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Arvind Sharma
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dq.Myh feyku

Plantets in 7TH and their combinations - Saravali
– Arvind Sharma

Good combination
If the Moon is in 7th, the native will be amiable, happy, will possess a good physique and be sensously disposed If Mercury is in 7th, the native's wife will be very learned, beautiful in appearance, will not be of good descent, will promote quarrels and be very affluent. The native himself will be very great. If Jupiter occupies the 7th, the native will be charming, will acquire a beautiful wife, be greater than his father, be an eloquent speaker, a poet, a superior person and be learned and famous. If Venus occupies the 7th, the native will be very beautiful, be happy with his wife, will enjoy great riches, be devoid of quarrels and be fortunate.

Bad Combination
If the Sun is posited in 7th, the native will be poor, insulted, will suffer bodily diseases, royal displeasures and imprisonment, will take to bad ways and will not be well-disposed to his wife. If the weak Moon is in 7th, the native will be pitiable and weak. If Mars is posited in 7th, the native will lose his wife, will suffer from diseases, will take to bad ways, be miserable, sinful, devoid of wealth, distressed and emaciated If Saturn is posited in the 7th, the native will always be subjected to ill health, will lose his wife, be bereft of wealth, will present himself ugly, be sinful and will do very mean acts.

Combination of Two Planets in 7H
Good combination
If the Sun and Jupiter join in the 7th, he will subdue to women out of sexual passion, will dislike his father, be endowed with gold, ruby, silver and pearls and will possess a defect-free body Should the Moon and Mercury be together in the 7th, one will be valorous, be dear to king, or be a king himself, be famous, be a great

be valorous and will be de devoid of spouse If Mercury and Jupiter be together in the 7th denotes. that one will obtain a vituous wife. defective etc. will wander in hills and forests. will destroy his enemies. an expert in arts. addicted to drinking. fame and sexual pleasures. he will suffer from separation from his wife. forts. one will join many women. Bad Combination If the Sun and Moon join in the 7th Bhava. If Mars and Jupiter are in conjunction in the 7th. be devoid of wealth. If Venus and Saturn join together in the 7th denoes.Myh feyku izLrkouk poet and be soft in disposition If the Moon joins Jupiter in the 7th will make one very learned. will not keep up his word. weak-brained. kingly. wealthy and prosperous If the Moon and Venus join in the 7th. follish. indifferent. If the Sun and Mars join in the 7th. a good businessman. If the Sun and Mercury are in the 7th. money and sovereignty. the native will meet his death due to murder. he will be surrounded with pleasures. bereft of sexual pleasures and be a thief. indolent.dq. precious stones. will be endowed with many friends. will acquire happiness. wealth. be a great miser. 213 . will have good relatives. people. will hunt animals and be highly dullwitted. wealth and prowess and will be famous on account of his father If Mercury and Venus join in the 7th. trady. be an intellectual and will leave a royal history behind. be happy and be dear to king With Jupiter and Venus in the 7th. that the native will be bestowed with women. one will be inclined to wander in hills. or imprisonment. unfortunate. devoid of a female and of wealth. water-resorts and forests. be endowed with precious stones and riches. will not have much wealth and not many sons. if the Sun be in the 7th along with Venus. be insulted on account of females and will be fond of moving in foreign places. fame and female issue and will procure excellent conveyances and enjoy pleasures. he will be devoid of friends and sons and be insulted be females. One will be insulted by women. one will acquire a virtuous female. Should the Sun and Saturn be together in the 7th House.). dear to king. will have a corpulent body. like stupid. the native will be inactive ("manda" has other meanings.

three. or te Navansas past in the 7th House. the native will be opulent If the 7th House contains a benefic planet and be in aspect to a friendly planet. will not be endowed with pleasing appearance. that he will be the servant of a rich person. be in 7th. Should the Moon. will possess vices. Venus and Mercury be in the 7th. will house vices in him. be very dirty and be not truthful. will harm others. one will procure a wife corresponding to the planet/s and Rasi/s in question. Aries. The number of wives will correspond of the number of heavenly bodies aspecting the 7th. if Mercury and Jupiter join together in the 7th House. will serve base people.Myh feyku The Moon and Mars together in the 7th denotes. be after others' money. or other divisions falling in the 7th House. or. along with even one of Mercury. be garrulous. he will lose wealth due to enmity with females. Should Mars and Venus join in the 7th denotes. that he will wander after women. the subject will be devoid of wife. will be greedy of paternal property and be foolish. If Mars and Saturn are together in the 7th indicates. or all of them in the 7th).e.izLrkouk dq. two. there will be plurality of wives. be crafty. Moon. be courageous. If the 7th House has many divisions of Venus and the Moon. one will wander from country to contry (aimlessly). Especially Venus in the 7th will causes such an effect. be not virtuous. be insulted by people and be a tale bearer. There will be a single wife. If Mercury and Saturn be in conjunction in the 7th indicates. be foolish. if Leo. Planetary Yogas in 7H Good combination If Jupiter. in the 7th House be in aspect to these. or Scorpio rise in Navansa. If Saturn and Jupiter are together in the 7th. Jupiter and Venus. or is occupied by these two. untruthful and jealous. If the Moon and Saturn join in the 7th. one of them. be skillful in arguments and will lose his first wife. sick. one will become a ruler of the 214 . in any manner (i. will have a bad history. will experience abundant grief on account of females and will posses mean conduct. or. be supreme among his townsmen and be honoured by the King. that the person concerned will be base. be indigent. If Mars and Mercury are conjunct in the 7th. while Mars is exalted. that the native will be devoid of conjugal happiness and progeny.

if the 7th House falls in the various divisions of Saturn and Mars.dq. while so posited in aspected to only Saturn. if the Moon and the Sun are. The benefic in question should fall in a friendly Navansa also. her widowhood can be deduced. 215 . the native will marry a widow Mars in the 7th House will make one go devoid of wife. the native will beget a languid. while the Ascendant deals with her physique. there will be obtainment of a wife at an advanced age. the native will be bereft of both wife and progeny. the person acquires a barren wife. the wife of the native will be destroyed (i. If the Moon be in the 7th (from the Ascendant) along with Saturn. while the Sun. Mars. or deformed wife.e. respectively. Both the native and his wife will be immoral. These results can be deduced from the Ascendant and the Moon. the wife will certainly pass away. Jupiter and Venus related to the 7th House will confer a bride of the same caste. adversely affected). while decreasing Moon is in the 5th. or 9th.Myh feyku izLrkouk earth. Saturn and the Moon denote a female belonging to a mean order. or 5th. while Venus is in the 7th identical with Ganda Rasi and the 5th is bereft to beneficial aspect. that. Female Horoscopy IMPORTANT HOUSES. Venus and Moon related to the 7th House will cause relationship with whores. One will be devoid of a wife and an issue. if malefics occupy the Ascendant. while Venus is posited in the 7th in aspect to Mars and Saturn. the 7th House with her husband. From the 8th House. If however this combination receives the aspect of a benefic. Bad combination Should the 7th House contain malefics. both the native and his wife will be one-eyed If Saturn occupies the Ascendant. If he is. or fall in malefic plantets' divisions. in the 12th and the 6th. good fortunes and the 5th House with her offspring. It is the unanimous opinion of all the sages. the stronger of them having more significance. 12th and 7th. Should Mars and Venus be together in the 7th. As per Ketumalacharya. When the 7th House is occupied by Mercury and Venus.

Mercurian Trimsamsa skillful. that of Mercury cruel and devoid of conduct. she will be sinful and bereft of virutes EFFECTS OF THE MOON/ASCENDANT IN VARIOUS TRIMSAMAS. Should these two be in aspect to auspicious planets. Jupiterian Trimsamsa will make her quite virtuous and in Saturn's Trimsamsa she will betray her husband. In Leo the Trimsamsa of Mars will make the female garrulous. the Trimsamsa of Jupiter one with many virtues and the Trimsamsa of Saturn a female desiring limited physical union. If the Moon and the Ascendant are both disposed in even Signs. Venusian Trimsamsa chaste.izLrkouk dq. In a Sign of Jupiter the Trimsamsa of Mars will make her a gentlewoman with many (of the seven principal) virtues. Venusian Trimsamsa will make her unchaste. the female will be virtuous and extremely good-looking. Jupiterian Trimsamsa a queen and Saturn a Trimsamsa fallen. that of Jupiter a chaste lady adn that of Saturn one in servitude. in the Trimsamsa of Jupiter a virtuous housewife and in that of Saturn impotent. the female will be cunning. In the Sign owned by the Moon the Trimsamsa of Mars bestows her freedom not due to a housewife. that of Venus a female devoid of virtuous history. she will be akin to a male in appearance and in disposition. In case these two occupy odd Signs. Lastly in a Sign owned by Saturn. If it is a Sign owned by Mars. Should a Sign of Mercury house the Moon/the Ascendant in the Trimsamsa of Mars. that of Jupiter a chaste lady and that of Saturn himself one addicted to base men. that of Venus intelligent. the Trimsamsa of Mars denotes a harlot. Mercurian Trimsamsa will bestow skill in arts. Mercurian Trimsamsa male-natured. the Trimsamsa of Venus a female with evil speech. she will be endowed with ornaments and virtues.Myh feyku THE MOON AND ASCENDANT. When Venus and Saturn are in mutual aspects in the case of a birth in Taurus. Venusian Trimsamsa one with fame for her virtues. the Trimsamsa of Mercury one with knowledge. the Trimsamsa of Mars denotes a female with wicked nature. of Libra Ascendant 216 . in the Trimsamsa of Mercury a chaste girl. in the Trimsamsa of Venus one with high degree of lust. With these two receiving aspects of malefics. a Trimsamsa of Mars will make one servant. as a second wife. TRIMSAMSA EFECTS (continued). that of Mercury one with cunning disposition. If it is a Sign of Venus. Jupiterian Trimsamsa a virtuous female and Saturn's Trimsamsa a women given in marriage. BEASTLY LUST OF A FEMALE.

A Navansa of Venus denotes a fortunate female. Mars in the said House will cause early widowhood. Venus and Saturn should simultaneously be in exchange in Navansas owned by them. With the said House bereft of aspect of a benefic. Thus the effects relating to the rulership of the 7th House and 7th Navansa be declared in respect of males. Mercury replacing Venus in the said Yoga will make the female happy. THE 7th HOUSE. A sexually tormented husband. fortunate and skillful in arts. if the 7th House. Benefics and malefics combust in the 7th will give away the woman native in second marriage. or its Navansa be ruled by Saturn. the female will be beautiful. Benefics in the Ascendant will endow a female with servants. He will be disposed to living in other places. who will be addicted to other women and be irascible. the female will go after other males. The husband will be skillful and knowledgeable. who will be dear to her husband.Myh feyku izLrkouk with Saturn's Navansa. if Mercury be such a planet. HOUSE/NAVANSA. happiness and robes. as the 7th House. If the 7th House.dq. If the 7th House falls in a Navansa of Mars and be in aspect to the Moon (Saturn. She will be jealously disposed and be happy with Venus and the Moon in the Ascendant. the female concerned burnt with sexual lust will unite with a woman playing the role of a male. The ruler ship of Mars in such a case will give a husband. who will. if the Sun is in her 7th House. the female will have a diseased vagina. If Mercury and Venus are together in the Ascendant. MISCELLANEOUS. however. the female's husband will be old and foolish. or its Navansa the husband will be very beautiful and be fortunate. Leo. while malefics give 217 . virtuous and modest. according to some texts). if Jupiter rules the 7th House. She will be discarded by her husband. skillful in arts. If the Moon be simultaneiously in the 7th House. while Saturn in the 7th with malefic aspects will make her old soon. or the 7th Navansa will indicate an industrious and a very intelligent husband. or its Navansa. Should the 7th House be vacant. If Venus heads the 7th House. EFFECTS OF PLANETS IN THE ASCENDANT. be soft in disposition will be bestowed by the Moon in such circumstances. The husband will be virtuous and be a conqueror of the five senses. If Venus and Mars exchange their divisions. EFFECTS OF RULERS OF 7th. she will join others with consent of her husband. her husband will be a contemptible fellow. he will be bereft of strength. Again she will be given up by her husband with malefics being weak and combust in the 7th receiving aspects from malefics.

while Saturn has moderate strength. And she will be an expert in interpretation of various Shastras. FEMALE WITH MASCULINE DISPOTION. however. or the Moon be in the Ascendant identical with an even Sign. while the 9th House is occupied by any planet. the female will be a teacher/exponent of Vedas (or be a follower of Vedanta Philosophy). as the rest are strong. Venus and the Moon be in the Ascendant and be weak. If strong Mercury. the female concerned will be akin to a male in appearance and in acts.Myh feyku adverse effects in regard to these. Jupiter. A female will be intiated into a religious order. This will occur in the Dasa periods of the Lord of the Navansa occupied by the 8th Lord. The Ascendant should in this case necessarily be an odd Sign. VEDIC EXPONENT. Venus. 218 . if a malefic is in the 7th House. The order will relate to the plante in the 7th House. TAKING TO RELIGIOUS ORDER. Should Mercury. EFFECTS TO THE 8th HOUSE.izLrkouk dq. A benefic in the 2nd will. Malefics in 8th will cause widwhood. cause the female's death in this Yoga. instead of widowhood.

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