APRIL 7, 2014

NR # 3429

Credit assistance for PWDs pushed
A lawmaker is seeking to establish a credit assistance program that will help Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) venture in the micro business enterprises. Rep. Gustavo S. ambunting (!nd District" Para#a$ue %it&) 'iled (ouse )ill *+!, to 'acilitate the integration o' PWDs to the mainstream societ& through available credit windows and loan 'acilities. -(aving in mind the best interest o' our PWDs and in pursuant to Article ./" Section 0 o' the %onstitution" it is the dut& o' the 'amil& to take care o' members with disabilities while the State ma& design programs o' social securit& 'or them"1 ambunting said. -At an a''ordable cost available to all" the State shall adopt an integrated and comprehensive approach to health and other social services"1 ambunting added. he measure" to be known as the Persons with Disabilities %redit Assistance Program Act o' !,20" re$uires the 3ational %ouncil on Disabilit& A''airs (3%DA) to provide loan o' not more than P4,",,, to a PWD. he measure re$uires the PWD to have a valid business permit issued b& a local government unit to avail o' the loan. An& $uali'ied member o' the PWD5s 'amil& shall participate in the loan as co6borrower and should e7ecute the necessar& documents. he loan shall be guaranteed and released b& the 3%DA upon proper submission o' documents" such as" business permit and certi'ication 'rom the local DSWD as to their authenticit& and properl& certi'ied8veri'ied b& the local government unit concerned. he loan shall be entered into b& and between the PWD and the 3%DA" with the ne7t6o'6 kin as the guarantor. he loan shall be paid in twent& 'our (!0) e$ual monthl& installments at a pre'erred interest rate not to e7ceed si7 percent (9:) per annum to be paid directl& to the 3%DA. /iolation o' the terms imposed or 'ailure to pa& the loan shall be ground to bar the de'aulting PWD 'rom availing 'uture bene'its and privileges 'or PWD and liabilit& 'alls on the co6borrower. he 3%DA and the Secretar& o' Social Wel'are and Development shall promulgate the implementing" rules and regulations 'or the e''ective implementation o' the measure. (*,) jsc

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