worksheet: what is the role of each of your sources?

use color to graph similarities or connections between ideas in sources

how is this relevant to your primary author, title, journal title, one-sentence summary of interview subjects? form a hypothesis; what did your interview director, etc the source write down question(s) you will ask subjects say in response? them This can be one of the reasons why 1. Evelyn Jackson, people volunteer. Many people find their OPINION; ONE I volunteer to test my 1. Have you volunteered to test jobs by volunteering to BENEFIT OF interest and how my skills can your skills? see their interest and test VOLUNTEERING be served in the community. 2. Was one of the reasons why their skills CAN BE A JOB you began volunteering for a resume? Volunteering is always During the alternative spring People who do volunteering often seen as positive. However, break from Emory, I had to would have similar experience to mine. this article talks about work at individuals’ backyards. 1. Was there any volunteering 3. ALINA TUGEND, negative impact of I was upset and wondered why work that you felt that you were The Benefits of volunteering on teenagers I had to clean up someone’s not helping the overall Volunteerism, if the and emphasized the backyard. However, after community? Service Is Real importance of making people in my group talked and 2. Did you usually talk about why people understand the made a connection to our you did a certain volunteer work connection between work work. I understood the and what was the point of doing and the overall issue significance of it. it with your peers? There are various options By searching what they can do to 3., which people can choose help would be a common method When I came to the USA, I Ways To Volunteer to help others. This article for my interviewees to involve looked up Internet to find new That Really Show Your would be helpful for volunteering. volunteer programs. Thanks people who do not know 1. How did you start your how to help. volunteering? 4. Uma Viswanathan, It is an inspiring article I always hear stories of The interviewees would have what's the function of this source to you? what is your relationship to it?

What Happens When the World's Poorest People Volunteer?

about poor people who actually need help from others help others. This article proves that anyone can volunteer regardless of their status.

people who are in difficult situation help more than others who have enough. This kind of story makes me more motivated to volunteer. I was aware of the number of people who suffer from poverty and hunger but never expected this much of food is not even eaten by people in developed countries while people are dying in undeveloped countries.

inspired by others and became active volunteers. 1. What inspired you to become a volunteer?

Statistics of people 5. Anup Shah, Causes of who suffer from hunger Hunger are related to and shocking numbers of Poverty food wastage in the US.

They would be aware of many of these statistics but they would be also surprised by new stats I found. 1. Do you know approximate number of people who need help? 2. If you have a choice, do you prefer to volunteer in local or in other countries.