Situation: The Alshabaab Coalition has taken control of the islands off of the coast of Mombasa and near the Hergeysan peninsula, this puts them in a position to strike countries along the southern coast of the Baltic Sea.

A. Enemy Forces: Eastern Coalition forces have taken control of most military facilities in Podagorsk. Given the option of joining the Eastern Coalition or facing execution of friends and family many military personnel joined the ranks of the Eastern Coalition. With this a majority of the country's military assets and infrastructure are now in the hands of the EC.

Date 15DEC2013 Terrain:

High 46°

Low 45°

SR 0634

SS 1955

Forecast Low Clouds

Precipitation 30%

Illumination 20%

- Heavily desert and mountainous terrain. To the north lies the wilderness which is the EC stronghold, beyond that we have the Russian border. To the south we have villages and cities scattered throughout, cities primarily along the coastal areas, with inland villages. The single airfield also lies to the south, which serves as the only way in and out of the Podogorsian peninsula by way of aircraft.

B. Friendly Forces.

1. Higher Mission. Our goal is to bring stability back to the country after recent events. We will assist conventional forces in the region to the fullest extent of our ability.

C. Attachments/Detachments


r advise and assist. Meet with local militia leader. Mission WHO: AFO Nomad WHAT: Meet with local militia leader WHEN: 15DEC2011 (0500 local) WHERE: Mombasa. Concept of the Operation: Insert by HAHO to the rendevous point where the CIA liaison will be waiting with transportation. III. They will land at 18430190 off the coast of Mombasa where their Joint liaison will be waiting with your transportation. . West Indian Ocean Sea HOW: Advise and assist local militia forces. Meet with local militia leade.II. The MI liaison will then take AFO Nomad to the militia leader. Maneuver: AFO Nomad will be inserting by HAHO from cargo aircraft on filed flight plan. 1. Execution Intent In order to bring stability back to the region AFO Nomad will meet with and advise militia forces in Northern Podagorsk. A.

Rules of Engagement (ROE). Or if fired upon. Actions at halts (short/long). Tasks to Maneuver Units N/A C. IV. B. Service Support On-sight acquisition. 4.2. formations. Please follow unit SOPs and guidance from higher. Tasks to Combat Support Units N/A D. Coordinating Instructions 1. All movement will be METT-TC dependent. 2. and movement techniques. Routes (primary/alternate). Only fire if you feel immediate threat to you or your unit. . For any actions at halts follow the SOP. 3. Fires: You will only fire if imminent danger exists to yourself and your team or under direction of militia leadership. Order of movement.

progression tracked by individuals per honor basis. if someone is critically wounded seek local care. Class III: N/A d. Class IV: N/A e. General N/A B. Personnel: TBA . Class IX: N/A j. Class VIII: N/A i. Class VII: N/A h.A. Class I: N/A b. Supply: a. D. Material and Services By LEA. Class V: N/A f. Class VI: N/A g. Medical Evacuation: Any medical emergencies will be handled immediately on-site. 1. Class X :N/A C. Class II: N/A c.

• Make sure you are familiar with the GBL food and water system. and other various factors. • Phase length will be dependant on tasks. • Make sure your LEA is set and ready for BOAT LANDING. • You are advised to take photos and record via helmet cam for debrief.E. Command Will be reached through your TOC interface. You will be starting the mission in the BOAT CARRIER. Signal . progression. Miscellaneous: KEY MISSION NOTES: • All actions reflect on future operations in the region. intel and community interaction. V. B. A. • If you are mortally wounded (kill shot) you are considered a critically wounded casualty and will remain under care for the remainder of this phase of operations. Command & Signal Succession of command will be at the unit level. actions. You will receive additional guidance from the militia leader and CIA liaison.

Emergency frequency will be on channel 9 ACKNOWLEDGE: Rodriguez. Challenge and password will be assigned at the unit or task force level. 5 for inter-unit/command. Method of communication will be handled by 152s and ANPRC 117 for the RTO. Ryan CPT A CO. 1/65 Inf Commanding S-3 Operations Commanding .Please follow unit SOP for specific frequencies.

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