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Master of BusinessAdministration-MBA Semester 4 MB0053–International Business Management-4 Credits (Book ID: B !"4# Assignment- $0 marks
Note: Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. Ea h question is followed by e!aluation s heme.

"1. #he world e onomy is $lobali%in$ at an a eleratin$ pa e. &hat do you mean by $lobali%ation' (is uss the merits and demerits of )lobali%ation. (meanin$ of $lobali%ation - 2 marks, merits- 4 marks, demerits- 4 marks) 10 marks

"*. #he international trade theories explain the basi s behind international trade. +ompare the Absolute and omparati!e ost ad!anta$e theories with the help of example. (explain the * theories - 6 marks, examples- 4 marks) 10 marks

",. +ulture is more often a sour e of onfli t than syner$y. As an -ndian mana$er. what mana$ement style and orporate ulture you should be aware of while tra!ellin$ to /apan and to 01A' ( /apanese orporate ulture - 5 marks, 01A23 40140a&e 5l&50e - 5 marks) 10 marks "4. 4e$ional inte$ration is the bondin$ between nations and states throu$h politi al. ultural and e onomi ooperation. A whole ran$e of re$ional inte$ration exists today. (is uss these 6 types in brief. (6 #ypes of re$ional inte$ration - 10 marks7 10 marks

"8. #he de ision of a firm to ompete internationally will be strate$i . &hile formulatin$ $lobal marketin$ strate$ies. how should a firm deal with se$mentation. market positionin$ and international produ t poli y' ( segmentation-3 marks, positioning - 4 marks, product policy- 3 marks) 10 marks

"6. )lobal sour in$ industry is on a $rowth run as there are sound business reasons to it. (is uss these reasons with examples. ( reasons for glo al sourcing- ! marks, examples- 3 marks) 10 marks

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