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Service Manual Section 4 (43) BW55, AW55 Repairs and maintenance TP30868/2; reprint w/o changes BW55, AW55, AW70, AW71 This manual deals with the repair and maintenance of Borg Warner (BW55) and Aisin Warner (AWSS, 70 and 71) automatic transmissions. ‘AWSS and BWS5 are thres speed units whereas AW70 ‘and AW71 are four speed transmissions where the fo- urth gears effectively an overdrive, The main difference between tha AWS5 and BW55 is that the front and rear clutches in the AWS5 gear case have only one large return spring: the BW clutches ave ‘many smail springs. Otherwise the two transmissions are the same. Note that the capanity of the oll pan on a AWSS/BW55 ‘was increased in 1979. Fo: distinguishing purposes, the later type has 2 plastic dipstick. AW70 and 71 four speed transmissions are similar in ‘many respects to the model §5 units. However the valve body assemblies on the transmissions are different and are adapted to the wide range of engine types found on, Volvos. (See page 11 for details.) ‘An identification plate carrying the serial and model numbers as welt as the Volvo part number is fixed to the side of the transmission gear ease, @ 300 ‘A 1983 plate is shown above Group 43 Automatic transmission Contents Contents Page Important information »...... 2 Speetfications wees beets 2 Special tools 19 Exchange units ,. vecteneees cose 2 Fault tracing In-car repeirs . - 33 Reconditioning .... feeeteeeees 88 Delayed engagement «129, E Index pags 150 ] Volvos are sold Ih versions udepted for different markets. These adaptations degand on many factors Including legal, taxation and market requirements This manual may therefore show illustrations ancl text whieh do not apply to cars in your country. J rcicsieseransos in at ona/or specimen tis manuel Order number: TP 30868/2 Reprint of 7.83 maroria with minor changes We reeuive the right 10 make akorations without prior notification SVOLVO NORTH AMERICA CORPORATION