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Overcurrent and Earth Fault Relay Setting

Setting calculation is separated for overcurrent and eart fault relay. For both settings, there are few following input parameters: 1. Name of Feeder 2. Load Current: (IL) in Amps 3. Min Fault Current (Line-Line) in Amps 4. Max Fault Current (Line-Line) in Amps 5. Relay Type 6. Relay Code 7. Relay No 8. CT Primary Current (in Amps) 9. CT Secondary Current (in Amps) 10. Relay Error (%) 11. CT Error (%) 12. Over shoot (in seconds) 13. C.B Interrupting Time (in seconds) 14. Safety (in seconds) Summary of overcurrent and earth fault relay settings: 1. Actual Plug (Relay Pick up) setting 2. Plug Setting Multiplier (PSM) 3. Time setting 4. Total Grading Time 5. Low Over Current Setting: (I>) 6. Actual Operating Time of Relay (tI>) 7. High Over Current Setting: ( I>>) 8. Actual Operating Time of Relay (tI>>)