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Name: Gina DiPalermo Date: Grade: 5-6 Select girls ensemble Bring me little water Sylvie

Musical Focus: concepts/skills to


Singing Melody Rhythm Harmony Timbre Form Movement Creating Playing instruments Expressive Qualities Objectives: Learners will
Be able to (behavioral): Students will successfully complete the body percussion portion of the selection.

Preparation: (lead-in/hook/preparatory set/link to prior knowledge.


Students will earn body percussion along with teacher.

Teaching Sequence:

Students will have a greater awareness of 8/8 time.

Movement to compound Meter. Understanding kinesthetically what is happening in the body.

Materials: Bodies, Sheet music

National Standard(s) Addressed:

Singing, alone & with others, a varied repertoire of music others, a varied repertoire of music accompaniments specific guidelines Reading and notating music music

Warm ups: T&Ss will say in 8/8 time, giving particular attention to the 7-8-1 that these three counts remain on the same foot and are the pick up to the new section. Students will then be asked to tell which feet are landing on counts.1, 4, and 7. Once this part is confident, and can be done alone, T will add in the clapping counts on 3-(56) and 8. Building up from feet, to claps, student will finish last part of movement by learning the upper body percussion portion. Warm ups: Mi-me-ma-mo-moo Mommy made me mash my m&ms Bumble, bee, bumble, double bubble, double bubble gum. la do la do mi re do Silvy comin yes she is 1, 121, 12321, 1234321, 123454321. Alelujah- on 1,3,5,8,5,3,1 On ch T will teach the small rhythm of mm. 4 beat 3 of melody, then on neutral syllable or sound, then on melody. Everyone will learn melody first on ch then on words, then on melodic pitch. In time students will split into parts.

Culmination: (consolidation of lesson)

Students will eventually move onto combining body movement with parts.

music, the other arts, & disciplines outside the arts history and culture

Assessment: WrittenInformal Individual Performance GroupOther: