Master Chef

Important Note • • Aprons and hairnets must be worn PRIOR to entering the Food Technology Lab. Wash your hands BEFORE handling any food or equipment. Serves 2 Burger 200 g lean beef mince ½ onion finely diced ½ egg ! breadcrumbs "T tomato sauce "t Worcestershire sauce Toppings "T butter ½ onion 2 slices cheddar cheese 2 hamburger buns 2 lettuce lea#es ½ tomato 2 pineapple rings Tomato sauce Action Plan ". $ut on apron and hair net% wash hands. 2. !ollect ingredients and utensils. &. 'rgani(e wor)bench. *. +lice tomato. $repare onions. ,. $lace all of the burger ingredients into a bowl and mi-. .. /i#ide the mi-ture into 2 portions and shape each into a patty. 0. 1elt the butter in a frying pan and coo) the onions until soft and golden brown. +et aside and )eep warm. 2. !oo) the burgers in the frying pan for about * minutes each side. $lace a slice of cheese on each burger to melt slightly. 3. Toast the buns under a hot grill and place the bases on a ser#ing plate. "0. Assemble the burger.

Amount Ingredients Amount Ingredients

200 g ! ! #$ (T (t (T 2 slices 2

Lean beef mince Onion finel" diced egg Breadcrumbs Tomato sauce )orcesters*ire sauce Butter $*eddar c*eese +amburger buns

2 ! 2 %&uee'e

Lettuce lea es Tomato Pineapple rings Tomato sauce

,Resources- E&uipment List ./at*ering Ingredients0 Item 1se Plastic tra" To carr" e&uipment and food to t*e ba" %mall bo2l To *old t*e onion %mall bo2l To *old t*e tomatoes and lettuce %mall bo2l To *old t*e egg %mall bo2l To *old pineapples %mall bo2l To place slices of c*eese in 3easuring $up To *old and measure out t*e bread crumbs Teaspoon To measure out t*e rig*t amount of )orcesters*ire sauce Red plate 1sed for placing *amburger buns on Teaspoon To measure out t*e correct amount of tomato sauce ,Resources- E&uipment List .Preparation0 Item 1se %crap Bo2l 1sed to place an" rubbis* or un2anted items in /lass Bo2l 1sed for mi4ing t*e mince mi4ture 5nife To c*op6 slice and dice ingredients $*opping board 1sed to ensure t*e benc* is not scratc*ed b" t*e 7nife )*is7 1sed to 2*is7 t*e egg mi4ture slig*tl" )ooden %poon 1sed to combine t*e ingredients in t*e glass bo2l Fr" Pan T*e utensil used to coo7 t*e meat patties Egg flip 1sed to flip t*e meat patties in t*e fr" pan Tongs 1sed to *andle t*e patties carefull" %to e To pro ide a *eat sauce to coo7 t*e patties and *eat t*e fr" pan8 Time Plan Time 09: minutes :9(0 minutes (0920 minutes 209<0 minutes <09=0 minutes =09=: minutes =:9:: minutes ::9>0 minutes Action Enter room and gat*er re&uired e&uipment %et up e&uipment and gat*er ingredients;organi'e 2or7 benc* Prepare all ingredients .e4cluding t*e mince0 Prepare t*e mince mi4ture Place t*e fr" pan on t*e sto e and coo7 t*e patt" Assemble t*e *amburger )as* up all utensils and e&uipment Return all e&uipment bac7 to its original place and saniti'e 2or7 area