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Legacies of Social Change Khadija Mitchell SW 290 Ms. Suzanne Martin Feb.6, 2014
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LEGACIES OF SOCIAL CHANGE Legacies of Social Change I actually did not know nearly as much of the history in the Legacies of Social Change


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movie that we watched in class. Some of the topics familiar to me were topics about Jane Addams and the Haul House, as well as Mary Richmond. I also knew a good amount of information about the Great Depression and the establishment of the New Deal by President Roosevelt. While at the same time I knew very little about the Great Depression pertaining to its social work history, because name such as Harry Hopkins and Edward Franklin Fraiser were particularly new names to me. Overwhelmingly from that moment everything in the movie, for the most part, became new information with the exception of broad ideas like World War II. Some of the individuals that were new to me include activists like Frances Perkins and Whitney Young. Although I was already familiar with much of the history involving the Great Depression and Roosevelt’s New Deal I was still surprised at the social work history behind the New Deal. In history classes you are taught that President Roosevelt and a committee of scholars wrote up the New Deal that was a miraculous piece of legislation, but never once is it mentioned that the pioneers behind the scene were actually social workers, Huey Hopkins and Frances Perkins. That in itself was astounding because I never realized just how empowering, helpful and insightful social workers were back then. Watching the Legacies of Social Change definitely expanded my view of social work as a profession. At first I thought social work was a relatively new field that didn’t really have much to do with movements and activism, but rather more to do with advocating, social services, hospice, nursing homes, schools and adoption. Now I see

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LEGACIES OF SOCIAL CHANGE social work as a very political field as well. I understand how social workers can be


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involved in legislation especially if it has much to do with the condition of the people and how we can use our knowledge and special expertise to contribute. If I could choose to be any of the phenomenal social workers presented in the movie I would without questioning choose to be Whitney Young. The first reason is because Young advocated for my ancestors and that is very important to me for the simple fact that if we can not help our own people how do we expect to able to help other people? And Young devoted so much energy towards ending employment discrimination, which is a factor that affects not only blacks, but all minority groups. I feel that ending employment discrimination is essential to creating a society where more resources and opportunities are equal. I feel this way because most Americans come together either in the workforce or at school and if the playing field within American jobs were actually equal then Americans of African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, African, Middle Eastern, Indian and all other groups would feel that equality really existed. It is clear that Whitney Young and I have the same views, except Young was more aggressive with his views because he was an activist. So today I would be Young and advocate for furthering the ending employment discrimination. Whitney Young was also an extremely confident man and that also draws me to him. Young “never saw himself as someone who couldn’t make things happen”. Sometimes I have that feeling that I am such a small person in a big world full of huge problems, problems that I feel are so complex. Young though, he never felt that way even when black were expected to do so little.
Comment [SM4]: You only feel small until you join forces with others who share your passions and that is a force that moves mountains and changes the lives of everyone! Comment [SM3]: A bit of a run-on sentence. Try to be more concise. But I love this idea – you really get it! Deleted: myself Deleted: d Comment [SM2]: Well said! Great!