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Walkewicz- 5th Grade Lessons

Remember, do all your homework on separate lined paper and place in your homework

right away so you don’t lose it.

Date- Pare Less Subject Homework
Student, write nt on
in correct date Initia
for each lesson
#35 Bible Remember Bible Test 1 on Thursday,
over Moses, 1-2
Arithmetic Homework: Complete L35 problems on
p.355 on lined paper. Put in homework
folder and turn in tomorrow.
Spelling/Vocabula Homework: Copy SVP List 7 words 1-25
ry/ twice, words 26-35 once with
Poetry definitions.
Bonus points- use each word in a good
sentence. Make it interesting!
History Homework: Read and study pp. 127-
Complete p. 129, Comprehension
Check on lined paper and place in
homework folder. Turn in tomorrow.
Science Homework: Reread pp. 110-112,
complete p. 113, Comp Check 3.3 on
lined paper and place in homework
folder. Turn in tomorrow.
#36 Bible Test in 2 days!
Arithmetic Bring a ruler to class tomorrow.
Hmwk: Complete L36 problems p. 356-
you know what to do with it!
Spelling/Vocab/Po Hmwk: Copy SVP List 7 words twice
etry with definitions, once without…put in
your homework…you know the drill 
Science Hmwk: Reread pp. 114-117. Complete
p. 117, Comprehension Check 3.4 on
lined paper… yktd 
#37 Bible Tomorrow is Test 1!
Arithmetic Math quiz today!
Language Hmwk: Do p.85, Think C. Continue
reading Noah Webster
SVP (Spelling…) Hmwk: Write a story including as many
SVP List 7 words as you can.
Remember, a story has a beginning,
middle and an end. Underline each
spelling word used in your story. Write
all other spelling/ vocab words (that
you didn’t use in your story) twice with
definitions. Study for Text 7 that you
will take next lesson- #38