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3rd April 2014 Dear Mr Farage, A neighbour of mine has I believe sent a similar note, I have been planning

to do so for some time but last nights televised debate between yourself and Nick Clegg prompted me to do so. Congratulations on a consummate performance against Mr Clegg by the way. My particular concern as a rural resident in West Yorkshire is that in the past 18 months we have been subjected to 12 separate applications for wind turbines within 1 mile of our property. Around 70% are being approved despite being situated in a green belt wildlife corridor due to the very special need to reduce our countrys carbon emissions apparently. These are absolutely ruining the countryside, driving residents mad with noise and flicker, decimating the rare birds and also bats and making a few rich land owners richer. Unfortunately they are not making a dent in our carbon footprint, just our pockets. So I was delighted on your stance against wind turbines but have to point out the total hypocrisy of your MEP William Legge who is touting his land out for a wind farm as one of the above applications. This land is protected moorland and 300 meters away from a National Trust Bird sanctuary. It is estimated he will receive 20k ground rent per 100m turbine (there are 3 currently planned) i.e. 60k per year. This is in total opposition to UKIPs manifesto. I cannot see how he can be a UKIP MEP and at the same time pursue this course of action in his private life. What I liked about yourself was a move away from the mealy mouthed public schoolboys of the other 3 parties but I am afraid I see this as MEP Legge acting in the same way as the main 3 parties with his own self-interest placed firmly to the fore and any principles trailing way behind. I strongly ask that you discuss this with MEP Legge. As this is in the public domain surely if this continues it is but a matter of time before this comes to the notice of the wider media and could severely damage the credibility of your party. Best regards A concerned resident Huddersfield