coat. I handed it to Edward, who took it, without ever taking his eyes off of me. Right when I stepped inside the room (which was a whole lot bigger then my own) everyone stopped and stared at me. “Don’t stop the party ‘cuz of me,” I winked. Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and led me over to the group. “Aliandra. Wow. What a surprise!” Logan smiled and hugged me. I was pleased to see that the only member missing from the circle was Jace. “Where’s-” “NO. She cannot be here. Get out Aliandra!” Jace growled, coming up from behind me. I spun around. “No. I think I’m staying.” I stood my ground ready to fight if necessary. “I warned you that if you ever crossed my path again-” he didn’t finish because rage overtook him and he grabbed my neck and pinned me up against the wall. I was being choked.
“You are such an a-” my words were cut off as I blacked out.

So there’s this thing called a hospital, and when you’ve been seriously, traumatically injured, your caring, loving friends and

family take you there instead of leaving you to die. Naturally, I knew Jace had choked me until I passed out, which meant I’d probably wake up in the school infirmary (equivalent to hospital). Boy was I wrong. I sat up and found two incredibly hot guys leaning over me. I was laying in somebody’s bed (I have no idea who!) and my neck hurt ALOT. “Where am I?!” I demanded, trying to sit up. Logan held me down. “My room,” Edward stroked my hair softly. I swatted his hand away. “Watch it buddy,” I snapped and Logan laughed. That was when I noticed I was laying under a scratchy sheet, wearing an extra long button-up shirt and no pants. “Um, what am I wearing and who the heck undressed me?!” I cried in horror. Logan and Edward snickered. “That would be Soren and of course Jace. Let me tell you, he sure enjoyed that,” Gabe spoke up rolling his eyes and he gave me a squeeze-hug, “Glad to see Jace didn’t kill you.” “First off where is Jace I wanna go kick his butt for taking my clothes off while I was unable to fight back. Secondly, who is Soren?” I asked, making sure I sounded irritated. “I am,” that’s when the god sitting in the armchair stood up and came over to sit down on my- er- Edward’s bed. Edward and Logan inconveniently left the room. “You are?” “Soren.” “Riiight. So would you care to explain why after Jace the freak nearly choked me to death, you decided to undress me?!” I nearly screamed at Soren. “Jeez. Calm down. Your dress was covered in blood and it was really… ah, irritating everyone.” Soren replied calmly, though I wasn’t going to forget how he stumbled on the word to describe how my blood bothered everyone. Strange. I still needed answers and Soren seemed like the person to get them

from. “Whatever. I’ll yell at Jace later. Speaking of which… who, ah, what is he?” I asked casually. Soren’s mouth literally dropped open. “You… you don’t know?! I thought you knew…,” Soren trailed off. “Spit it out Soren!” I took his shoulders and shook him. “They- the five of them, Jace, Logan, Edward, Gabe and Carson they pretty much run this school. They are the five nobleblooded vampires!” Soren said and I burst out laughing. “Oh Soren you’ve got to be kidding me! Vampires?!” I laughed until I rolled into Soren and almost knocked him off the bed. He turned me over so I was laying on his lap, staring up at him. “I’m not kidding. Not only that but he bit you Aliandra. Jace bit you!” Soren cried out. “With his fangs. Riiight,” I muttered. “No lie. Vampire’s honor,” Soren put a hand up. “You’re a vampire too?!” I moaned despairingly. Maybe he was high…? That would explain the weirdness. “Yes I am.” “Prove it.” “No. It’s too dangerous.” “I SAID, prove it,” I glared at him. Soren was definitely hotter then Jace. Soren pushed me back down so I was laying on my back and he leaned over me. His eyes turned red and he bared a set of gleaming white fangs I hadn’t noticed before. He looked wild and untamable. He leaned down and gently pressed his fangs against my neck. He moved his fangs and lips across my neck sending shivers down my spine. Bolts of electricity shot through me. Before I knew it, Soren’s lips had moved up my neck, to my lips and he was on top of me, his lips moving over mine with an incredible passion. And I actually

think I was kissing him back. I ran my hands through his hair and wrapped myself around him. I didn’t hear the door open and by the time Trent had seen me making out with Soren, the guy I’d just met, and left, it was too late. I detangled myself from Soren and rushed out of Edward’s room to chase after my now ex-boyfriend. “Trent! Trent!” I called and managed to catch him halfway down the hallway. “Trent, I’m sorry! Talk to me!” I grabbed his shoulder and turned him around to face me. “Look Aliandra, I get it, we’re over. No need to come chasing after me! I saw the way you we making out with that guy and I’m happy for you. You never kissed me like that. I can tell you like him, whoever he is.” Trent turned from me and pressed the button to summon the elevator. “Trent, I’m sorry. I didn’t know… I didn’t think-” I had no words to explain. “Exactly. You didn’t think. If you want a guy just go back to that room full of guys. I’m pretty sure that your boyfriend is in there too if you wanna go back and crawl on top of him,” Trent scowled at me. “But Trent-” “No. I came all this way to see you and I walk in to see some guy on top of you! Just leave me alone and let me go back to where I belong. I’d say home, but it’s not your home anymore.” with that final outburst Trent left as quickly as he’d come. “Well that was just lovely. Makes me want to puke,” Jace gagged. “JACE.” Jace. I think you have some explaining to do!” I let Trent go and walked towards Jace with malice in every step. My heart fluttered as his eyes met mine. Wha- why? There is something seriously wrong with me! “No, I don’t think so. I told you you’d regret coming here if you crossed

my path again,” Jace replied calmly, his eyes still on mine. My heart skipped a beat. “That still doesn’t explain why you nearly killed me!” I yelled at him. I guess I must have said that loudly because people started to poke their heads out the door. Nosy. Gosh. Why can’t people just mind their own business? Jace was silent but pulled me back down the hall and into the janitor’s closet. --JACE’S POV-It took all of my strength not to kiss her when she was standing so close to me in that janitor’s closet. I had finally embraced the fact that I was in love with her. But I knew if she got too close I’d end up losing my selfcontrol and killing her. Besides, I knew that she’d kissed Soren. “YOU DIDN’T ANSWER ME!!” she screamed and I can honestly say it almost made me cringe in pain with my extra-sensitive hearing. The party-incident was just the first example of how I’d lost my self control. “I didn’t… I lost it at the party Ali,” I sighed, for once revealing honesty to her. “You- you called me Ali…” she blinked in disbelief. “Look I’m sorry. I don’t want to kill you. I’m trying to keep you away from me for your own good!” I tried to make her understand, but I couldn’t tell her my secret. “I know you’re a vampire,” she said calmly like it was no big deal. But it was. “You-you know?!” “Yes.” “Who told you?” now I was angry. But not at her. Never at her. “Soren.” she blushed, probably thinking of her make-out with Soren. “Soren. I am going to kill him,” I gritted my teeth and Ali looked confused. “Why don’t you want me to know?” She asked quietly, but I could hear her perfectly.

“I’m too dangerous Ali. You need to stay away, far away from me,” I hung my head in defeat. ARGH! I never lost. This girl was ripping me apart. “WHAT IF I WANT TO BE AROUND YOU?!” she just blurted out all of a sudden. Immediately, realizing what she’d said, her eyes widened and her face turned a million shades of red. That was it. Screw self control! I grabbed her and kissed her. I wanted her to know I loved her, but I couldn’t bring myself to escape the kiss and tell her. I had something else to tell her too, but she probably wouldn’t want to hear it. --ALIANDRA’S POV-It was if he couldn’t stop himself. He was so different in that closet. How he’d actually apologized, then called me Ali, then freaking kissed me! Let me tell you- he was a waaay better kisser then Soren. And this time the kiss felt real. Did he…? Could he…? No. He hated me. So why was he kissing me like this? He was impossible and amazing all at the same time. “Jace?” I broke free of the kiss, but he would stop. He kissed me again like he couldn’t control himself. Do vampires run out of breath? I guess not, but I know humans do. I broke free again, panting. He looked at me like he’d been calmly standing there, breathing normally all along. Ugh. Now that was frustrating. “Still think Soren is a good kisser?” he asked, smirking. I was still out of breath and didn’t reply. He thought about itwhatever he was going to say for a second and gave a heavy, labored sigh. “I can’t do this. I could kill you. And I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if that happened. I’m gonna go. This time I’m gonna really leave you alone.” he left me standing there in that closet, with the mops and other cleaning supplies, trying to catch my breath. That was officially the best and worst moment of my life. Wow. My neck really hurts.

--EDWARD’S POV-I saw Jace emerge from the closet, and caught a glimpse of Aliandra standing inside, all red-faced and out of breath. There goes that. Oh, well there are plenty of other girls in this stupid school. “Soren told me what happened man,” I fell into step with my best friend. I was wondering if Jace had really bitten Ali. “Yeah and your point is…?” Jace looked ahead, an emotionless rock. “Did you really bite her?” I asked and he stopped in his tracks and turned towards me. “Yes.” then he turned back around and continued walking towards the elevator. “But then….” I trailed off, my mind going over the significance of that. “Yes. I know.” --ALIANDRA’S POV-I stomped back to my room, realizing I was still wearing somebody’s oversized, button-up shirt. I had no key. Oops. I knocked on the door, dreading Maribel. She opened the door and stared at me speechless. I stepped inside, to see two more blondes sitting around the dining room table playing cards. “You… didn’t….?” she couldn’t finish the question and I hadn’t realized that’s what it looked like had happened. “Oh my gosh! No. I didn’t. I kind of passed out last night and woke up in my friend’s room. She didn’t have anything that fit me, so she let me borrow her brother’s shirt,” I lied hoping Maribel would buy into it. She nodded but then stopped, staring at my neck. “Is that a hickey?” Maribel gasped and I noticed her two blonde friends look over at me. “What is?” I asked, confused and Maribel dragged me over to the mirror on the wall by the door. She pointed to the bruise on my neck. “Oh. My. Gosh. Jace. Bit. Me.” my eyes widened and my hands fell to my sides. Maribel gasped.

“JACE, as in, Jace Moonstar, the noble-blooded?” she turned me around to face her. Her eyes were wider then mine. “Um… yeah….” I bit my lip, wondering what the significance of that was. “That means-” “I’m a freaking vampire!” I screamed at Maribel. She looked calmly at me and for the first time I noticed the fangs in her mouth. OMG. This sucks. “Not only that, Aliandra, but you are noble-blooded. The first female noble-blooded in over a millennia. You have officially gained pretty much control of all this school. Which is pretty lucky, considering if you’d stayed here much longer, all of us vampires probably would’ve eaten you alive. Not metaphorically speaking,” Maribel’s accent had lost it’s charm and she sounded evil. “So…. I’m a freaking vampire?!” I yelled again, unable to think of what else to say in this kind of situation. “Not quite yet. Give it a week, maybe more, maybe less. Depends on how much of Jace’s venom is in you. That’s what you get for going to that party. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. By the way, you might want to go talk to Jace poor little mundane girl.” Maribel scoffed. “Not for long,” I muttered and went into the bedroom to change. This time I made sure I was covered up before I left the room. I marched purposefully across the hall, ready for some answers. I knocked twice before going inside. Carson and Gabe were sprawled out on the couch, in front of the TV playing some game on the Xbox 360. “Okay, somebody here has some serious explaining to do. And DON’T tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about, I already know that you guys are 2 of the 5 noble-blooded vampires.” I stood in front of the TV screen, ending their game whether they liked it or not. “Six. Two out of six noble-blooded vampires.” Carson spoke up. I’d never really heard him talk much before. “Um, you, Gabe, Logan, Edward and Jace. That makes five. Who is the sixth?” I asked, counting off the five on my fingers. “You.” Gabe cut in.

“So it’s true.” I sighed, sitting down in defeat in the leather armchair next to the couch. “Sorry. It’s not really anything you can get out of… But you should be happy. You’ll pretty much have control over the entire vampire race, aside from the King of course.” Gabe sat on the arm of the chair I was sitting in. He leaned over me with a grin, trying hard to help me perk up. “Why? You guys are noble-blooded too,” I shrugged, in confusion of the words coming out of Gabe’s mouth. “Exactly, us guys,” Carson replied for Gabe, “You aren’t a guy. There’s only been two girl noble-bloods in history EVER. You being the second. That means you pretty much should be supreme Queen of the Vampire Race.” “But I’m not?” I wrinkled my eyebrows, making a face that Gabe obviously thought was funny. He fell to the floor in peals of laughter. “Nope.” Carson didn’t seem to think it was all that funny. “And why not?!” I cried in disbelief. I mean, how cool would it be to be the supreme Queen of the Vampire Race? “Because there’s already a King,” Gabe said between fits of laughter. “So, screw the King. I want to be supreme Queen of the Vampire Race!” I said in kind of a whiney voice. This time Carson laughed. Gabe’s face turned grim and dark. “You’d better not say that around here.” Gabe looked at me very seriously. “And why not?!” I repeated my earlier phrase in nearly the same tone, “I should be able to do whatever I want being the only girl noble-blood!” “Not when the King’s son is here you can’t say that,” Gabe ignored the part about me repeating the fact that I was the only girl noble-blood vampire. “Well who is the King’s son? I want to give him a piece of my mind!” I stood up ready to find whoever this pretty boy was and tell him exactly what I thought of his dad being King. “Um….” Gabe didn’t seem to want to tell me. Ugh. More secrets. “Jace,” Carson spoke up again and my mouth dropped up.

“I made out with the Prince of the Vampire Race?” I asked stupidly. I didn’t mean to, really, I was just so dumbfounded by the fact that Jace was the freaking Prince. “You made out with Jace?” Carson looked shocked. “Yes, I mean no! I mean… yeah, kinda,” I bit my lip. “Is that when he bit you?” Gabe asked, sitting on the floor now. “No. He bit me last night. After I passed out I guess,” I shrugged. Actually, I really didn’t know. “That would explain why there was blood all over your dress and everyone went crazy. That would be when Jace and Soren undressed you in front of everyone-” “IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AT THE ENTIRE PARTY?!” I screamed. “Yeah…” Gabe looked like he regretting saying it. “So EVERYONE saw…?” I was horrified. “Yep, pretty much,” Gabe shrugged as if it were nothing. I slapped both him and Carson. “Pervs.” “What makes you think I was watching?” Carson crossed his arms over his chest and pretended to look hurt. “Oh, don’t even give me that BS. I know you were watching.” I stuck my tongue out Carson just as Jace, Logan and Edward walked into the room. “Aliandra.” Jace said coldly. I looked at him once again dumbfounded. “Just when we you planning on letting me know that you bit me and now I’m going to turn into a freaking vampire?!” I screamed at Jace. He looked taken aback that I was yelling at him again. However, last time I yelled at him, ended up in us making out… so ya never know what you might get from yelling at a person. “Oh, you noticed.” Jace said without emotion. Edward glared at him and Logan’s mouth hung open. He ran up and squeezed me into a hug. “Jace bit you?!” he cried out in surprise.

“Yeah, I guess you’re the last to know.” I replied, squeezing him in the hug even more, “This may be the last time I hug you as a human.” I started to cry. Everyone but Jace joined in on a group hug. Logan stepped back and the hug dispersed. “Wait… does that mean you’re… you’re going to be noble-blooded?” Logan asked in shock as I wiped the tears from my eyes. “Yeah it does.” I murmured. “Well in that case, can I get you anything your highness?” Logan bowed down on one knee. “Get up,” I grabbed his shirt and yanked him up. “Are you still going to talk to us lower class, o’ high Queen?” Edward joked his mood improving considerably. “Take this as my answer,” I said startling myself and I went over and kissed Edward. Even more surprisingly, when I realized my mistake, I kept on kissing him. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jace stride out of the room angrily. He slammed the door behind him and we all turned to stare. After the shock had worn off I realized everyone was staring at me. OMG. That’s three different guys I’ve kissed in one day. 3 guys in one day. I know, I know. My mother is right, all I do is chase after boys. But this time… I wasn’t chasing after them. They were chasing after me. Back in my own room, I found it in myself to confide in Maribel and her two friends- Lacey and Olyvia. Don’t ask me why, but I guess I just felt like I needed to stay away from guys for awhile, so I made my best effort at making friends that were girls. I found that much easier now that everyone in the entire school pretty much knew that I was going to be a noble-blooded vampire in a few days. “… and then I totally just got up and kissed Edward,” I admitted to the girls. We were sitting in a circle on the floor in front of the TV, with bowls of chips, chocolate-covered pretzels and Reese’s Pieces in the middle. We were playing truth or dare and my truth question had turned into a complete confession of yesterday’s and today’s events. “Edward, the noble-blooded Edward?” Lacey asked in shock that I’d

kissed two noble-bloods in one day. “Yes. I know. I’m horrible. I really don’t know who I like the most though,” I sighed deeply. “Ok, Ali, your turn,” Olyvia sensed my sadness and thankfully changed the subject. “Um…Maribel…. I got nothing.” I replied, shaking my head. “Are you sure?” she asked, grinning evilly at Lacey and Olyvia. “Yeah. Zippo. Nothing,” I gave up. “Do you know what the rule is if you can’t think of anything on your turn?” Lacey grinned back. “No,” I said hesitantly. Uh-oh. “The Ultimate Dare.” Olyvia grinned to finish off the grinning triad. “Which is…?” I inquired, knowing I’d regret not asking Maribel some stupid truth question. The grinning triad conferred in a small circle with whispers while I sat on the outside awaiting my fate. They all turned around at once, still sporting the evil grins. “We decided-” “That since the floor of this dorm is mostly guys-” “That you have to run down the hall in just your bra-” “While Lacey shouts ‘Aliandra put your shirt on!’-” “Then you have to take the elevator-” “Down to the cafeteria-” “Grab an apple-” “And come back up-” “All in 2 minutes.” Maribel finished. I looked at them incredulously. “What happens if I don’t?” I asked. Eh, on second thought I didn’t want to know. “Well-”

“No, no. Never mind. I’ll do it,” I stood up and took my shirt off. Great. Stupid co-ed dorms. “Ready?” Maribel asked. I nodded, “Olyvia start the timer. Ali, ready, set, GO!” “ALIANDRA PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON!” Lacey screamed at the top of lungs and I could already hear doors opening. Guys stared out their doors. I was met with wolf-whistles and hands trying to smack my butt as I ran by. OMG this sucks. I made it to the end of the hall and I pressed the elevator button anxious for the doors to open. At the end of the hall I saw Edward, Gabe, Carson and Soren laughing their heads off. Great. Not only was I the soon-to-be noble-blooded vampire a topic of gossip but the guys would be talking about the girl who ran down the hall shirtless for weeks. The doors opened and I got inside as quickly as possible. I pressed the door-close button a million times as all the guys dashed to make it to the elevator in time. Too late. I sighed and sank down to the floor. When I looked up I screamed bloody murder. “Chill Ali! I’m not going to murder you and I don’t even wanna know why you have no shirt on,” Logan shook his head. “Dare.” I said coldly. “You know, I can turn around if you want,” Logan offered, being a gentleman. “No, no. It’s fine. I don’t really care. We are friends,” I sighed, staying sitting on the floor. Logan sat down next to me. “Sorry about the whole vampire thing. I know it’s freaking you out,” Logan put a hand on my shoulder. “Oh I’m okay with it now. I’m just mad I can’t be high Queen of the Vampire Race!” I pouted jokingly. “I’m sure Jace would hate if that happened. I mean he is heir to the throne,” Logan laughed, probably picturing Jace’s face if he found out he was no longer the heir. “Not for long. ‘Cuz when the King finds out there’s a new girl in town he’s gonna disown Jace in no time flat!” I decided and the doors slid open.

“Oh no! I don’t know where the cafeteria is and I need to get there and back in a minute!” I stood up and looked around the bottom floor of the dorm wildly. “Come on! I’ll take you!” Logan grabbed my hand and dragged me to a large red brick building. We burst through the doors and everyone (the few people still in there) turned to stare at me. I ran as fast as I could to what looked like the salad bar, grabbed a red delicious apple and was dragged back to the elevator by Logan. “How long?” he asked, while I panted breathlessly. “About 20 seconds,” I cursed under my breath and willed the elevator to go faster. The doors slid open and I gasped. A few guys had actually waited for me to come back. I stopped in my tracks. Logan gave me a little push and I sprinted back down to the other side of the hall where my room was. The door was open and I dashed inside, throwing the apple to the ground triumphantly. Olyvia stopped the timer. “Oh my gosh. Less then 1 second,” she gasped. “I did it? I did it! Yeah!” I sank down onto the couch and retrieved my shirt. I slipped the tee back over my head and sighed. “Wow. Nice Ali,” Lacey grinned, but not evilly. Maribel put in some scary movies (WHICH I HATE!) and invited some guys that I’d never met before to come and sleepover in our dorm. “To keep your mind off of your three boyfriends,” Maribel winked as she introduced Devon, Chasen, Blake and Austin. More hot guys. Oh, it was so unbearable. I curled up under my favorite blanket brought from home and Blake sat next to me as Maribel put in “the Strangers”. Never heard of it but OMG it was scary. I only jumped into Blake’s arms… uh, several times… in the first half-hour. I do not like scary movies and I think he could tell. I finally gave up and hid behind a pillow, eventually falling asleep on Blake’s lap. I woke up and laughed. Everyone had fallen asleep exactly where they were sitting last night. Including me. On Blake’s lap. Now he was asleep. Wow. This was pretty funny. I started to get up until I was stopped by a hand on my back.

“Ali?” Blake replied groggily. “Yeah,” I giggled at how his messy blonde hair fell over his eyes as he sat up and pushed the blanket off of him. “You okay?” he asked, rubbing sleep from his eyes. “Yep. Nobody scary people with bags over their heads came to try to murder me last night. It’s all good,” I hopped over the back of the couch and looked in the fridge for some food that didn’t take effort to cook. I really didn’t feel like going down to the cafeteria and I was lucky to find a toaster strudel in the freezer. Wait? Do vampires eat normal food? Oh, well. I’m not craving blood so it’s all good. “Want one?” I asked Blake who was still rubbing sleep from his eyes. “What? Oh, sure, thanks Ali,” Blake swung himself over the back of the couch and sat down at the table waiting for the toaster to finish cooking the frozen pastries. I tossed two little frosting packets at him. He ripped one open with his teeth and sucked out all the frosting. “You know those are for the toaster strudels right?” I laughed, sitting down across from him. “Yep. But they’re better without the pastry.” Blake smiled. “Do.. You… want some blood?” I asked, slowly not sure if that was a weird thing to say to a vampire or not. “Um no. I’m not a vampire.” Blake laughed and I blushed. “That’s two of us,” I giggled, “But not for much longer.” I muttered under my breath. --JACE’S POV-“Dude, you missed it, it was so hilarious!” Soren said for the sixth time, making Gabe bust up laughing. “WHAT? What was so hilarious Soren?” I growled and fiddled with the gilded dagger my father had given me before I left for this infernal boarding school. “Ali…” he started laughing and couldn’t finish the sentence. Suddenly my phone buzzed on the table next to me and I snatched it up to see the illuminated screen reading : 1 new pix message from James. Hmm, I pondered what it could be and flipped open my Env2 to see the picture

I’d received. I dropped the phone when I saw the picture and it snapped shut. “What is wrong with you?” Gabe asked and my grip around the gilded dagger tightened. Soren picked up my phone, looked at the picture, showed it to Gabe and they both burst out laughing like maniacs again. “HOW IS THAT FUNNY?!” I yelled at them. “Dude, that’s what we were laughing about the whole time. Ali was dared to run down the hall shirtless and somebody screamed ‘ALIANDRA PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON!’. Then we all ran into the hall and Ali was dashing towards the elevator in her freaking bra,” Soren managed to say before he started laughing again. This was not funny. Why did Ali have to get herself into so much trouble? I started off for her room, then decided against it. I don’t care. I’m not talking to her. I mean… why’d she have to kiss Edward? Nobody had ever rejected me like that before. I was the PRINCE of the entire race of vampires! Nobody dared treat me like that! Except the one person who could. Aliandra Eleanor Hotchkiss. The one girl to ever defy me. --BLAKE’S POV-I’d forgotten that she was going to turn into a vampire within the next few days. All because she’d gotten too close to Jace- that stupid bloodsucker prince. Worthless scumbag. He’d be the reason that Ali became the next ruler of the Vampire Race- a very dangerous thing to be. Or she’d die, like the last girl Jace had bitten. But Ali was different, we could all see it in her eyes. In the glow she always had about her. This would be the one of thousands of bitten girls to survive and come out the vampire queen. Then she screamed. I thought maybe it was because she’d burned herself getting the toaster strudels from the toaster oven, but when I looked up she was standing by her chair, convulsing in pain. She raised her head to the ceiling and screamed. That was when I realized she was turning. Or dying. --ALIANDRA’S POV-Searing pain ripped through me and I threw myself to the floor, screaming my lungs out. The pain was too much to bear. I felt like every bone in my body was breaking and re-breaking again. Somebody was

ripping me to shreds. Tearing me apart with their jagged teeth. All the while I screamed. “JAAAAAAACE! IIIIIIII AAAAAAAAAM GOOOOOOING TOOOOO KIIIIIIIIILLLL YOOOOOOOUUUU!” I screamed. I saw Blake lean over me, trying to hold me down but my body was jerking in crazy spasms. Tears rolled down my face as I continued kicking and screaming. NEVER EVER had I felt anything remotely close to this type of pain. What was happening?! Oh. My. G- I was turning! Into a vampire. Jace ran in and began yelling. He stopped when he saw me on the floor in the kitchen convulsing with terror and pain. The only thought running through my head was: I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna freaking die today. I sat up and I was in my own bed for the first time since I’d been here. Ohmigosh. I’m alive. And I have an incredible thirst for blood. I’m a vampire. I am a freaking noble-blooded vampire. I stood up, feeling slightly taller. Everything was clearer like I was looking through a cloudy window before. The world was amazing like I’d never seen it before. Kinda of like an extreme version of HD. I stood up, ignoring by bloodlust and knew I had to find Jace. He’d have some answers about this. I left the bedroom and when I opened the door, everyone and I mean EVERYONE (including people I didn’t know) were sprawled across the living room, staring at the door, where I now stood. There was Maribel, Lacey, Olyvia, Logan, Edward, Gabe, Jace, Carson, Soren, even Devon, Chasen, Blake and Austin. I turned to Blake and gasped. His blood was so sweet, it called out to me. I took a step forward, but Logan got up and stood in front of me. “Can I hug you?” he asked me, bowing his head to me. I looked at him strangely. “Yes. Of course. Why wouldn’t you be allowed to hug me Logan?” I pulled him into a hug. He grew stiff when he put his arms around me. I pushed him back angrily. “What’s wrong with you?!” I asked him and he stooped to the floor. Everyone else followed suit except Jace. “IS JACE THE ONLY ONE WITH A BRAIN NOW? Get up all of you! I’m the same exact person I was before I got turned into a vampire!” I screamed. They all stood up hesitantly. I ran over to Jace.

“What is going on?” I asked him. He shrugged away when I tried to put my hands on him. “You’re the only noble-blooded vampire in the world.” he took a step back. “I’m a freaking vampire! So what?” I yelled. I hated this. Everyone was already treating me like I was higher then them. “Aliandra, you’re at a higher social position then I am. You rule this school and you could rule all the vampires if you wanted,” Jace stepped back again. This was too crazy for comprehension. “Ugh. You guys are impossible. I’m gonna go eat,” I stalked out of the room angrily. This was not turning out like I’d planned. “Should we go?” I heard Edward whisper. “I don’t know.” somebody else whispered. I poked my head back in the door. “Oh just come on!” I said to everyone. Maribel, Logan, Edward and Soren followed. Everyone else stayed. UGH! “So would any of you care to explain why everyone is acting so weird around me just because I’m a freaking noble-blooded vampire?!,” I unwound again. I wondered how many times I was going to say ‘freaking’ and ‘vampire’ in the same sentence today. “You really don’t get it do you?” Maribel replied, switching back to her fake accent. Why the forced accent was necessary, I did not know. “No, I really don’t. Like seriously, why?” I asked sliding down the elevator wall until I was sitting with my back against it. Maribel sat down next to me, reminding me of the night when Logan had talked to me in the elevator. “Everyone wants to be you. They just have this longing inside to serve whoever is at the top. You control them.” Maribel put her hand on my shoulder, just like Logan had. “Be me? That’s strange. And this, longing thing? Can I like turn it off?” I asked, looking up at the boys around me, then to Maribel. “Nope. All they’ll ever want to do is serve you. And they are helpless to your every whim and command,” Maribel sighed. I screamed in agony.

“Everyone just needs to chill. I don’t want it like this. AH! I’ve got it,” I cried in triumph. Light bulb! “What?” Soren offered his hand to help me up and we exited the cramped elevator. I stopped and sat down on the edge of a fountain in the courtyard. “I command you to not want to serve me anymore!” I demanded. They looked at me in shock. They blinked twice and I could sense the change, back to the way things used to be before I was a vampire. “Come on Ali, I’m hungry and I want food now,” Soren complained. I grinned. “Hold on just a sec.” “What are you doing?” he asked as I stood up on the edge of the fountain “I COMMAND ALL OF YOU, THE ENTIRE VAMPIRE RACE TO NOT WANT TO SERVE ME ANYMORE!” I yelled as loud as I possibly could. There problem officially solved. “Can we get food, as in now?” Soren asked, grabbing my hand. “Sure,” I perked up, then my stomach rumbled. Uh-oh, “Um, and some… uh-” “Blood?” Edward cut me off, slinging his arm over my shoulder jokingly. “Yeah,” I giggled and blushed. “I’ll get you some blood, baby, just stick with me.” Edward leaned over me, to -ugh- look down my shirt. “Just because I told you not to want to serve me doesn’t mean you can be a pervert,” I slapped him away and Soren showed up in his place. “I’m over the whole pervert, randomly kissing you thing. So how’d you like to go to dinner tonight? My place?” Soren slung his arm over my shoulder, just like Edward had. “Nope. Who’s next?” I joked. Logan pushed Soren out of the way. “Logan??” I laughed as he put his arm around my waist. “Figured I’d give it a try.” “And no. Who’s next? Oh, wait all of you struck out!” I put a finger to my

mouth teasingly, “Oops.” “Can I have like another try?” Edward put his arm back around my shoulder. “If Edward gets a second chance so do I,” Soren put his arm around my waist, taking a spot on the other side of me. I could hear Maribel and Logan giggling behind me. “So, what do you have planned for tonight?” Edward asked suggestively. “Nothing with you,” I grinned at him. “Ali and I are going to a sleepover at a friend’s room. No guys invited,” I smiled hugely when Maribel said that. She was saving me! Hallelujah! “Ok. Now that we’ve all been rejected, can we go get lunch? I think I might starve,” Logan asked, grabbing my wrist and yanking me in the direction of the cafeteria. “Yes, yes. But all I really want is some blood right about now.” I shrugged. Everyone laughed at me. “Even the king of bloodlust, Soren can control himself better then you!” Logan laughed, noticing the way I eyed the human who walked by. Soren punched Logan’s arm. “I am so not the king of bloodlust!” he denied it, stealing a quick glance back at the human who’d ran by when I eyed him. “You’re the king and she’s the queen,” Edward joked and Soren perked up. “I’ll take that. As long as she’s my Queen,” Soren scooted closer to me. “I don’t think so,” I pushed him into the wall, with my newfound strength. “Ow,” he rubbed his shoulder. I entered the cafeteria and everyone turned to stare at me. “Hey Aliandra!” a bunch of people called and waved. I waved back, smiling and got in line. “Can I get a steak, completely raw?” I asked the lunch lady. She laughed a little and came back a minute later with a raw steak on a plate that she

held literally as far away from her as possible. “Here you go Miss Hotchkiss,” the lunch lady replied handing the plate over the counter. “Can I get an extra couple glasses of blood, for the lady here?” I heard Soren ask. I went and sat down at an empty table with my raw steak. Logan, Soren, Edward and Maribel sat down around me and Soren gave me four glasses of blood. “Thanks!” I gushed and downed all four glasses of blood in ten seconds flat. I ripped the raw steak apart with my teeth and finished that off as well. “Alright well I’m full for now. I’m gonna head back to the dorm, and I’ll talk to you guys later. Kay? Bye!” I called and skipped off back to the dorm. I was determined to find Jace and talk to him. It was important. I burst through the door to Jace’s room to find Gabe making out with Lacey. Um… I was just gonna turn around and leave now… I found Carson in his room. “Hey Carson!” “Hey Ali!” “Um, where’s Jace, do you know?” “Yeah. He went home. For good.” held back tears. “For good? Good, good?” I asked, feeling a lump rising in my throat. He was gone. Gone for good. “Yeah. He just packed up, muttered a couple of things in Italian and stormed out. Later he called and said he wasn’t coming back. So, I guess, that’s it.” Carson shrugged like it was no big deal. Eh, he’s gone. No big deal. “No big deal?! This is a really big deal. JACE IS GONE! GONE for GOOD!” I screamed. “Wait. How’d you know I was thinking that?” Carson stood up abruptly.

I said that in my mind. “You said that in your mind?” I asked incredulously. Yeah. I guess… you can read minds. “I CAN READ MINDS?!” I cried out jubilantly. Purple polka-dotted elephant. “Purple polka-dotted elephant?” I shook my head at him. “Just making sure you really could read minds.” Are you in love with Jace? My face turned a million shades of red. “So you don’t?” Carson asked slowly. That is such a big YES. “Hey! I heard that, and yeah, I think I do.” I blushed deeper. “Then what are you waiting for? Go get him!” Carson threw his hands up in the air. “Thanks Carson,” I ran up and kissed him on the cheek, then ran back out of the room. The smile fell from my face. “Only problem is I’m not sure if Jace is the only one.” --JACE’S POV-I stepped up to the young airport worker who inspected my ticket right after giving me the up-down. She blushed and giggled when she handed back the ticket and I rolled my eyes. I was so irresistible and normally I loved it, but needless to say I was not in the best of moods. To make things worse, there were no seats left in first class. Not only did I not have the family jet, but I was being shut out of first class and kicked into economy. Oh, the horror. I sat down by the window, ignoring the few giggling girls around me. The seat next to me stayed empty and I got tired of waiting to see who I’d get to annoy the next hour and a half before the layover. My iPod entertained me for the next fifteen minutes before the flight attendants came by to check we had our seat belts buckled. Seriously, like I would die if the plane crashed. Ha!

Darn, no in flight movie. Well, I guess there wouldn’t be for such a short flight. Stupid layover. The lack of movie and unfortunate dead battery of my iPod gave me too much time to sit in the cramped, uncomfortable seat unable to recline and think about why I was fleeing boarding school. Why did I have to bite her? She was more irresistible than I. Her human blood had called out to me, and before I even thought about the consequences, the fact she might die, I bit her and then there was blood everywhere. Everyone got all edgy and started circling her, but I knew it was my duty to protect her. Then when she woke up, she kissed Soren. I should have been there to comfort her when she woke up, but my pride took over me and I could not give in to letting her win. I always win. But then… when she kissed me… it seemed as if she cared for me as I cared for her. Like she knew how much I loved her and needed her. The epitome of my mistakes was continuing on with the cold shoulder act after that. She yelled at me and then kissed EDWARD! EDWARD, my best friend! Ali’s confused about who she loves, I can tell. Ali. It hurt to think her name. An image of her popped into my head. Unfortunately, that image included Edward and Soren with her. And trust me, that hurt worse. “Please buckle your seatbelts for our landing in-” the last part was cut out by some mumbling. Whatever. I didn’t really care where we were, I was just anxious to get on the next plane that would finally deliver me home. It’s about time I got back to the palace. --ALI’S POV-This was crazy I knew it, but I couldn’t help myself. I’d done it on impulse. Of course I told Logan, Edward, Soren, Gabe, Carson and Maribel. Maribel offered to come along and I consented. I was not one for company but I knew things might not work out as planned and I could get very lonely. My willingness to spend time with my once dreaded roommate surprised me. Maribel was turning out to be a good friend. We weaved in and out of the plastic chairs, running to make it in time. People stared like we were maniacs, but not that many. Sprinting madly to avoid being late around here wasn’t so unbelievable. The trek over here had lent me a lot to learn about Maribel including the fact that she could see the future. I’d also confided in her me being able to read people’s minds apparently. We tested it out more and indeed found that

it was true. “You ready for this Ali?” Maribel asked as we handed the paper some lady. She gave it back promptly. “Ready as I’ll ever be. How’s the future looking?” I asked as we dashed down the hall despite we were there. No time to lose. “Great. Now run faster!” --JACE’S POV-New plane after a three hour layover in who knows where. I was hoping this time for people in the seats adjacent to me so I would have entertainment in annoying them out of their minds for the four and half-hour flight. The rest of the plane filled up but still, the two seats next to me were empty. I was told by the flight attendant that I’d be having company. Guess she was wrong. I sighed and looked down at my phone for the time. Eight o’ five. Night flights were my favorite. The way you could see nothing in the darkness, then all of a sudden out of nowhere, pinpricks of light shine up and group together to form cities, streets, suburbs even. I looked up and was taken aback. The person sitting next to me was… --MARIBEL’S POV-I blinked twice and stared at my brother. His mouth hung slightly open. “Maribel?” Jace asked incredulously. “Hey big brother,” I shifted my weight from foot to foot, feeling kind of awkward. “What are you doing here?” Jace patted the seat next to him, motioning I should sit down. But I didn’t. I wasn’t here to see him, Ali was. “Um… I’m not exactly… I mean, uh…” I stuttered and stopped. Jace could tell there was something wrong. He always could. “Just tell me Bells,” Jace inhaled sharply and put his head in his hands. “Well… it’s not exactly me who wants to talk to you. Uh, Jace, just talk to Ali!” I gave up and pushed him out of his seat. He stumbled into Ali. “Ali- wha…” he stared blankly at the girl he loved. How could he not have anything to say?! Poor, poor boy.

--ALI’S POV-I stood there as still as a statue waiting for Jace to say something. Strange, I couldn’t read his mind. “Excuse, me flight attendant?” he called for the skirted lady traversing the aisles of the plane in high heels. “May I help you sir?” she asked, eyeing the muscles rippling out of Jace’s tightly fitted shirt. Wow. I’m kind of old for him but I wonder ifWHOA! Did not need to hear that! This mind reading thing was kind of showing me a downside. “Yes. This young lady here did not mean to board this particular flight. Is there any way she could get off?” Jace asked the woman. I turned away from her and my mouth dropped open. Couldn’t we even talk about it? I mean, he just couldn’t send me on back to the airport like I’d never ran after him in the first place! “Too late for that,” the flight attendant looked at me, snickered and turned away to glide along the aisle once again. She’s got no chance. Jace looked at me again and I felt my heart rip. “Jace. I didn’t chase you all this way to have you try and send me back. I don’t know where you are going but it looks like you have no choice. I’m coming with you.” I sat down in the aisle seat and Jace stepped over me to sit next to Maribel his sister. That was a big surprise. She’d never acted like he was her brother. She’d never even mentioned it. “Ali…” Jace started and I snapped back to the present. I noticed Maribel had turned on her iPod and was staring out the window. “Jace?” “I don’t know what to say to you. I told you… I showed you how I felt and then you went and acted like it was nothing.” Jace looked at me, with hurt in his eyes. “I-I… I don’t know what I was thinking when I did that. Never mind. I wasn’t thinking when I did that. I realized the mistake right after I did it. I’m so sorry,” I hung my head and couldn’t help but let a few tears run

down my face. “The only thing I can say to that is-” --SOREN’S POV-At first I was kinda angry when Carson told me that Ali had left to run after Jace. Then I realized trying to get her to like me was a lost cause. She was clearly in love with Jace, I was just to stupid to see it before. Oh well. There were plenty more hot vampire girls out there anyways. “Hey Soren, dude, let’s grab some dinner before the cafeteria closes,” Logan poked his head in my room. I threw the last dart at the dartboard, smirked at the bulls-eye and left the room. All the guys -Jace excludedand Lacey were waiting in the hall. I noticed Gabe and Lacey holding hands as we stepped into the elevator. Was I the only one facing rejection? Well, not considering Edward, because he bounces back fast. “What’s on the menu tonight?” I asked missing the sign as we walked by. “Mexican food,” Carson grimaced. “Oh gross! I’d rather have a girly little salad then eat Mexican food!” I cried and my stomach growled as if in response. “Hey! It is not girly to have a salad. Besides salad’s aren’t all just lettuce. Some have chicken…” Lacey shot back and I stopped listening to what she said. It didn’t really matter. “Are you even listening to me?” I suddenly heard Lacey yell in a shrill voice. “Yeah, something about some salads have chicken, etcetera, etcetera,” I shrugged. “Um, that was five minutes ago and the lunch lady is waiting for your order. You are holding up the line,” Lacey smirked. I grabbed my food angrily, ate it fast and sulked back to our dorm with Carson. “Man what’s your problem today?” Carson asked, invading the silence very rudely. “Nothing. It’s all good now. I’m still in shock that Ali just… left!” I confessed.

“Well, Jace won’t want to see her that’s for sure, so we can expect her back anytime now,” Carson joked, elbowing me in the ribs. All of a sudden the ground began to rock. Earthquake? Nope. Right as I thought it, an explosion erupted from our dorm, the third floor right about where… Ali’s room was. Somebody had set off a bomb in Ali’s room! --ALI’S POV-I was afraid that the rest of the trip would be silent but all of a sudden Jace turned to me. I replayed the earlier conversation we’d had in my mind: “I-I… I don’t know what I was thinking when I did that. Never mind. I wasn’t thinking when I did that. I realized the mistake right after I did it. I’m so sorry,” I hung my head and couldn’t help but let a few tears run down my face. “The only thing I can say to that is I think it’s better if we just pretend like we’ve never even met each other before,” he turned away from me and I could tell it hurt him to say that. “Is that a pamphlet for Diamond Ridge Boarding School?” he asked pointing to the pamphlet I had forgotten to take out the side of my carry-on bag. “Yeah…” I didn’t know where he was going with this. “Do you go there?” he asked me, looking genuinely curious. “Yeah…” I was still unsure of what he was trying to prove. “Me too! Hi, I’m Jace,” he smiled and stuck out his hand. I shook it enthusiastically and my face broke into a huge grin. “I’m Aliandra, but you can call me Ali,” I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. “You know Ali, you are really quite beautiful,” Jace leaned in closer to me and twirled a piece of my hair around his finger. I was speechless. “Can I kiss you Aliandra?” he asked. I smiled. “How’s this for an answer?” I asked and I kissed him.

How she managed to get him I will never know. I broke off the kiss and giggled. “What?” Jace asked. “Oh, I didn’t tell you I can read minds?” I giggled again, motioning to the flight attendant standing a little ways down the aisle. “Oops.” “Can you read my mind?” his eyes widened and he looked at me in alarm. “No actually. I don’t know why I can’t.” I pondered. He gave a huge sigh of relief. “Wait, why? What were you thinking?” I asked, perhaps too curious for my own good. “Nothing,” he blushed. “Fine. But one day I’ll wake up and be able read your thoughts and you’ll regret ever thinking what ever it is you are thinking!” I threatened and he laughed. “How about I just tell you what I’m thinking? Right now I thinking that was one amazing kiss and I want to kiss you again,” Jace leaned in and kissed me again. I was in heaven. --EDWARD’S POV-I stepped around the rubble carefully, and couldn’t believe my eyes. This was a major situation. Somebody had tried to kill Ali. This was the last straw. I was BEYOND tired of people messing with Ali and this was just icing on the cake. I was going to find whoever this was and kill them before they could kill Ali. Game on. “Classes start in a week and one of the students rooms just got BLOWN UP!” I could hear headmaster Pierce screaming at somebody on the phone. Nothing he could do would help the situation. This was a vampire war in the making and you can’t get a human to fix a vampire’s problem. “Gabe!” I called out to my friend. His light hair was completely covering eyes and I couldn’t tell when he looked at me. “What?” he looked up and brushed the hair out of his eyes.

“Are you up for this? I need your help.” I replied solemnly. Gabe was the best tracker I knew and probably already knew how to find our culprit just by looking around the room. “Sure. For you. But for Ali too. We have to warn her. I mean, we can’t let her get hurt.” Gabe started inspecting the crime scene working around the angry-looking forensic experts. “I agree. But I don’t want to worry her,” I reasoned. She didn’t need to know that a bunch of people were out to kill just because she was a female noble-blood. That was kinda how the last girl noble-blood, Alzi, died. Assassinated. “So she went to chase after Jace? If she’s with Jace, then we call Jace and tell him so he can watch out for her, but we can make sure he doesn’t tell her.” Gabe suggested. Jeez he was smart. I never would have thought that. Maybe he just seems smart because I’m kinda dumb. Gabe tossed me his phone and I dialed Jace’s number. --JACE’S POV-Kissing Ali was amazing. I told her again and again she was beautiful and she told me what everyone around us was thinking. “’Kay. See that old lady across and up one row?” she whispered, with her face close to mine. “Yeah. What’s she thinking?” I asked. The grey-haired hawk-eyed woman turned to look back at us every couple of minutes or so. “Uh she’s thinking about why we can’t keep our hands to ourselves,” Ali giggled and blushed. I leaned in to kiss her again when my phone (that wasn’t supposed to be on) rang loudly. I answered it quickly and looked over to see Maribel sleeping soundly. “Hello?” I asked, wondering who’d called me. Only a couple people had my number. “Jace? Is that you?” Edward sounded frantic. “Yes its me. What do you want? I’m kind of busy,” I asked, irritated. Why was he bothering me? “Well this is important! Is Ali with you?” Edward nearly screamed into the phone. I turned to look at Ali. She was smiling brightly at me.

“Yes. Would you just get to the point already?” I inquired. “SOMEBODY IS TRYING TO ASSASSINATE ALI!” Edward yelled, “But you cannot tell her!” I looked over at Ali again. She was still smiling, luckily, she hadn’t heard Edward’s screaming. “What? I am going to kill them.” I growled. Nobody was going to hurt my Ali. --UNKNOWN POV-I stroked my chin, deep in thought, as if I had beard. I wondered for a moment what I’d look like with a beard, peering in the mirror, picturing myself with scraggly hair all over my chin. EWWWW. Not a pretty picture. Then I snapped back to the present and slipped on the leather gloves over my hands. I pulled the sacred object out of my bag and set down the bomb carefully. I was sure she was asleep in her room so I set the bomb next to the door. Checking the activator, I slipped out the window and alighted on the ground with cat-like reflexes. Raising the activator high to the building I stood in the wet grass, waiting for my revenge. 5... 4... 3... 2... ONE. I pressed the button and the room exploded in flames. Mission accomplished. I tossed the activator into the fire and walked away. My ski mask and black sweatshirt went into my bag, and I blended into the mass of students rushing to see what had happened in Ali’s dorm. --ALI’S POV-Jace looked angrier then I’d ever seen him in my entire life. He punched the END button on his phone with an livid fierceness and slammed it down into his bag. “Who are you going to kill Jace?” I asked, batting my eyelashes at him. He seemed fazed by my beauty and was speechless for a moment. “Jace?” I said again, firmer in my tone. “Uh, oh, I was kidding. Edward told me that Logan stole all of my chocolate bars from my mini-fridge. I can’t live without my chocolate,” Jace smiled. I was dying to read his mind about now because I didn’t believe a word of his BS. I laughed a genuinely as I could. I was going to find out what was going on NO MATTER WHAT.

Jace leaned over and woke Maribel up to whisper something in her ear. Her eyes widened and she started to blurt something out, when Jace covered her mouth with his hand. I really wanted to know what was going on that Jace was trying to keep from me, but I wasn’t in the mood for that. All I wanted to do was get off of this plane and get home. Home? Wait, I didn’t even know where this plane was going! “JACE!” I cried out alarmingly. “What?” he turned sharply, fire in his eyes. “Where is this plane going?” he looked at me like I was crazy, full of endless questions. “England,” Jace replied. My mouth dropped open. “England?” I exclaimed. “Yeah, we live in the English countryside. You know, huge, old castles?” Jace shrugged as if it was no big deal. Now I’d thought my penthouse in New York City was nice but seriously, and old English castle in the European countryside?? WOW. “You okay?” Maribel inquired, leaning over Jace to look at me closely. “I’m fine. In shock that you live in a castle in England, but I’m great. Never better.” “You don’t look fine,” Maribel mumbled, leaning back in her seat. “When can we go back to school?” I asked slowly, wishing to get back to Diamond Ridge ASAP. “You don’t want to visit Europe? That’s like every girl’s dream,” Jace laughed. “Not mine,” Maribel said happily. Jace rolled his eyes. “That’s because you live in Europe!” Jace shook his head in disappointment of his sister. “Wait. Maribel is your sister. So shouldn’t she be noble-blooded if you are?” I asked the one-million and first question of the day. “She’s my step-sister. She was already a 10-year-old vampire girl when

her mom met my dad and they got married. Technically she’s not related to me by blood, but we are still really close,” Jace squeezed Maribel into a half-hug and she pretended to be choking. “So… about Europe?” I squealed as we stepped off the plane. “Yay!! I can’t believe we are in Europe!” I screamed for about the hundredth time. “Chill Ali, it’s just Europe. It’s no big deal.” Maribel rolled her eyes and led me through the airport, knowing exactly where she was going. “Uh, it is to me!” I scoffed. She was unbelievable. “Europe gets really boring after like… a day. Trust me. I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma. Coming here was a total culture-shock. But like I said after the first day- boring,” Maribel shrugged. “Don’t listen to her. I see something more and more beautiful each time I visit Europe. It’s like looking at you. Every time I look it’s more gorgeous then ever.” Jace pulled me into a kiss. AWW! How sweet was that!! He was like the best boyfriend ever. And this time it just wasn’t one of those guys that I dated cause he was hot. This time it was real. I loved Jace, I really did. I could tell he loved me back. You didn’t have to read his mind to see that. Speaking of reading minds, Maribel’s thoughts continued to drive me to the point of rolling on the floor laughing. She thought out every little thing. Step, step, hair swish. Turn to the right to tease the poor guy standing over there. Breathe in, breathe out. Smile and giggle like I’m having a good time. Bob head to the left and swing purse. I laughed very loudly. Jace looked at me but Maribel who was so concerned on being enviable to everyone around her didn’t notice. Jace shot me another questioning glance. “People’s thoughts,” I whispered and burst into a fit of giggles. This would never get old. “You know, this whole you being able to read minds thing is getting kind of old,” Jace ran his hands through his hair.

“Not to me. This is hilarious. If only I could read your mind…” I pondered glancing over at him without turning my head, “What are you thinking right now?” “That I’m going to show you the village I grew up in,” Jace smiled and Maribel whirled around to grimace at him. “NO.” she moaned. “Yes. We are going back to where I grew up.” Jace grinned proudly. “You lived in a village?” I asked, curious why the Prince of the Vampire Race would grow up in a humble little village in the country. “Doesn’t mean he lived with the peasants,” Maribel mumbled and continued her thinking of impressing the world around her. Right foot, left foot, smile flirtatiously. Swing my hips and swing my purse likeYou get the picture. The drive to Jace’s village was silent, but I was paying close attention to the drivers mind. That made things a whole lot more interesting. Oh man are these chicks hot. I wonder if I could get their digits. The blonde one is FINE but there’s something about the dark-haired one… Could he tell? That I was a vampire? I tried my best to block out his thoughts and avoid his lustful eyes in the rearview mirror for the rest of the drive by kissing Jace. That sure made the driver stop looking at me. Two hours later we were walking through a village market somewhere in the English countryside. I was looking at everything while Jace and Maribel looked at me being curious of everything. I skipped about the stands looking at everything from jewelry to pottery to beaded fabrics. I dashed into a whole building displaying all sorts of beautiful fabrics and Jace and Maribel stayed outside. A strange old lady dressed quite plainly came up to me her arms full of fabrics. I looked at them. They were nothing special. “Oh, they are lovely,” I smiled nicely and was ready to leave. “No, no! These are not for you. I have special piece you will die for!” the lady said menacingly, with a bright smile plastered on her wrinkly face. She set down her fabrics and took my wrist. She lead me off behind a

curtain to a darker room. “My most prized fabric,” the woman crowed. Hanging on the wall was a tapestry-like piece encrusted with pearls and jewels. “It suits you. No?” the woman asked. It was… flashy. “ALI!” Jace called. I turned to the old lady. “I should be going. Thank you,” I smiled and turned to leave but she grabbed my arm with an unprecedented steely grip. “We can’t have those two nosy companions of yours coming after you, now can we?” the woman held me against the wall. “Wha-” I stopped as she pressed a rag up to my nose. I inhaled sharply. A strong, noxious scent reached my nose. The world began to fizz out into blackness and I stumbled about into the entire world went dark. I sat up and opened my eyes, feeling tingly all over. Still I could not see a thing. Grey gloominess clouded everything but a voice rose from the murk. “Awake, dear princess?” the cruel, cold voice asked me, without revealing a face to match the speech. Something hard and sharp dug into my ankle. I twisted to try and relieve the pain but nothing helped. “Dear, if you don’t stop moving something very, very bad is going to happen. There is a bomb strapped to your ankle and I have the button to set it off right here. So let’s stop moving over there or I blow you to smithereens. Got it doll?” the voice was distinctively male and harsh. It was cutting. “Why are you doing this?!” I asked, starting to cry. On top of that I could feel blood running down my ankle. “Revenge.” The world went black again. -----JACE'S POV----“Her birthday?” I exclaimed in shock. She hadn’t mentioned that it was her birthday!

“You speak English?” Maribel cried in confusion. “Quite well actually, though it is a hard language. The hardest,” Eleni smiled brightly. “Are you sure it’s her birthday?” I asked, gulping loudly. “Yes. I’ve been celebrating on my own for the past sixteen years, unable to forget that angelic little face, dying from the poison dart stuck in her neck,” Eleni switched back to her native tongue, which annoyed Maribel. “Oh. Speaking of Ali… um, you’ll find her, ah, changed, so much so that you may not recognize her from the little girl kept in your memories,” I swallowed again, my throat feeling unbelievably dry, my palms sweaty. “You-” I smiled, and nodded, allowing her to continue. “JACE YOU TURNED HER INTO A VAMPIRE DIDN’T YOU?!” Eleni burst out in Lucifer’s Language. The words rolling off her tongue sounded evil and out of place. “How did you guess?” I shrugged sheepishly. “You seem like the type. Is she…?” “Noble-blooded, yes.” I nodded once again, grimly. “I think, no matter what, I will be able to recognize her. I’ve been staring at that face behind my eyelids for sixteen years. If I saw her I’d know.” Eleni sneered, angry with me now, “Also, would you like to explain to me, exactly why you bit her?” “I lost my self-control. It was sort of a love-hate relationship… ah, with the hate overpowering the love. One night at a party at my dorm room, she showed up wearing this amazing dress, coming in like she owned the place. She wasn’t invited and my hate had overpowered my love then. I went at her, nearly choked her to death. She passed out on the floor and I lost my control then- I just bit her. A few days later, she turned. The second noble blooded female vampire in all of history.” I explained quickly, suddenly eager to run up the hill and rip out Carlyle’s throat. “Shame on you. Is she happy in her new vampiric state?” Eleni said slowly, choosing her words carefully. “Quite actually. After she commanded the entire vampire race to not

desire to serve her, she found happiness in her new state- that is until I left her. She chased after me though and it was then we finally put away the hate to just love each other.” I sighed, verging on impatient. “So you love her then?” Eleni asked, in Lucifer’s Language again. She seemed to have an unending joy in switching languages she spoke it, while continuing one conversation. I could tell she was pleased that I spoke many languages, seeing that not many people would know dozens of languages like we seemed to. “I do. I love her,” I said in one of many Chinese dialects, testing her knowledge. She grinned hugely and returned in Chinese. “Good. Then you will not hurt her. Now, I think we’ve talked long enough. You said Duke von Druff kidnapped her? The pig. Let’s go get him.” Eleni stood up, and despite her short height, she looked like a good fighter and I heard Bells choke back a sob. She looked so similar to Ali… “So you are with us then?” I switched back to her native language, it was easier for both of us to speak. “I am. How could I abandon my sister whom I’ve been wishing was alive for the past sixteen years?” Eleni kicked her weaving work to the side and stood by my side. “What are you waiting for?” Maribel and Eleni asked me at the same time. I laughed and they giggled at each other. I’m glad they were getting along. We didn’t have time for quarreling or disagreements. Not if we were going to take down Carlyle and rescue Ali without alerting the guard. I think the easiest way to get in, was to be perfectly obvious, just as if we were dropping by for a normal visit. I shared my idea to Bells and she agreed that it was a smart plan. The guard couldn’t NOT let us in and Carlyle would be comfortable seeing us without his guard around. It was the perfect way to do things. So we stole a carriage from the nearest place we could find one and rode up Croft’s hill to stop at the gilded gates adorned with cherubs and guardian angels. The guards at the gates bowed quickly for us and the gates swung open into the black abyss of Diaden Manor. The natural landscape of the peak of Croft’s hill suited the black-bricked grimness of Diaden Manor. Everything about the old mansion reminded me of a haunted house without all the cheesy decorations. Perfectly suiting to the sniveling underhanded rat that was Cousin Carlyle. Eleni grimaced.

“It doesn’t look so scary from far away!” she gasped, her eyes huge saucers. “It’s okay. He’s not hard and fierce like his fortress. He’s a huge, teensized baby,” I put a hand on Eleni’s shoulder and she smiled up at me. “Let’s get Ali and… uh, actually what are we are we gonna do afterwards?” Eleni shifted on the uncomfortable carriage seat as it stopped in front of the huge gothic-styled doors of Diaden Manor. “Go back to boarding school and the one normalcy our lives have left.” I decided firmly. Once I got my hands on Ali, this European vacation was over and we were going back to home. Boarding school was our home. Our home. I wasn’t going back without her. Carlyle couldn’t be of any harm to any of us, no matter what he did he was still weak. The weakest vampire in existence. Weaker then the average human. “Boarding school?” Eleni asked, curiously, I was assuming that that she was wondering how she would fit into that plan, “What-” “Come to school with us Eleni! You’d fit in so great! Ali would love to have you around and I’m sure we could get a good bribe in to accept you mid-semester.” Maribel lit up at the idea. I noticed she’d abandoned her fake accent again, to her normal voice. The accent threw suspicion away from what she really way. It threw away suspicion from her seductive, drawing voice, her ferine, feline voice that just screamed “vampire!!”, like a flashing neon sign. She rarely ever abandoned her ditzy, overstressed, Texas accent. “Oh that would be so lovely. By the way, when do we get out of the carriage?” Eleni peered out the window. We’d been sitting in front of the Black Crypt (as Bells and I nicknamed it) for a considerable amount of time. “We when are fetched by the butler.” “Old prune,” Maribel muttered. Eleni smiled and peered anxiously out the curtained carriage window. “Is that the butler?” Eleni exclaimed in surprise. True she was, there enough stood Buxley, the ancient butler, slowly making his way to greet us and lead us to Duke von Druff. “That would be Buxley,” Bells grimaced, sighing as she watched Buxley take his ultra-slow labored steps towards the carriage out of the corner

of her eye. “Gosh. He’s so old and… slow,” Eleni murmured, sitting back with Maribel to await Buxley. The door creaked open as the footman pulled it open. Buxley offered up a gloved hand that all three of us ignored as we hopped out of the stolen carriage. Buxley’s hand fell to his side. “Ah, Mr. Jace and Miss Maribel,” the butler’s voice croaked as slow as his steps had been, “Accompanied by a new face. I’ve not had the pleasure…” “Eleni.” “Miss Eleni. You are here to see Duke von Druff are you not?” he turned back to Bells and I. “Yes Buxley. Where is he at this hour?” I asked, not wanting to follow the unbelievably slow butler to wherever Carlyle was. Plus if he was there, we’d have to kill him too. “The library Mr. Jace, shall I make your presence known?” Buxley asked in a raspy baritone. “No, I’m quite sure he knows we are here,” I assured him. “If I may ask, what is the occasion of your unexpected visit?” Buxley, smoothed out the coattails of his jacket, looking around nervously. Maribel began to sniffle and sob. “Our very good friend Aliandra was kidnapped from our home village and we were just wondering if Carlyle could help us lead a search to find her so she’s not put in any harm!” Maribel broke down into tears. If Buxley knew of Ali, he didn’t show it. “Please don’t cry Miss Maribel. Just run along and find Carlyle. I’m sure that his grace will be able to help in any way needed,” Buxley opened the giant gothic door for us. We dashed down the hall in an instant. It was on. Oh it was so on. --ELENI’S POV-Jace stopped in front of the black, majestic double doors, his feet planted wide, looking angrier then humanly possible. “Compose yourself Jace. Let me do the talking,” the gorgeous blonde

said and put once hand on the door, the other on Jace’s shoulder. “Alright. I’m fine. Thanks Bells.” Jace pulled his sister into a hug and as they broke off the sentiment, Maribel pushed open the door. A short, skinny, sunken-faced boy sat by a giant crackling fire contained in a huge marble fireplace. The boy, Carlyle??, was dressed grimly in a long black cloak that covered up whatever other grim clothing he probably had on underneath it. His greasy dark hair was slicked back with all sorts of gel. Ew. “Cousins. Peasant girl,” Carlyle looked up acknowledging us. My mouth hung open. I growled unexpectedly at him. “She is no peasant girl Carlyle,” Jace snapped. I could see Carlyle was scared of Jace but he was trying his best not to show it. “Why are you here?” Carlyle ignored the comment of Jace’s defense for me. “OH CARLYLE!” Maribel burst into tears and fell to the ground. “Maribel?” Carlyle ran over to Maribel and I nearly gagged. He had a crush on her! Oh that is so gross! I saw Jace roll his eyes as if to say “Was this completely necessary?”. Maribel howled and let the tears flow. Carlyle bent over her with mounting concern. “My friend Ali, well she was kidnapped! And we have no idea where she is! She’s the heir to the throne other then Jace and noble-blooded of course but we were at Jace’s hometown and she was kidnapped. We have no idea who took her or where they took her! Can you help us find her?” Maribel’s dramatic outburst was inaudible but clever. Carlyle had no idea we knew he was the kidnapper. “I will do everything in my power to help you find Ali,” Carlyle smirked at some inside joke, immediately giving us 200% positivity that it was indeed Carlyle who’d kidnapped my sister. “Ah, Cousin Carlyle, but we both know your best effort won’t be enough,” Jace snarled. --ALI’S POV-I sat up in the darkness, sitting in a puddle of my own never-ending tears, feeling the device strapped to my ankle pressing into the skin,

forcing it to break and spill my blood into the pool of tears. At once low voices reached my ears, sobbing and hysterics. A familiar, fake-sounding voice. Maribel! I opened my mouth to yell but no sound came out. So I listened. Listened to what Maribel was crying about. “My friend Ali, well she was kidnapped! And we have no idea where she is! She’s the heir to the throne other then Jace and noble-blooded of course but we were at Jace’s hometown and she was kidnapped. We have no idea who took her or where they took her! Can you help us find her?” I could hear Maribel sobbing. How could she not know I was here?! I was right here, behind the fireplace in the grim haunted house castle. I still couldn’t find the words to speak, but I heard my captor comforting Maribel. “I will do everything in my power to help you find Ali,” I heard the horrid voice that haunted my dreams every night- the awful dreams where I was reaching for Jace, tortured, dying Jace but then my captor grinned and pressed the button to execute me before muttering the last words I’d ever hear, “Now I can be King!”. “Ah, Cousin Carlyle, but we both know your best effort won’t be enough,” I heard Jace snarl. Cousin Carlyle? Jace? JACE!! He was here, he had to rescue me. “Whatever do you mean, my dear cousin,” ‘Cousin Carlyle’ my captor asked innocently. Jace had to know that Carlyle was the one who’d kidnapped me! “What I mean to say is that I know that you kidnapped Ali!” Jace’s voice shook with anger. He was trying so hard not to kill his cousin, I could tell. “What?! Me?” Carlyle gasped, shocked at the notion Jace would even suggest that. Jace was here to save me! I started shaking with sobs, the tears rolling down my face even more then before. I gasped and shuddered, curling a ball and waiting for Jace to save me. “YOU KIDNAPPED MY SISTER,” an unfamiliar, feminine voice growled. Her sister? Did she mean me?? I didn’t have a sister. Reality snapped into focus as if for the first time in the last few hours I’d been here. A plethora of people’s thoughts flooded into my mind. He kidnapped Ali my sister. After all this time, I realize she’s alive only

to find she’s been kidnapped! He kidnapped the girl I love just so he could have a shot at being King! He was going to kill her! Not anymore! I’m going to save her and finish off this sniveling rat once and for all! Oh I hope Ali’s okay! It’s her birthday too! What a shame! Where could Carlyle be hiding her? Hmm… after all the years playing hide-and-goseek here, where were the best hiding spots? OH! The old dungeon behind the fireplace! I bet she’s in there. While Jace fights Carlyle Eleni and I will just sneak in there and take her out the back exit. Jace will meet up with us when he’s done with Carlyle. I caught the entire plan from Maribel’s thoughts. But… what about the bomb strapped to my ankle? I couldn’t escape that by running from Carlyle! Did Maribel know about the bomb? I reluctantly turned back to the conversation on the other side of the wall. “STOP RIGHT THERE!” Carlyle warned and I heard shuffling feet stop, frozen in place. “Let Ali go and I’ll spare your life Carlyle,” Jace growled gutturally. They all hissed at something Carlyle did and he spoke again, the voice haunting me every time I closed my eyes. “Take one more step and I blow Ali to smithereens. You see, I have a bomb strapped to her ankle. The button to detonate that bomb is in my hand. Move and she dies- do you hear me!?” Carlyle screamed. I could image Jace’s shocked face, the shock of being beaten. Realization dawned on me. There was nothing they could do to save me. I was as good as dead. Nothing can save Ali now. She is mine, all mine, dead meat. Nobody can stop me, I will be King! I shuddered at Carlyle’s thoughts. But I knew deep down that he was right. I was dead meat. I was his dead meat. Not even the incredible Jace could stop Carlyle now. A thought from the unfamiliar girl (Eleni?) struck me. Ali is just behind that fireplace, I can feel it! If I can distract Carlyle long enough for Jace to knock that button out of his hand, then Maribel and Jace can take down Carlyle and I can go for Ali. Just have to get that remote out of his hands…

I heard a commotion outside the wall and a bloodcurdling scream. A few moans caught my sensitive ears as well as an -oomph!- and a loud thud. What happened? It sounded like somebody was seriously injured! Who was it? Carlyle I prayed. Suddenly, the wall in front of my began to turn but the face there was one I did not expect to see. --ALI’S POV-I wasn’t quite sure exactly who I was looking at, but she seemed to recognize me right away. “Ali?” she breathed, with a small gasp. “And you are…?” I shook my head, expressing the fact I had no idea who this beautiful girl in front of me was. “Eleni. Your sister Eleni.” tears began to roll down her face and she fell to her knees. “I… have a sister?” I asked, ignoring the burning pain in my ankle and the blood all around me. “Yes! You were with our mother, Marina, you were shot… I thought you were dead!” Eleni sobbed, burying her face in her hands. My heart went out to her. She really was my sister and she’d really thought I was dead. Visions snapped in my memory, watching a young version of Eleni being pulled away by maids, turning to my mother who was dying beside me… I was so young, yet the visions appeared in my head so crystal clear. Like it was yesterday or today even… “Eleni!” I cried out and we embraced, like I imagined two long-lost sisters would. We held each other for awhile until I began to sob for a different reason. “Jace!” I moaned, “Where is he?” Eleni broke off the hug and stared at me sadly. Suddenly Maribel ducked into the room and helped me up, into a tight hug. She squeezed me until I imagined (if I were human) I would have no breath left. “Where’s Jace?” I repeated again, more urgently, “Is he hurt?!” Reality hit me. Of course he was hurt! He’d died protecting me! Maribel was silent as she went to work taking the bomb off my ankle. I stood still, mostly out of anger. Angry tears ran down my face. I had no

idea until now that vampires could cry. That fact was now undeniable, just by the tear-puddle on the floor where I’d been sitting, huddled in the corner. “Jace?” I finally asked again, my voice weak and desperate. “Come,” Maribel said finally. We walked, fast, but it felt slow, two villages over to a huge beautiful castle glistening in the shimmery sunlight. Maribel led us in through the back, down many halls, up many staircases until we were at a pair of narrow double doors engraved with strange symbols I did not recognize. Eleni murmured something under her breath, tracing over the symbols with her fingers. Was she reading it? She certainly wasn’t a vampire, that I was sure of, but not fully human either. I’d have to ask her later. Now all that mattered was Jace. “This might be too much,” Eleni stopped her murmuring and stared up at Maribel. “Is it that bad?” I asked quietly, reaching down to rub my tender ankle. Not that it mattered at all. “Yes,” Eleni and Maribel said in unison. “I can handle it.” I replied and pushed open the doors myself. I was NOT some wimpy girl who cried over a broken nail. I could certainly handle whatever was waiting for me in that room ahead“A-” I had nothing to say. The breath was knocked out of me- and not in a good way. In the middle of the cheerily decorated room was a bed resembling one from a hospital- metal sides, all white sheets and pillows, tubes and wires snaking from the nearly lifeless body to dozens of whirring machines and beeping devices. What took my breath away the most was the sunken-faced person lying in the bed. Jace was greenish-pale, his sunken-in cheeks black. He looked twiggy and lifeless, without any pumping blood, his limbs hung by his side like he had no energy to put them elsewhere. His fingers twitched lightly, every time one certain machine beeped. His eyes were open but rolled back into his head so only the whites were showing. His flawless skin was covered in yellow bruises and stitched up cuts covered with specks of dried blood. His usually gorgeous long hair was stuck to his head with sweat and his mouth hung open slightly, lazily.

I crashed to the floor and lay there in blackness for awhile. When I opened my eyes Eleni and Maribel smiled. “Told you so,” Eleni muttered under her breath. They both smiled at each other, then turned back to the faces of doom and gloom. “Can I talk to the doctor? Or somebody? ABOUT THAT!” I nearly screamed pointed a quivering figure at Jace’s skeleton lying on the hospital-issue bed looking like an abused corpse. “I wouldn’t-” Eleni began but Maribel cut her off. “Let her. We are leaving in a few hours anyways. Now or never,” Maribel shrugged and snapped her fingers in the air impatiently, like summoning a waiter at a fancy restaurant or something. A man in a very, very fancy suit walked calmly out from behind a curtain. Ooh, creepy. “I am Doctor Villarreal,” the man said with the blankest, blandest, most uncaring expression I have ever seen in my entire life. “Why are you here if you don’t care?” I asked him out of nowhere. His blank countenance turned to one of shock. “What makes you think I don’t care?” Dr. Villarreal asked, his voice cracking. “Your face. Your emotion. You might as well be screaming it to the world,” I shrugged. He blinked sharply twice and peered in closely at me. “Delusions. Wrongful accusations,” the doctor mumbled to himself as if… cataloguing my symptoms like I was one of his dying patients. “I am NOT one of your patients. Right now you are here to tell me about Jace. The real dying one,” I exclaimed, fighting the urge to punch this emotionless rock. His face smoothed over, back to blank. “That is fact. Young Prince Jace is dying. Without me he will without question die. I need my space to work on him properly, so I suggest you go on back to your little boarding school before I am forced to have you escorted off the premises.” the doctor looked me in the eyes with an expression of pure carelessness. I gritted my teeth, kept my dignity and left the room, but not before I sucked up my courage to bend down by Jace and kiss him softly on the lips.

--EDWARD’S POV-“Carlyle? Their cousin kidnapped Ali!? The one in the lineage for King?” I asked Gabe. He only nodded. I gasped. The lineage for King of the Vampires! That was it! “Carlyle wants to be King! He’s going to kill Jace and Ali for the throne!” I shouted at Gabe. “No. He’s not. There is another in line,” Gabe shook his head, deep in thought. Did I ever mention he randomly saw short glimpses of the future? Well it’s true! “Who? What are you seeing Gabe?” I asked, as Gabe focused in on the future that was conveniently coming to him. “Eleni.” “Who is Eleni? And does she freaking save Ali or not!?” I yelled. That was about how things had gone when we found out Ali had been kidnapped. Suddenly, my phone rang. Jace’s name lit up the screen. “Yo dude, did you rescue Ali?” I asked frantically and was surprised to hear another voice on the line. “Edward?” the ditzy, Texan accent shot through the phone loudly. “Maribel?” I asked, quite surprised that it wasn’t actually Jace who’d called me. “Yes.” “Why are you calling off of Jace’s phone?” I skipped the sentimental greetings. There was no time for that. “Uh, my brother… I mean Jace, kind of had this condition and he won’t be back at boarding school for probably the next month.” Maribel gulped nervously and I could hear it over the phone. “Jace is your brother?” I exclaimed in shock. Nobody knew that Jace had a sister. He never told any of us that… “Yes. But we don’t need to talk about that now. Listen. Ali was kidnapped. But we figured it out, who kidnapped her and bombed her

room I mean it was-” “Your Cousin Carlyle,” I cut her off. “How’d you know?” Maribel stuttered, taken off guard. “Gabe. He’s the best vampire tracker on the continent.” I laughed and Gabe, who sitting next to me smiled proudly. “Oh. Well anyways. We rescued Ali, but in the process, Jace got seriously hurt… --JACE’S POV (the day before at Diaden Manor)-“What I mean to say is that I know that you kidnapped Ali!” my voice was shaking with anger. I knew Ali was in this room. I could smell her flowery, yet vampiric scent. “What?! Me?” Carlyle gasped, backing up against the side of the fireplace. Eleni snarled behind me. “YOU KIDNAPPED MY SISTER,” Eleni started to advance on Carlyle but I saw Maribel hold her back. Carlyle was mine. I went to lung at Carlyle but he put a hand up, a smirk stretching across his face. “STOP RIGHT THERE!” he yelled menacingly. What could he possibly do to stop me? --JACE’S POV-“Let Ali go and I’ll spare your life Carlyle,” I growled gutturally, stepping closer to Carlyle. However that was a lie. I’d kill him after he let Ali go and if I could I’d clone him just so I could kill him again… and again, and again. Carlyle smirked and pulled a tiny black box out of his cloak. “Take one more step and I blow Ali to smithereens. You see, I have a bomb strapped to her ankle. The button to detonate that bomb is in my hand. Move and she dies- do you hear me!?” Carlyle screeched, raising the box high above his head. I lunged for it and he snapped it down quick. I pulled my dagger and slashed out at him. I managed to get in a couple good stabs before Eleni pounced. The girl was tiny, but amazingly skilled in fighting. She sat on top of Carlyle and took blow after blow to him. He lashed back at Eleni, fangs bared but had no chance. He gave up fighting and lay helplessly under Eleni’s beating. Eleni stood up, giving way for me to finish him off. I yanked him up by

his cloak and he let loose a bloodcurdling scream. What a baby! No, that was a lie too. A newborn baby vampire could fight better then Carlyle. Suddenly with unexpected force, Carlyle gave me a nice roundhouse kick to the chest and I flew back into the wall. Out of nowhere a vampire lunged from the shadows and began tearing at my skin with his teeth. His eyes leaked blood and flashed with a strange ruby color I’d never seen before. It was a level of un-control I’d never faced before. We began tearing each other apart, literally. I gashed at his side, he swiped out at my face. Back and forth, again and again. I wasn’t sure what was still holding me together anymore as I finally got a shot at beheading the monstrous vampire on top of me. I struck at his neck and blood spattered all over my face, clouding my vision, and (due to a drop on my lip) spiked my thirst. I kicked the vampire off of me and circled over him menacingly. He was small but muscular and agile. I held him down with my foot and pressed my shoe into his exposed neck. “I am going to kill you now,” I whispered and snapped his neck. I ripped his head from his body and tossed it to Maribel who licked the blood at the edges tenderly. “Not quite as good as human blood, eh Jace?” Maribel smirked, glancing over at Eleni for a brief moment. She snickered. “Don’t even think about it Maribel,” I warned, not looking at her as I took long strides over to where Carlyle cowered in the corner, crying and blubbering like a baby. “I wasn’t!” Maribel scoffed, insulted that I would think that. She was bent over the vampire who’d attacked me, ripping him to pieces. I rolled my eyes and bent down over Carlyle. “You deserve to die. Now is your time Carlyle. Any last words?” I grinned evilly at him, preparing to kill him once and for all. “A-” “Too bad. You don’t get any last words,” I ripped him in half and began ripping him to pieces to burn him- only way to kill a vampire. That was when I felt my adrenaline high leave and I could feel just how much blood I’d lost and how weak I was. Then the world blacked out. --ALI’S POV--

“Classes start in a week?” Eleni asked, curiously, staring out the window of the airplane before looking down to the pamphlet for school. I’d made sure that she was enrolled and I was sure we could squeeze her in at our room, or find her another room with somebody else when we got there. Speaking of getting there, we had… ten minutes. “Yeah, a week,” Maribel said quietly, so much unlike her normal self. “Maribel, are you okay?” I asked, snapping out of my trance, dreaming of Jace and turned to the vampire. “No. I’m not. I’m… I’m worried,” Maribel sniffled, tears forming at her eyes. “Me too,” I sucked in a breath and bit my lip. We hugged for a moment, and then broke off as the plane began to dip in for a landing. Eleni took a deep breath- it was her first time flying. We were let off the plane first- the whole noble-blooded girl vampire thing and all. Eleni marveled at everything she saw. Wait till she saw the freaking school. Suddenly, I felt a presence behind me and I snapped around, grabbing a neck. Maribel and Eleni gaped at me. I realized I had Logan against the wall by his neck. “OMG. Logan! I am so sorry!” I gasped, letting him go and yanking him into a huge hug. “Ouch. Ow. Ow. You are too strong for your own good Ali,” Logan grimaced, rubbing his neck, then his shoulder. “Logan! I’m sorry! I guess I’m just really jumpy after I was kidnapped, ya know?” I tried to laugh it off lightly, but I knew that Logan had caught the crack in my voice when I spoke of the short kidnapping and the consequences for Jace… “It’s okay. Just try not to break my nearly unbreakable bones,” he hugged me again, this time softly. “Logan?” “Ali. Just don’t go off getting kidnapped again okay?” Logan said quietly in my ear. I nodded, feeling my eyes well up with tears. Logan pulled me back, out of the hug and wiped the overflowing tears from my eyes.

“Come on you guys, I am so tired of crying. Let’s just get back to the dorm. Please,” I asked and Logan, Maribel and Eleni followed after me. Oh! Eleni! I spun around, stopping on the huge green lawn in front of the clusters of castle-like dorms. Maribel stopped short and bumped into me, causing Logan to bump into her. Eleni stopped with incredibly sharp reflexes and avoided being knocked over. “WHAT THE HEL-” “Hold up,” I help up my finger, silencing and cutting off Maribel. “What?” Logan asked, standing up and offering Maribel a hand. They both glared at me for the fall. Not that it hurt them or anything. Seriously. Babies! “Eleni!” I exclaimed and she looked up. “What?” she stood next to me, and Logan gave me a questioning look. “Logan, this is my younger sister, Eleni,” my hand swept from Eleni to Logan. I turned then, to Eleni, “Eleni, this is my very good, and first friend at this school Logan.” Strangely, instead of the usual ‘Nice to meet you!’, Logan lifted his nose to the air towards Eleni and sniffed. Yes, he sniffed. “Your scent… it’s unlike any human, vampire, werewolf, demon or other creature I’ve ever met!” Logan burst out, loudly, mystified by Eleni’s unique scent. “Have you ever experienced the smell of a half-angel?” Eleni asked him, extremely willing to share her secret. Wait… that would make me a vampire-angel! Sweet! “You’re half-angel?” Logan asked in disbelief, sniffing the air again to catalogue the scent. “Yes. My- our- mother Marina was a fallen angel. Our father a brave, however human warrior. I was told from the day that Marina died that Ali was dead as well,” Eleni spoke with an unprecedented sadness in her magical, soft voice. “Hold on. So does that make Ali… Are you… half-vampire, half-angel?” Logan’s mouth hung agape.

“Yeah!” I smiled proudly. “Wow. Do you know what this means Ali?” Logan stuttered, trying to find the right words. “No…?” I trailed off, confused at what Logan was trying to imply. “That makes you the most powerful being in the entire world of mythical creatures. The ENTIRE world.” --JACE’S POV-Searing pain washed through my body whenever I breathed, whenever I moved. Not even lying still, motionless on the uncomfortable hospital bed could stop pain from shooting through me like being stabbed by a million daggers. Before I’d killed the vampire unsuccessfully guarding Carlyle, he’d cast some sort of black magic spell on me. It made my condition a million times worse then it normally would’ve been. I heard a door open and expected the funny-looking doctor to scuttle in, checking the whirring boxes and beeping monitors with rapt attention. Instead, my father appeared in my peripheral vision and I didn’t have the strength to turn my head a fraction of an inch to acknowledge him. I must have looked like a vegetable. “Son. I am pretty sure you can hear me, but a spell of black magic was cast upon you. Luckily, years past, I discovered the antidote. The doctor took the antidote and administered it to you quite quickly. My point here, is to show you that it was, I, your father, who played a part in saving your life. You owe me for this and I already have thought of a way you can repay me.” my father stopped, and if I’d had a clear view of his face, I would have seen the too-familiar smug grin that told me he’d won the argument. “Do not worry Jace, my son. It is a simple easy task. All you must do is kill Ali.” father’s voice was growing fainter but the last two words rang in my ears crystal clear and sharp. He slid a dagger in a small leather hilt under my thigh and said nothing more. The clickety-clack of his boots, alerted me of his going, leaving me to ponder his latest demand. Out of nowhere, I was having this urge to kill Ali. Half of me loved her more then life itself, but half of me, was tied in blood relation to my father and I had an overpowering urge to have to do what he said. Suddenly, I heard a new set of feet enter the room and my heard nearly stopped. One machine began beeping like crazy but all I saw was Ali,

standing at my bedside with eyes of compassion. “Jace?” she said in a small, meek voice. Luckily, the part of me that loved her, won over the part of me wanting to kill her- for the moment. My eyes flicked open (before she’d just been a picture in my imagination); now she was real and more beautiful then ever, standing beside my bed, looking ready to cry. “Ali?” I managed to say. “JACE!” she nearly screamed, and ran closer to jump down and hug me. She stopped, leaning over me, poised to jump and stepped back, “Sorry,” she mumbled. Ali’s hand was on my bed. I grabbed it and used all my strength to pull her down on top of me. I ignored the pain, only feeling Ali, laying over me. I saw Ali blush right before I pulled her down to kiss her. She kissed me back with a passion and lust I’d never felt from her before. Ali moaned softly and wrapped her arms around me. I flipped her over, so she was underneath me and now we were tangled in all the medical wires and tubes attached to me. Oh, well. Kill her. A voice in my head said. Kill her now, while she’s helpless in your arms. --TRENT’S POV-Obviously I was mad. For a month now I’d been sulking around the area of Aliandra’s school, trying to figure out what all these guys had that I didn’t. Seriously! I’d heard that she’d kissed three different guys that one day, and was now going out with some guy named Jace. “Stupid Jace,” I mumbled and a girl raised her head to me, with large, round eyes. “You shouldn’t be saying that about the vampire prince!” she chided and shook her head in disgust. My mouth dropped open. Vampire prince! That’s why… Was Aliandra a vampire now too? My voice caught in my throat. I had to find somebody to help me. Suddenly a sharp pain erupted through my neck as somebody yanked up the collar of my shirt and lifted me high into the air. “What do we have here? A puny human in vampire territory,” a rough voice hissed.

“I’m not the only human here!” I spat out and instantly regretted it. “Who else, mundane boy?” the voice asked, yanking me up higher in the air. “Aliandra Hotchkiss,” I said again, without thinking. I was dropped to the ground and my attacker began laughing hysterically. “One- Aliandra is a noble-blooded vampire,” the voice continued laughing, “And two- it’s going to be Aliandra Moonstar soon. She’s engaged to the vampire prince.” The world came crashing down around me. Engaged?! “Hmm, Percolus, I think we should take this one to the King. He seems to know Aliandra.” The last I saw was a fist coming at my face before my vision was blocked out by my heavy eyelids. --ALI’S POV-Jace’s lips moved passionately over mine as I lay on top of him. The feeling was amazing. Out of nowhere something frigid cold and flat was pressed up against my leg. Jace broke off the kiss, but not because either of us were out of breath -we didn’t need to breathe. His hand brushed down my calf and picked up the cold, flat thing. I propped myself up with my elbows so I could see what he was holding. “Ali…” he showed my the long-bladed dagger in his hands. I looked at him questioningly, but he put a finger to my lips and pressed the hilt of the dagger into my hands. “Please. Kill me Ali,” he pleaded and a gasp caught in my throat. “NO!” I cried loudly. “Shh, shh,” he cooed, “You have to. My father commanded me to kill you. I must follow what he says.” “Kill me? You can’t! But I will not allow you to die either. Why can’t we just run off? Your father can’t force you to kill me!” --JACE’S POV-“You don’t understand Ali,” I exhaled slowly, still bottling up the pain, “I am attached to my father by blood and therefore MUST do whatever he says or I will die an agonizing, painful death.” Realization hit her at full force. I could tell, for her face went from begging and pleading to grim

and despairing. “Kill me.” Ali said quietly, offering herself as a sacrifice. “No. I will not. The only way to end this is for you to kill me,” I pressed the knife back into her hands. “Is there no other way Jace?” she asked sadly, unable to kill me. I’d have to get somebody else to do it. Wait. There was one way. It would get my father to take back the order to kill me… “Well, there is something.” I amended, cautiously. What if she wasn’t ready? I mean it was a bit much. “What? Anything to spare your life Jace. I love you!” she cried out like a song. “Ali do you really love me?” I asked her sternly, trying to be sure that this was really what she wanted. “Yes Jace! Jace Moonstar, I LOVE YOU!” she yelled to the skies. “Aliandra Hotchkiss, I love you. Will you marry me?” I asked suddenly. She froze and stared at me, trying to soak in what I’d just asked her. “Did you just… ask…?” she trailed off, speechless. “Yes I did. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my never-ending life with you.” I said simply. Her mouth dropped open. Was this too sudden? Of course it was! I was so foolish to even ask that of her! “YEEES!” she began to sob- joy? Or hurt? “I love you Jace! Of course I’ll marry you!” Tears of joy. We embraced, still laying chest to chest on the hospital bed, entangled in the wires and tubes. That was when my father walked in. “Did you kill her son? Is she dead?” he ran over, like a giddy child. I gaped at him. Ali sat up, brushing off the tubes encircling her. She glared at my father, not caring he was the vampire KING. “Why would he kill his fiancée?” Ali asked with her magical, innocent sounding voice. “Fiancée?!” my father exploded with rage, his face as bright as a tomato. “Yep. I don’t think I’m dying anytime soon Daddy.”

--ELENI’S POV-School was set to start in only a few days Lacey had said. She was becoming a great friend, as well as all the guys at school. They adored me. Especially Ali’s friends, Logan, Edward, Gabe and Carson… (a week earlier, ~Ali’s arrival back to the school~) “Come on Ali, we have to get back to the dorm!” Logan began to pull Ali toward the majestic, castle-like dormitories. Maribel held me back as Logan and Ali raced ahead. “Eleni, let’s go! We have to get to Ali’s dorm before she does!” Maribel grabbed my arm and yanked me towards the dorms at inhuman speeds. “Wha-” “Her surprise birthday party! But DON’T think about it. She reads minds so-” “She can read minds?” I gasped, in shock. That was absurd, fairytale farce! “Yes. So you have to think of something else so she will be surprised by the party!” Maribel pulled me again, urgently, “Oh! Think about potatoes!” “Potatoes?” I asked skeptically. “Just do it!” Maribel yelled as she vaulted up into a dorm room through an open window. I followed cautiously, using some popped-out bricks as handholds for the climb. Good thing I was good at rock climbing. When I crawled through the window everyone turned to stare at me. So many of them looked hungry. I’d been around vampires before and I knew that my blood had the sweetest of smells. That’s what I get for being part angel. Stupid blood! The vampires were closing in and I was ready to defend myself when Maribel walked out of her room in a pretty dress, holding clothes draped over her arm for me. “Eleni! It took you long enough to get up here! Jeez!” Maribel grumbled at my lack of vampiric skills and threw the clothes at me. “What are-” “Get changed quick! She’s getting into the elevator now,” Maribel pushed me into the bedroom and closed the door behind me. At once I

heard an eruption of low voices. “Who was that?!” “Yeah, her sweet blood almost cost her her life!” “She’s so gorgeous, but not a vampire. That’s impossible,” I caught one guys voice. “I don’t care how pretty she is! If she comes any closer to me I’m going to suck her dry!” a different guy’s voice threatened, low and cold. “Nobody is going to suck her dry! I will go to the ends of the earth to protect this girl!” the first voice threatened right back. Who was this and why was he willing to protect me? He didn’t even know me. Plus, I could protect myself. I was an extremely skilled warrior in many arts of fighting, including methods immensely effective against vampires, werewolves and demons. “Edward, you would protect a human girl you don’t even know?” the second voice sneered as I shimmied out of the dress I’d traveled here in. “Soren. I know this sounds crazy but I would. Now control yourself!” the first guy, Edward said. I gasped. He would protect a human (well, partially) girl he didn’t even know! “Then protect her now! I’m going in there to suck every drop of blood from her body.” “I WILL FIGHT YOU SOREN,” Edward warned and my mind registered footsteps by the door. I was frozen, half changed into a party dress, standing in Maribel’s bedroom while two vampires fought over me. Unbelievable. Just as everyone yelled “SURPRISE!” Soren let loose a gut-wrenching roar and I could hear him collide with someone- Edward? The door in front of me flew inward and I shrunk back into the corner, the dress at my ankles. Ali leapt through the door and threw herself between Edward and Soren- the two gorgeous vampires wrestling on the floor, trying to kill each other. Ali stepped between them, gave a small push outward, and they each flew away from her, colliding with the wall on either side of Ali. “Leni! Are you okay?” Ali ran to me and we embraced, despite the fact I was huddling in a corner, wearing only my bra and panties.

“Jeez Al, nothing happened! I’m fine. Can I get this dress on and can we go out and celebrate your birthday?” I pleaded with her. No more drama, please! It was enough finding out that my sister was still alive, but we had to rescue her from a revenge-driven kidnapper. I didn’t need two crazy gorgeous vampire guys fighting over me like I was some sort of prize. “Okay. Okay. I’ll get Soren and Edward out of here.” Ali smiled and squeezed me tightly once before letting me go. I looked up to see one of the vampires, (Edward??) staring at me intensely. The other was looking at me lustfully, with thirst. That had to be Soren. So Edward was… perfect! Put your dream guy and an Abercrombie model together and Edward would be what you’d get. But so was Jace. I blushed and yanked the dress up my curvy figure. When I turned around, this time fully dressed, Edward who was being dragged out of the room was still staring at me. Stepping cautiously out of the room, Maribel instantly stood at my side protectively. “Everyone, this is my sister Eleni. Nobody is going to mess with Eleni or you’ll have to go through me, Maribel and Jace. Not that Eleni can’t defend herself. In fact, she’s an excellent fighter, which may be partially due to the fact that she’s part angel.” Ali introduced me and I blushed. She was too nice, but it was true. Not to be braggy, but I AM a superb fighter in hand-to-hand combat and otherwise. “Angel?” Soren spat out, standing up, alert. “Yep. Our mom was a fallen angel,” Ali shrugged as if it were nothing. But I knew it wasn’t ‘nothing’. Once people found out you were part angel they started treating you all different. All like you were high and mighty, better then everyone else. I’m really not. I’m just a normal, poor village girl who somehow got her way into a fancy boarding school in who knows where. “Ali… that makes you part angel…” another handsome vampire let his mouth hang open in disbelief. “Yes. I know. But I don’t care. Now can we please just celebrate my birthday?” everyone switched into party mode and the music went up, “I just wish Jace was here,” Ali mumbled the last part. “Jace is gonna be okay and we’ll have another big party when he’s well

again, ‘Kay?” I hugged Ali tight. We were great sisters already. (present time) I was looking forward to meeting more people in all my classes too. What I really wanted to see though was Jace up and walking, for Ali’s sake. She’d been moping over him so much, I finally just convinced her to sneak in to see him before she died from sulking so much. So off she went with Maribel to the gigantic European castle where Jace was recovering. Lacey was visiting her grandparents in Turkey and Olyvia was skiing in the Andes mountains. Everyone had abandoned me. Everyone except for the guys… Unfortunately there were absolutely no extra rooms with any girls so I got to room with guys. Vampire guys. Including friends of Soren. Luckily, my room was with Edward and he was super nice. I rubbed sleep from my eyes and sat up. Edward was sitting criss-crossapplesauce on his bed, staring at me. “Um… Edward? Why are you staring at me…?” I trailed off, sitting up and yanking up my tank top a couple of inches to cover my previously exposed chest. “You look so serene and peaceful, so beautiful when you sleep.” Edward murmured, still staring at me, staying as still as stone. “Um… that’s slightly, more then less weird Edward,” I muttered, taking off to the bathroom (YES! The one I share with five guys). “What?” He asked in confusion as I passed by him on the way out the door of our bedroom. I so wish that three of them could cram in one room so I could have my own space! Seriously. Talk about lack of personal space! “If you didn’t get the message there, I was trying to say it’s kinda creepy that you were sitting there watching me sleep.” I turned to face Edward as I stood in the open doorway. “Oh. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,” Edward hung his head a little, like a disappointed child. Ha! I blushed, but then I did something random, on an impulse. I ran over to Edward and kissed him on the cheek. Then I turned around and walked away like nothing had ever happened, leaving Edward sitting on his bed in shock. Haha, I loved doing whatever I could to mess with him.

--------ALI'S POV---------God I am unbreakable! It’s unmistakable! No one can touch me! Nothing can stop me! My phone chirruped loudly and I held my solid glare at the wall. A week and a half had passed since Jace had proposed to me. School had started. I was on a massive hunt to find people that had known my real mother. Edward was trying to get after Eleni. Jace had recovered. King Filipe had continued to harass me. And I still hadn’t told my ‘parents’ about the wedding. “Hello?” I asked in my high soprano tinkling voice. “Dear Lord, Aliandra Eleanor Hotchkiss is that you?!” my ‘mother’, now referred to as Arietta screeched. “Nice of you to call Arietta,” I said emotionlessly. Arietta gasped and called for my ‘father’, Devin. “DEVIN! GET OVER HERE! IT’S ALIANDRA ON THE PHONE!” Arietta yelled and then returned to speaking to me, “Baby, is that really you?” “This is Aliandra,” I spoke coolly. I wasn’t going to let Arietta get to me. “Oh Aliandra! Cut the dramatics and stop acting all weird.” Arietta grumbled. “Aliandra! What have you been up to?” Devin asked, suddenly replacing Arietta’s whiney voice. “What if I told you I was getting married?” I laughed at the end of the statement, trying to pass it off as a joke. It worked. On Devin at least. “I would tell you that you’re too young and I’d fly over there to drag you back home. We sent you away to get your focus OFF of guys,” Devin laughed, responding to my “joke”. “Well, I am getting married. Listen, I know you guys are into the whole world of vampirism and all. Just so you know, I am a noble-blooded vampire now, and I’m marrying the guy, Jace, who turned me.” I said slowly. Jace showed up behind me grasping my waist. He planted a kiss on my lips and pulled me so I was sitting on his lap. I set my phone on the coffee table and pressed speaker. “WHAAT!” Arietta screamed and I nudged Jace. He smiled hugely and

spoke in his soothing, calm voice. “Hello. This is Jace Moonstar.” he waited for somebody to reply. I could hear Arietta stuttering in the background. “SO YOU ARE THE DELINQUENT WHO TURNED MY DAUGHTER!” Devin roared. “I’m not your daughter. Get this straight Devin! My father died and my mother- Marina, you know, the fallen angel, she’s dead too! So you ARE NOT my parent! By the way Jace is the Prince of all vampires so I wouldn’t yell at him if I were you.” I growled. Silence. Jace stared at me with wide eyes. Was I that insensitive? “Alright. I understand. I’ll leave you alone Aliandra. Good-bye.” click. The line went dead. I felt horrible. “Ali…” Jace began but I silenced him with one finger. “No. No. No. I just want a normal life right now,” I sighed, throwing my phone against the wall angrily. “Like not marrying a vampire normal?” Jace’s face looked glum. “NO! No. I want to marry you. I mean, you have NO IDEA how much I love you, but I meant normal. Like, none of this parental drama and stuff.” I sighed and rammed my head into his cold chest. “Good. Because if you didn’t want to marry me anymore I think I’d have to kill you.” Jace said simply, uncaringly. I looked up at him, gaping. “Unh-” a strangled noise escaped my throat. “I’M JOKING! Ali, whether you love me back or not I will always be madly in love with you and could not hurt you in any way, shape or form.” --TRENT’S POV-Asifir and Percolus were less then cordial to me. They were taking me to see the King apparently. The vampire King. This was a huge shock for me. Vampires and all. Right now, Asifir and Percolus had me chained to a pole in the inn we were staying at. I got to sit on the floor like some sort of prisoner… well, I guess I kind of was their prisoner

but whatever. They fed me occasionally, when they remembered to. Apparently I was to help them and their rag-tag band of rebels take down the future crown- Jace and now, Aliandra. Asifir and Percolus were the two guards and assistants to the head of the un-named rebellion, and a man who was very good friends with the King. This man was always referred to as ‘The Nameless One’ but once, Percolus had slipped and said Jasipar. “The Nameless One said that we can take you to see the King today,” Asifir came in, waving a dagger around. I was too hungry to fully comprehend what he was saying until he and Percolus had unchained me and were dragging me down the hall of the dingy inn to wherever this King was… The halls were lined with all sorts of gold and gem ornamentation. The luscious rug lining the marble-floored hall was soft and silk curtains were draped around the floor-to-ceiling windows. A giant beyond comparison double-door stood at the end of the hallway. Percolus and Asifir were letting me walk to this door, my arms and feet shackled to bars held by two thickly muscled guards. I felt like I was being dragged along, but it was more freedom then I’d had in the past week and a half I’d been imprisoned by Percolus and Asifir. I stopped at the door and was pushed to my knees. The mother-of-pearl doors swung open and a voice boomed above. “ANNOUNCING THE HIGH KING OF THE VAMPIRIC KINGDOM, KING FILIPE ROVERTO MOONSTAR THE THIRD!” I looked up, but a rough hand pushed my head down. --A HALF-HOUR LATER-“So, on to business, prisoner of the Guard.” the King looked at me. I’d learned that ‘the Guard’ were the protectors of Jasipar. “What am I to do?” I said in the whiniest voice I could muster up. “Trent, is it, you see, I love my son, but I’m afraid he is waiting on my death to ascend to the throne with his revolting wife Alinda, is it now?” “ALIANDRA.” I said coldly and he nodded in remembrance. “Ah, yes, that’s what it was. I tried to get Jace to kill Aliandra but he decided to marry her! I can’t go against that! I love Jace, however, I must kill him. That is why you are here, Trey.”

“Um, it’s Trent.” “Right, Trent. You need to get close to Aliandra and separate her from Jace so Jasipar can finish him off. JASIPAR YOU MAY COME IN NOW!” the King called loudly and a portion of one wall slid open to reveal Jasipar. “Oh. My. Go-” “Don’t say another word you insolent mortal.” the girl snapped and pushed me against the wall in a strong choke-hold. “You… a-re Jas-I-jasi-ppp-arr?” I managed to spit out. “Jasipar is the name I am known by.” the dark-haired tan girl sneered and threw me into the other wall, behind the King. “YOU ARE JASIPAR! THE ONE WHO’S LEADING THE REBELLION AGAINST JACE AND ALIANDRA?!” I screamed. Jasipar scowled. “This mortal is annoying and bothersome. Why must we keep him alive?” Jasipar asked, her eyes flickering red for the briefest of seconds. “Jasipar. Please. He is going to separate Jace and Aliandra so we can take care of Jace easier, and then we’ll get Aliandra while she’s down.” --EDWARD’S POV-I looked over one row to where Ali sat beside me and I saw her doodling in the margins of her notebook for the Algebra 3-4 Honors class that Ali, Eleni, Soren and I all had together. The teacher, Mrs. Krening, had been dumb enough to put all four of us in the back corner of the room together. Currently, Eleni was trying to explain the lesson to Soren and Ali was drawing moons with stars in the middle on her paper. Moons and stars? Ohhhhhhhh! Moonstar. Wow talk about obsessed. A little while before school started Jace decided that he needed to buy Ali a ring, a really really extravagant expensive ring. As much as Ali loved it, she didn’t want everyone to think she was one of those girls who got knocked up and then felt bad so she married the guy. So she wore the ring ‘decoratively’ on her right hand. The school was pretty much 25 to 35% vampires so they already knew that Ali was marrying Jace and that was perfectly normal, but to the rest of the human population of the school, 65 to 75%, that would be very strange. As Ali rattled off some answer she only knew because she read Mrs. Krening’s mind, I watched her fiddle with the gorgeous engagement ring. My mind suddenly,

unexpectedly flipped to Eleni. Eleni, who sat behind me, was the absolutely most amazing girl I’d ever met. She was beautiful and not to mention, half-angel! That automatically put her at a position over JACE’S father. Another surprising thing- she had such a great, humble personality. Ali coughed, not too loud, but meaningfully, to me. She’d read my mindI knew it by the look on her face. Ali always told us how completely awful it could be to be able to read people’s minds. I thought it would be cool, but she felt it a curse, especially not being able to read Jace’s mind. Ali once had to sit through a whole detention period listening to a guy’s thoughts about how hot she was and, well, etcetera. It aggravated Ali and pissed off Jace. I scribbled down a note to Ali and stealthily tossed it into her lap without dull Mrs. Krening noticing. I’d asked her what, exactly, she’d read in my mind. When I got the note back it said: Everything you thought about my sister. Oops. I should really learn how to block my thoughts from Ali. I mouthed ‘sorry’ to Ali and crumpled up the paper. I tossed it across the entire room to the trashcan. SLAM DUNK! Oh yeah! Eleni poked my back all of a sudden, and whispered into my ear so I wouldn’t have to turn around. “What were you thinking about me?”
*i promise yall that i will put up character pix in one of the next few chapters, soooo BANNERS puhleez its suuuper motivating & makes u feel all happy inside. also,iapologize4 the chapters relative shortness<3, Nicole* ON TO THE STORY

--EDWARD’S POV-“How did you- I mean I wasn’t! What do you mean?” I stuttered. How could she have possibly known? “I know you were. Just admit, I’m cool with it.” Eleni smiled. “Fine. Maybe I was. But how did you know?” I don’t know why I just admitted that, but I did. “Ali and I totally have like this angelic telepathic thing. It’s so cool,” Eleni smiled hugely and I’m pretty sure my mouth dropped open. “Whoa.” I turned to face Ali. She was laughing pretty hard. I shot Eleni a questioning look, “Wait. Your not serious?”

“NO! I could read the note you were passing with Ali over her shoulder silly,” Eleni giggled. “Oh.” I was silent and turned back around, trying to avoid answering the burning question. “Are you gonna tell me or not?” Eleni poked my side as we walked to our next class. “Well… I think NOT.” --ALI’S POV-The worst part about reading people’s minds was hearing how little self control people had with their thoughts. If only they knew that a certain Aliandra Hotchkiss could read minds… “I wonder how much he’s paying for that girl. There’s no way he could get a chick like her.” I snapped quickly out of the thoughts of the guy across the row from us in first-class on the airplane. “You’re family is rich, don’t you guys have like a private jet or something?” I asked leaning back into Jace’s open arms and twiddling with the engagement ring I had placed on my right hand. “Well, the jet is being fixed right now, after a little accident,” Jace replied shrugging. I was fine with flying first class this time to the French countryside where the vampire capital, and the royal palace was. (We were going to meet his mom and brothers and sisters.) The only problem was all the uncontrollable thoughts swarming around me that took so much effort to block out. A grin stretched widely across my face as I remembered the last and first plane ride I’d been on. “What I wouldn’t give to read your mind!” Jace exclaimed, looking down at me as I settled farther into his arms. “Well it’s not like I can read your mind!” I protested, then drifted back to my calm smile, “How about I just tell you what’s on my mind? We’ve played this game before.” “Alright. I like this game. Go ahead.” “I was just thinking about last time I got on a plane with you… How wonderful it was. And how you kissed me the first time.” “Like this?” he leaned in close, twirled me around so I was facing him

and kissed me. It had the same magic just as if he’d first kissed me that day so many weeks ago. Now we were engaged. “Now what were you thinking?” I asked slyly, breaking off the kiss, much to his dismay. “I was thinking of how much we used to hate each other and how fast we seemed to get over that.” Jace kissed me again but I pulled back. “I can always go back to hating you.” I said simply, smirking as if for some accomplishment. “Ali.” he said with noted seriousness, “No matter what happens or what you do to me, I can never, will never hate you.” Even as he said it, it sounded so cliché, so corny. I mean, seriously? How many times had I heard THAT line? But that was okay. I was fine with that. When Jace said it, it meant something. He was the one for me and NOBODY could change that. --JASIPAR’S POV-The boy, albeit somewhat handsome, was shaking like a frightened dog trapped in a corner. He looked like prey- with blood calling out so sweetly and fear rolling off him like sweat. I turned to look, with a small smile at the King as he droned on about ‘The Plan’. I had no reason to listen- I knew it well, as I’d come up with it in the first place. The King was dumb enough to believe I had the power to make him immortal forever but little did he know that once Jace and Aliandra were out of the picture, I would kill him and take the throne. There was nothing he could do to stop me. In two short weeks, I’d take control of the entire vampire race and been ultimate queen. No! Empress. Empress Jasipar de Shanna. It had a certain ring to it. One that I liked. “Jasipar?” the King was asking. I glared daggers at him and he backed off. “What?” I snapped, my voice sharp and rigid- more daggers. “It seems that there is another problem in The Plan. Another now in line for the throne. A newfound successor in the lineage.” King Filipe said. “Who?” I asked, staring down at the table before me with poison emanating from my stare.

“Eleni.” --ALI’S POV-“So how many sisters do you have?” “Six.” “Wow. How many brothers?” “Five.” “So there’s like twelve of you? Like ‘cheaper by the dozen’?” I burst out laughing. Jace looked back at me seriously. “Yes. My sisters, Mia, Tiffany and Cam are triplets. Then there’s Prudence, Maribel and Bailee. My brothers Trevor and Corbin are twins. Um… oh, there’s, Saul, Christian and Ian.” “Whoa babe. That’s a lot people who probably won’t like me…” I leaned into him as the shiny Bentley carried us towards the palace in the French countryside. He wrapped his arms around me and the distraction kept me from losing my control and sucking all the blood out of the driver of the car. “Oh I’m positive they will love you Ali!” Jace whispered into my ear. I shivered. “You’re right. And I wouldn’t want to kill them.” I smirked. Jace slapped my arm playfully. I suppose if I’d been human still that would’ve hurt. I went to slap him back but somebody’s random thought stopped me. All I have to do is drive these fools to the meeting spot and then I’ll get the money they promised. What was the address again? 45 O’Reary Lane? Or was it O’Hearn? I instantly tied the thought to the shady, shifty-eyed man steering our Bentley down the country path. OH NO. Somebody was out to kidnap Jace and I! Why would anybody want… OH. MY. GOSH. Somebody wants to make sure we aren’t going to be rulers of vampire world! Carlyle isn’t in line for the throne anymore cause he’s dead. That leaves me, Jace and… ELENI! “JACE!” I screamed and shut my mouth. He gripped my arm hard and traitor driving the Bentley slammed on the brakes.

“I want to go see that… stone house over there!” I shrieked and plastered my face to the window. Jace gave me a questioning look that I returned with a pleading, urgent one. I think he got the message because he nodded to the driver and opened the door. Jace swung me over him and set me on my feet outside the door. I stood up on my tiptoes to kiss him and whispered in his ear. “On the count of three run,” I kissed him again and hand-in-hand we began to walk through the tall yellow-green grass waving in the gentle breeze. “I’m trusting you on this babe.” he murmured. “One.” We passed a tree with arms reaching gracefully to the heavens. “Two.” The driver of the car began to yell for us to come back. “Three!” We ran into a full-out sprint. Still holding each others hands we ran at vampiric speeds towards whatever safety we could find. When we stopped, unnaturally not out of breath, we were sitting on a grassy bluff overlooking a river. “What was that all about?” Jace asked, entwining his hand in mine. “I read the thoughts of the driver…” and from there, I explained my theory to Jace. When I was done, his mouth hung open in surprise. “That’s… unbelievable! I can only think of one person who’d stoop that low…” “Who?” “My father.” --BAILEE’S POV-“Mum, I really don’t think all of this fanfare is necessary.” I rolled my eyes at my mother who was attending to all of the “Welcoming Party” details with a scary attentiveness. She tended to over-prepare. It was just Jace’s return with his fiancé, Aliandra. I really thought that she had a pretty name and she was so lucky to be a noble-blooded vampire. I’d always wished I was noble-blooded like my lucky brothers, but girls were rarely born noble-blooded. “Bailee don’t be so malevolent! This celebration is going to be beautiful.”

“Even if Jace is marrying to a girl he changed himself!” I heard Tiffany mutter. I rolled my eyes. Her more-than-sisterly attraction to Jace sickened me. I was the only one who knew. If the rest of my sisters and brothers knew, she’d be scum to them. “Bailee! Come over here, behind these flowers.” Mum instructed, her crown starting to tilt off of her teetering up-do. “Yes ma’am.” I grumbled and heard Tiffany snicker as she walked past me. I thought quick and stuck out my foot. SHE FELL FLAT ON HER FACE. I sank to the floor with tears pouring out of my eyes because I was laughing so hard. Mum gasped and Tiffany was crowded by her, Mia, Prudence and Tiffany’s snobby friends Raylene and Luna. A familiar hand was offered and helped me up. “Thanks Maribel.” I said dusting myself off. Mum wouldn’t be happy that I “mussed my sundress for the party” oh no! It’s the end of the world. Note the heavy sarcasm. “No problem-o Bailee. Those of us who choose to use our brains and be ourselves instead of bowing down to Tiffane need to stick together.” Maribel smiled, switching to her fake accent as villagers began pouring into the plaza. Her normal voice was so seductive, feline and feral that she felt the need to cover it with a ditzy southern accent. “Do you think Jace will like the festival?” I asked Maribel as we sat down in our small thrones behind Mum’s large one, next to father’s empty one. It was no secret that Maribel, though our step-sister (like Mia, Tiffane and Cam), was Jace’s favorite. She even went to school with him and Aliandra. “He’ll say he likes it because he’s too nice to tell Mum otherwise, but later he’ll tell Ali he hated it because he hates feeling high and exalted. He believes that a position reserved for God and so do I.” “Ali??” “Aliandra.” Maribel explained, giving me a valuable insight on just how close she and Aliandra were. “Oh. Do you think I’ll like her?” I was unsure of what she was like. A Tiffane or a Maribel? “My, my! You will LOVE her! She’s the most amazing girl I know.” Maribel shrieked in delight. I jumped back in surprise.

“That doesn’t mean Tiffane and her clones will like her,” I decided and Maribel nodded in agreement. “Bailee!” a familiar, comforting guy-voice yelled across the piazza. I smiled, and was met by a questioning look from Maribel. “My best guy-friend.” I explained, getting a look from Maribel that said: “I bet he’s more than just a friend.” That’s what everyone thought, except Tiffane and Mia who believed Prince Blake Corin Marcus Von Abernethe was too good for me. I may have liked Blake as more as friend, but I wasn’t sure how he felt about me, so I was totally fine with being friends. Maribel had never actually met Blake, seeing as how she was always off traveling the world like an ambassador for the royal family, or attending boarding school with Jace. “Blake!” I stood up to embrace him in his usual giant bear hug. Today he picked me up off my feet and spun me around. I giggled as he set me down, and noted Maribel’s eye roll. “Saved me a seat?” Blake asked and I smirked at how his gold circlet tilted ever-so-slightly off his head, half covered by his messy brown hair. “Of course I saved you a seat,” I motioned to the throne next to me on the opposite side of where Maribel sat. Blake, being a Prince, always had a seat with my family during celebrations and always chose to sit next to me as opposed to my brothers (some of his good friends) or Tiffane in all her horrid-ness. Today, my brothers did sit on the other side of Blake, sucking him into their football conversation at once. “We’re starting a team and you should totally join Blake!” Trevor suggested, and I turned to talk to Maribel again. “You totally like him!” Maribel whisper-accused, pointing a finger at me. “Do not!” I gasped, trying to seem shocked by the very idea of it. “You so do!” Maribel just wouldn’t give it up. “Fine,” I admitted out of frustration. Right then I jumped as Blake slid an arm around my waist. “Who’s this?” he asked, nodding to Maribel who smirked. “Oh, I forgot! This is my sister, the one I was telling you about, Maribel.” I looked back up at Blake who gave a small wave to Maribel.

“Hey,” he said simply. Maribel brushed a clump of her giant platinum blonde curls behind her shoulder. “Well hi there!” Maribel over-stressed the accent, “It is so nice to meet you. Bailee had had nothing but good things to say about you!” I turned my face away from Blake and gaped at Maribel. Suddenly, the conversation was interrupted by a loud burst of fanfare and a trilling, introductory musical piece following. Jace and Aliandra were arriving! Blake removed his hand from my waist so we could all clap for the couple’s entrance. Unexpectedly, a gorgeous dark-haired beauty burst into the piazza. “Help!” she cried, looking distressed, and Jace ran in after her, looking around with wide-eyes. “Aliandra.” he said sharply, trying to get her to be quiet. “Please help us! There is a man trying to kill us!” --BAILEE’S POV-Mum took in a sharp breath next to me. A gasp crossed her parted lips and Tiffane scoffed. Aliandra, the girl who looked like an Egyptian beauty, looked around like everyone was going mad and she finally realized what was going on. “Oops,” I barely caught her mumble. She calmed down and linked her arm with Jace’s. She smoothed out her casual, bold-printed dress and satisfied, Jace led her forward. Aliandra smiled, trying to keep her cool but I could tell underneath she was bursting, wanting to cry out again like she had before. “Jace!” Mum exclaimed. “Mum. What’s with the festivities?” Jace asked, his face growing dark. He didn’t care much for the high life, with everybody celebrating him all the time. “We are celebrating your home coming!” Mum clapped her hands theatrically. Jace scrunched his face up, trying to comprehend why on earth Mum would do such a thing. Aliandra looked up at him pleadingly, and his face melted. I could see the love they had was surreal. When Jace looked up, he was smiling.

“This is splendid Mum. Thank you!” Jace gushed, and hugged Mum, somewhat stiffly. “Mum, this is my fiancée, Aliandra.” Jace stepped aside to reveal the beauty. At a closer look she was even more beautiful; breathtakingly so. “Hi,” Aliandra murmured quietly, but no so much to escape the crowd’s vampiric hearing. “Hello Aliandra! It is so nice to finally meet you in person after all the wonderful things we heard about you,” Mum put on a fake smile, her distaste for Aliandra showing through. “It’s nice to finally meet you ma’am,” Aliandra smiled and embraced her in a formal hug. “Please, I insist on you calling me Desiree,” Mum fake-smiled again. Aliandra didn’t seem to notice. “Ali, this is Mia, Tiffane, Cam and Prudence.” Jace introduced his fiancée to the Queen of All Evil and they moved on to Mum’s other side where we were seated. “MARIBEL!” Aliandra squealed and ran up to Maribel. “ALI!” Maribel screeched and they hugged each other like best friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time. “Ohmigosh I’ve missed you so much. We were in a Bentley and there was this psycho driver trying to kill us and-” “Ali,” Jace cut her off, motioning for her to move on. “This is Bailee,” Jace gestured, and then turned to give Maribel a quick hug. “Hey! I’m Ali, but I guess you already knew that.” she giggled and I realized I had been wrong. She’d seemed like the stuck-up, ‘Mia’ type but she totally wasn’t. “Hey Ali, nice to meet you,” I tried to smile as genuinely as possible and she grinned back. “Alright this is… wait, you’re not my brother. This is Prince Blake Corin Marcus Von Abernethe. Hey man, what’s up?” Jace gave him one of the handshake, man-hug things and Ali smiled at Blake.

“Here’s my brothers! Trevor and Corbin. Saul, Christian and Ian.” Jace pointed to each and they all got handshake man-hugs from Jace. Music began to play and suddenly the piazza broke out in dance. Finally the festivities were starting and the formality was over with. My brothers circled Ali, asking all sorts of questions. “How old are you?” “Seventeen.” “How many humans have you killed?” “None.” “Wow.” “What’s your favorite color?” “Purple.” “Favorite gemstone?” “Emerald or… sapphire.” “Favorite movie?” “The Notebook.” “Aww. How sweet? NOT.” “Shut up Corbin. How many siblings do you have?” “I… don’t… know… One, I think.” “How can you not know?” “I was adopted and my mom was a fallen angel! I just met my long lost sister several months ago!” Ali protested and my brothers shut up. “How many times have you slept with Jace?” somebody blurted out. No doubt it was Trevor. “N-” she trailed off, her mouth hanging open in shock. “Guys! That is not something you should be asking her!” I gasped and pushed into the circle formed around Ali. My brothers broke apart, mumbling apologies and going off to find dancing partners.

“Thank you Bailee!” Ali gushed. Jace swept her off into a dance and I found myself standing alone. All by myself. Where had Maribel gone? “You look quite beautiful today. Oh, but that grass stain on your back offsets the whole pattern. Atrocious!” I heard Blake behind me, talking mockingly, mimicking Mum’s critical tone. “Well if we are in the business of criticizing, let’s talk about you Blake! I mean look at your hair. The way your crown is falling off of your head, slipping down off of your messy hair is so… hot.” I said quietly. He stared at me without blinking for the moment and smiled. “Come on Bailee. I wanna show you something.” Blake pulled me off, out of the piazza. --JASIPAR’S POV-“We need inside help.” the words rang through my head. I was sure of this.

“Hello?” I pressed my ear anxiously to the iPhone in my hand that I was trying to not break under my iron grip. “Jasipar, doll? This had better be important, I’m at a killer party,” the soft, snooty voice rang through the speaker and I grinned. This was perfect. “Speaking of killer, I’ve got an interesting job for you. A proposition per se.” “Another company job?” she asked, using the code word for an assassination or murder. It meant she was in a place with lots of people where she could be easily overheard. “Yes. Exactly. I think you will enjoy this one greatly.” I smirked, going over the plans in my head for the millionth time since I’d cleverly devised them. “Who’s the client?” my dear friend asked in a giddy, excited voice. I didn’t just think she’d enjoy the kill, I was sure of it. I knew that she wouldn’t like Aliandra. “Aliandra Hotchkiss. Soon to be Aliandra Moonstar.” “Perfect.” --ELENI’S POV--

“Well… I think NOT.” Edward ran from me, in a flash, using the unfair advantage of his super vampire speed. Ugh. That was totally not fair. Oh well, I’ll see him next class. I stopped at my locker, pausing in front of the shiny red metal door to spin the dial on the just as shiny red lock. Everything in this school looked so brand-new and nice! I swung my huge locker open without so much as a creak and peered at myself in the mirror within. The curls on either side of my face were still pristine and perfect. My bangs swept away from my face and lay perfectly over the top part of my forehead. My makeup was still just as fabulous as when I put it on that morning, but it was minimal- I didn’t have a complexion or a face that was in need of makeup. I felt someone approach me from behind, noiseless of course, but I’d been enough battles and ambushes to know when someone was behind me. Soren. “Soren I know you are there,” I replied, ruining his fun.
“Darn! I was so close to winning!” Soren whined. The guys had made into a game to

see who could sneak up behind me without getting caught. None of them had won yet and I was particularly confident they never would. I was always, always on my guard. “Soren, you guys are never gonna win!” I gave him a huge hug and he lingered in the embrace for a little longer then I’d like. He was still fighting his addiction to my scent after the whole incident on Ali’s birthday. I’d learned to forgive, but well, it was still so hard for him. Luckily, once he’d gotten to know me, he assured me he would never be able to live with himself if he killed me. Still, Edward was my knight in shining armor, my hero. I’d never forget how he fought for me that day, even though I was a complete stranger. Even his fighting had to do with the deliciousness of my scent apparently. I didn’t care. He’d fought to protect me and that was all that counted in my book. “Hey where did Edward go?” Soren asked randomly, “We all have nest class together and he is usually around here somewhere.” Soren mused. “Actually, he went off to talk to this girl he likes apparently,” I grinned devilishly. --ALI’S POV--

I smiled as I watched Blake lead Bailee off. They seemed like they liked each other and would make a really cute couple. I really liked Bailee. She saved me from Jace’s prying brothers and she seemed more nice and down to earth like Maribel. Mia I wasn’t to sure about. She seemed snotty and too stuck-up to like anybody that wouldn’t do whatever she asked. “So I was thinking, that we should have the wedding here, in the royal gardens!” Jace’s mum, who’d asked me to call her Desiree gushed coming up to Jace and I where we sat together on a bench watching the festivities in our, well Jace’s honor. “That would be lovely. It’s so beautiful out here.” I smiled back at Desiree’s incredibly fake smile. I had a feeling, like Jace’s father, she did not like me. “Jace darling, what do you think?” Desiree asked, upholding her incredibly snooty voice. “I don’t care Mum, as long as I get to marry Ali,” Jace murmured and kissed me softly. My heart soared. He was the sweetest guy ever and to think I used to hate him. I wouldn’t dream of it now. “Jace! That’s so sweet!” I threw my arms around my neck and hugged him. “Aliandra, I think we should go look at wedding dresses right now!” Desiree exclaimed yanking me onto my feet. “I really don’t think now is the best time!” I tried to protest and gave Jace a look of warning. “Maybe I should come along,” Jace suggested, trying to save me. “No, no! Don’t be absurd! Wedding gown shopping is for the ladies of the bridal party only!” Desiree denied Jace and I knew there was no way of getting around that. “Well, in that case Maribel is my maid of honor. She should come. So should Bailee!” I suggested. Desiree looked horrified. “Bailee?” Desiree exclaimed. “Yes. I want Maribel my maid of honor and my bridesmaids to be Bailee, my sister Eleni and my friends Lacey and Olyvia.” I smiled proudly.

Desiree gasped. “Wouldn’t you much rather have Mia be your maid of honor?” I laughed, trying not to gag. Not a thing on earth would make me want to have Mia be my maid of honor. “No. Maribel is my best friend in the whole world. I want her and only her to be my maid of honor.” I tried to break it to Desiree in a nice way, but she looked ready to faint. “Well that’s alright,” she amended, looked pleased with herself for her solution. “We can still have Mia be a bridesmaid. She looks ravishing in purple.” “Um… I don’t-” “Nonsense! I’m sure she’d love to! Mia! Maribel! Bailee!” Desiree called the three over. Maribel was at my side immediately. Mia stopped her grinding on some guy and appeared at her Mum’s side, gazing lustfully at Jace. Disgusting. Bailee, however, was nowhere to be seen. “Where is that malevolent child?” Desiree exclaimed. “I saw her go off with Prince Blake earlier.” Mia confided to her mother. I gasped. Why would Mia tell Desiree something like that? “No she didn’t. I’ll go find her.” Jace glared at Mia before jogging off in search of Bailee. --ELENI’S POV-“Who does he like?” Soren asked curiously. I assumed he knew, and would have mentioned that girl’s name. I guess not. “I thought you knew.” I said flatly. “Oh. Right. I guess I do, but you’re right here so it doesn’t make any sense.” Soren replied. Right after he said it, his eyes grew wide and he clapped a hand over his mouth. “No, no, no, no, no, NO! I did NOT just say that! Edward IS NOT madly in love with you Eleni! I never ever just told you that,” Soren exclaimed. “Hey guys what’s up?” Gabe came up behind Soren, an arm slung around Lacey, his girlfriend’s waist. “I did not just tell Eleni that Edward is madly in love with her!” Soren burst out and then clapped his hand back over his mouth. He walked over to the locker and banged his head against the metal several times.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid!” he muttered to himself. Gabe looked confused. “What’d I say?” he asked. Lacey giggled, understanding what happened. Sometimes I thought Lacey was way smarter then the group of nobleblooded vampires that ran this school. “Never mind Gabe.” The school’s shrill late bell silenced any further conversation and our group dispersed to our classes. I slid into the last empty seat in the classroom- Soren to my right and oddly enough Edward two seats in front of me. Something seemed amiss. It finally clicked. Usually, there was an extra empty seat in class, but not today, which meant there was a new kid. I looked wildly around, until my eyes settled on the girl in the seat next to me. She was new no doubt and didn’t look very young, except for her unfortunately short height. “Hey. You must be new, I’m Eleni!” I smiled, turning to the new girl. “Jasipar de Shanna.” the short girl replied with a curvy smile. “Hey ‘Leni who’s the new girl?” Soren nudged me and I winced. He’d hit a bruise from where I’d unfortunately ran into a metal beam the other day. “This is Jasipar.” I smiled proudly. The moment I said it, Edward spun around and looked at me with wide, alarmed eyes. “Miss Thornton?” Edward waved his hand frantically in the air. “Yes, Edward?” the teacher said, walking down the row to talk to Edward. She was a vampire and knew that Edward often had nobleblood emergencies to attend to. “Headmaster Pierce asked Soren, Eleni and I to come to his office at 1:15,” Edward said, and I knew it was a lie. What was up with him? Miss Thornton didn’t even ask for a pass or confirmation that Edward’s statement was true, she just sent us off. “Edward what is wrong with you?” I screamed once we were inside our dorm. Ignoring me completely, Edward turned to Soren. “Soren, doesn’t the

name Jasipar ring a bell?” “No, not particularly.” Soren shrugged and flopped down on the couch inside Edward’s room. “Jasipar de Shanna… the Sifrafuse Assassination of Malta? Ring a bell?” Edward asked desperately. “Edward! What is going on?!” I screamed, but they continued to ignore me. “Jasipar. De Shanna. Jasi…” Soren trailed off, his already pale, stone face paling several more shades. “It can’t be. Jasipar de Shanna. The world’s greatest assassin. She killed all of our parents,” Soren said, referring to the group of powerful vampire boys that ruled the boarding school, “Except Jace’s.”

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