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Price: Over $160,000 paid by the Long Beach Police Officers Association to elect Parkin, who defends bad

officers instead of disciplining them and is appealing a case where officers wrongfully shot and killed a man. As a result, the reputation of the entire police department has been tarnished . After bragging about passing campaign reform to stop Special Interest money from tainting elections, thousands and thousands of Special Interest dollars have been spent on Parkin's campaign. Although appointed by his former boss to keep power in the hands of a select few, he keeps lying to voters by advertising he was previously elected.

Charles Parkin

Take Back Ibe Citv

A lawyer for 20 years, Pappas has fought to protect civil rights . Pappas fought and won against a
City law a councilperson called a "sham" designed to harm and make millions through seriously ill and disabled citizens. Pappas has refused all endorsements and special interests.

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