Mrs Hazel Rennison 3 Casson Drive East Ardlsey Wakefield West Yorkshire WF3 2EJ 19/03/2014 Dear Mrs

Rennison, Thank you for the recent donation of £350, which completes the Morley and District Middle East Partnership. Please accept this letter as receipt of your donation. Thanks to the hard work and fundraising efforts of the Morley Committee and churches, Christian Aid and our local partners - the Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union (LPHU) and the East Jerusalem YMCA have been able to help over 30,000 people living with disabilities in Lebanon and the West Bank to engage with the world of work, improving job prospects, working conditions and laws that protect their rights. The project is working with government, businesses, civil society and individuals to tackle the obstacles facing people with disabilities at every level. Your support will make a difference in these communities for years to come. As part of the partnership I can confirm the £5000 donated has been matched on a 3:1 basis making the gift received worth £20,000. Congratulations once again on the successful completion of your Partnership and please pass on our sincere thanks to all the members and churches in the Morley and District area. We are very grateful for your support. Kind regards Katy McCabe - Senior Regional Administrator And Shelagh Fawcett - Regional Co-ordinator 0113 244 4764