pdf europe prospected for early roman principles of the social contract during the enlightenment made people aware of the lost knowledge of europe when the dark ages ensued after the barbarians invaded rome. these ideals of romanism were raised superficially !"ustinians code# however they ensured a relative stable and legally driven europe with sovereign nations. now the feudal fabric that always dominated the scenes and subordinated this law is in range to dominate and forget about any pretension of idealism and civilisation. nothing is sacred anymore this is the cresendo crust point of no return. i envisaged that this could be inspirational material however it was not driven by intent or good intent but by a false pretext. marx came around to use this superficiality and use ideaology to convince the masses of a workers paradise. so now the liberal creed became highly slanted towards the rich merchantile class who would drive the destiny of the peasants by controling what they believed.marx represented the rich class and his financial backer engles. hobbs speaks of the importance of state to coerce servants of state hippocrates emphasises the opposite the active involvement of the citi$en for the benefit of society against an ellitist tyranny.

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