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Country Project Paper Instructions Second Semester World Studies Ms. Clymer/Mr.

Greene Part of your country project this semester is a 4- to 5-page paper on a topic related to your countrys history. Each student must turn in their own paper, even if they are working with other people. Please read these directions very carefully, as an incorrectly formatted and or poorly written paper will significantly decrease your final grade in the class. Topic: !s you do preliminary research on your country, make a note of any interesting people or events you come across. "hoose one event or person. #our paper will address this person event and e$plain his her its importance to your country. %&or e$ample, if ' were doing a project on (ietnam, ' could write a)out the (ietnam *ar.+ Formatting Re uirements: #our paper must )e formatted using the ,-! style. 'f you dont know what this is, talk to me, google it, or consult a style guide. #our paper must )e at least four pages long. .his means four full pages in length /not three and a half pages. 0o not )egin your essay halfway down the first page. 0o not attempt any space-wasting shenanigans. 'f your paper is too short, you will automatically lose half the points possi)le on the paper. .ype your paper in .imes 1ew 2oman font, si3e 45. %.his is .imes 1ew 2oman, si3e 45. This is Arial. This is Cambria. 6nly .imes 1ew 2oman should )e used in your paper.+ Papers should )e dou)le-spaced with one-inch margins. 'f you have trou)le formatting your paper, see ,r. 7reene or me for help.

!our paper s"ould contain# 4. ! thesis that sums up the argument your paper will make. %&or e$ample, 8.he (ietnam *ar had a significant effect on the development of (ietnam during the 49:;s through the modern day.+ 5. !n introduction, several )ody paragraphs, and a conclusion. <. ! )i)liography that contains at least four sources. 4. Parenthetical citations within the essay itself. %'f you dont know what these are or are unsure of how to use them, come see me.+ $ue $ate: #our paper is due the same day as your presentation. #ou will turn in your paper immediately )efore you )egin presenting. -ate papers will not )e accepted. 'f your printer stops working, e-mail your paper to me at >ave your paper multiple times as you work on it/'d suggest using a flash drive, your digital locker, or drop)o$.com. >udden computer crashes, )roken printers, or last-minute confusion a)out the instructions will not )e accepted as legitimate e$cuses for a late paper.

We%site: 've made a we)site containing information a)out this paper. #ou can find it at http? worldstudiespaper.wee) Please e-mail me with any @uestions you may have. Grading Ru%ric AAA 4;? Proper formatting %4; or ; points+ AAA 4;? >ufficient supporting details AAA 5? 'nclusion of a thesis statement AAA 5? 7rammar B style AAA 4;? Effectiveness of argument AAA 4;? 6rgani3ation of paragraphs and details &ey $ates Friday' (pril ))t": Preliminary thesis statement B < cited sources due Friday' (pril *+t": 4-page paper e$cerpt due $ate o, your presentation: Entire paper %including )i)liography+ due