HOW TO FAIL SUCCESSFULLY 1. We’ve almost deified, and worshipped success.

(We have a LOT of North American culture mixed in with our doctrine. !. "uccess does not mean #$i%&. 'f (ou’re doin% what )od called (ou to do, to the $est of (our a$ilit(, (ou’re a success. "uccess is determined at the point of o$edience. *. +ver(one will experience some failure in life. There’s a difference $etween havin% a failure and $ein% a failure. ,ou’re not a failure until failure %ets inside (ou. -. "ometimes we la( down too soon. (At the si%ht of #".//O"+0 1A'L.2+&. 3. What contri$utes to the illusion of failure4 a. 5omparison 6 (esp. at the first. $. .nrealistic %oals. c. L(in% thou%hts 7. The Lord’s love for me is not $ased on m( success. 8. 9an( %reat leaders fail man( times, $ut the( never :uit. ;. <e$rews 11=*!>*- 6 O.T O1 W+A?N+"" W+2+ 9A0+ "T2ON). @. 9oses Anew he was the deliverer. 9issed )od’s timin% B method, and set the plan $acA -C (ears. 1C. 0avid committed adulter( and murder. 11. Timoth(’s first pastorate was in 5orinth. <istor( tells us that he was thrown out of the church B run out of town 6 $( the women. 1!. /eter denied the Lord. 10 STEPS TO DEALING WITH FAILURE 1. "ta( hooAed up with )od. 6 <osea 1*=@. )od never %ives up on (ou. 0on’t (ou %ive up on <im. !. Admit it, and %o on.

2+. somehow4 's this one failure worth the time. /ut it in perspective. he wouldn’t $e tr(in% to discoura%e (ou. De %racious to (ourself. 0iscoura%ement is one of "atan’s chief attacAs on ministers. c. d.2 1.T. /lan for future success. values. . 2e%roup 6 2e>examine (our %oals. )O0 N+E+2 5ON". timin%. 0on’t allow fear of failure to paral(Fe (ou.nless (ou’re willin% to taAe a chance at failin%. 7. )ive (ourself a mar%in for error.*. (ou won’t stand a chance of succeedin%. a. > . 8. 2efuse to %ive up. "ee (ourself as a success. . After (ou’ve learned from it. and D+'N) a failure as a person. ('f (our future wasn’t threatenin% to him.2 /A"T W<+N <+’" /LANN'N) . Learn from it.O. 1C. ener%( and consideration '’m %ivin% it4 There’s a %reat difference $etween an event of failure. methods. @. $. etc. for%et it. -. Never lose the a$ilit( to lau%h at (ourself. 3.. 's it the end of the world4 Will the sun rise tomorrow4 Will )od $e a$le to clim$ $acA up on the Throne.LT" .O.