Nate Brooks

Can an Overemphasis on Eating Healthy Become Unhealthy?

In the article “Can an Overemphasis on Eating Healthy Become Unhealthy?” two points of view are presente ! "he first# $y %in sey &et' e(plains a $)rgeoning psychological isor er calle Orthore(ia that occ)rs when a person is so o$sesse with eating healthy that they eliminate certain healthy foo s from their iet an in t)rn $ecome malno)rishe an )nhealthy! "he secon piece# $y Chris *oolston# e(plains the common +merican iet an e(tols the virt)e of having a healthy $alance iet with an emphasis on whole grains# fr)its an vegeta$les# fish an po)ltry# with s)gars an sweets in mo eration!

Orthore(ia# as e(plaine $y %in sey &et'# is an eating isor er not )nlike anore(ia an $)limia Instea of an emphasis on not eating# orthore(ic people have an )nhealthy o$session with eating right! "he term was coine $y ,teven Bratman# who notice the isor er in himself! “ -I s)ffere from a psychological o$session with foo !!! *hen I was involve with this it took )p way too m)ch of my life e(periences when there were other things I co)l have $een oing!- .&et'# /01”! "he term gets its name from mi(ing anore(ia with ortho# which means tr)e or right! + person s)ffering from orthore(ia when their “$ehavior $ecomes restrictive to the egree that it $egins to interfere with the persons 2)ality of life! +n what starts o)t as something they are controlling $ecomes something that controls them! .&et'# 341 *hen an orthore(ic eliminates all trans fats# animal pro )cts an car$ohy rates from their iet $elieving these things to $e )nhealthy# it can in time lea to maln)trition!

Chris *oolston takes a ifferent approach to the s)$5ect! He $elieves that all +mericans nee to mo erate their iet! He says that the +merican iet “has grown $y /43 calories” per ay over the last twenty five years! .*oolston# 671 "he $iggest contri$)tor to this growth $y his acco)nt is the increase in portion si'es an convenience c)lt)re! It-s har to arg)e with the increase in portion si'e! “!!! the foo in )stry eci e that they ha to make portions larger to stay competitive# an people got )se to large si'es very 2)ickly .*oolston# 6/1!” "he availa$ility of s)gary soft rinks has increase as well! *oolston notes that the average male gets nearly nine percent of his aily calories from so a .*oolston# 6/1! Eating in mo eration# *oolston $elieves is the c)re for o$esity in +merica!

"o $e honest# I have tro)$le taking si es on this iss)e! I $elieve firmly in the importance of eating a healthy iet! Eating real foo is something I strive to o in my aily life! It frightens me to see the amo)nt of processe 8 convenient choices when I visit the grocery store! +t the same time# I on-t think that o$sessive $ehavior is healthy for anyone! I-ve seen people take their iet to the e(treme# whether it $e from the +tkins fa # veganism or the latest paleo cra'e! I on-t think that the positions in this article are irectly at o against either of them! s! Both a)thors aspire the same virt)e# healthy $ehavior! I can-t arg)e