About the Availability Check in Sales and Distribution Processing Locate the doc ument in its SAP Library

structure When you enter a sales order, you can only confirm the delivery of the goods for the required delivery date if the goods are available for all the necessary pro cessing activities which take place before delivery: The shipping department must ensure that freight forwarding or another shipping company is advised early enough so that sufficient time remains for packing and loading to be carried out. An availability check can be carried out on the deadl ine date for availability for the goods. The procurement department must ensure that the production and purchasing depart ments are advised of inadequate stock quantities so that goods can either be pro duced punctually or ordered. Sales transfers the information on materials ordere d as requirements to material requirements planning. Requirements are planned ou tward movements of stock. The transfer of requirements informs production that g oods must be produced, or advises purchasing that purchase requisitions have bee n created for which purchase orders must be created and sent to the suppliers. A n availability check can only be carried out if these requirements are transferr ed. Leaving content frame

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